1st September

On 4th September Jacqueline and Owen will facilitate another Zoom seminar together entitled “The age of Aquarius and the new group of world servers”. Please go to the Schedule page for more information.

31st August

Ashwita’s mother Rani has written a fine article  “Death – The Journey Back Home“. Such a fine article should be shared widely. Click here to read.

22 August 2021

We have three new meditations from Jacqueline uploaded on the Audios page, about 25-30 min each, for grounding, centering in the heart and for expansion.

You can find these here.


21 August 2021

Dear friends
I’m very grateful to Owen for organizing a Zoom session for us. See below what he wrote.

Calm in the Storm!

This challenging period for everyone is stretching to almost 2 years now. While the world’s attention seems fixed on one topic, humanity is never so divided. Join Jacqueline and Owen on this Zoom session to look at why chaos seems to be constant and what can be done about it.

28th July

Many thanks to all who participated in the TAO of ELVIS retreat in Sweden. I enjoyed being with you so much. Of course, as always, many thanks to dear Tobe and Thongriela for your hospitality and generosity. I’m not sure when and where my next program will be as travelling is still challenging during this corona drama. Blessings that we can soon leave this behind. Blessings that truth and clarity will soon manifest.

🙏 Jacqueline

8th July 2021

Dear friends
As you know I’m very happy to say we are able to be at Leela Center in Sweden from 22nd – 26th July. I’ve given this year’s meditation retreat the title “The Tao of Elvis”. All details are now on the Schedule page here on the website. There are still some spare places on the retreat.

22nd June

I suggest you listen to just 6 and a half minutes of truth by a spiritually awake investigative journalist. It’s short and sweet. Please don’t react to his name as many often do. Just listen. So much is happening on this planet right now and we are here to support this awakening. Click below.

20th June

Not long ago an old friend, Kiara Windrider, invited me to be a guest on “Age of Pandora” – a TV program he and David Sherjan host. Many people have said they really enjoyed watching this interview. I’m sorry to say that the link we gave to access this interview isn’t working but we will provide a new link as soon as possible.

26th May

Jacqueline has suggested I share this painting and poem.

Two days ago the sun shone right above the ‘UFO cloud’ over Arunachala, creating a beautiful Shiva Linga right above the mountain. The Linga of fire, very poetic. I just had to do something with it, so I painted it and wrote a poem to match. I hope you all enjoy it.

Ashwita (Webmaster)

Agni Lingam

I thought I was this physical body
But then, don’t I live on after I die?
The body’s also constantly changing,
But if I’m not the body, then
Who am I?

I thought I was my memories,
But then I saw a contrasting past life
Am I the victim, the perpetrator or both?
Or am I only what I remember?
Which one? Who am I?

I thought I lived to experience
Trudging the lows and devouring every high
Until it didn’t make sense anymore
Who sees, who hears, who feels, I wondered.
Who? Who am I?

I’ve held on to beliefs for dear life
I’ve identified with my intelligence, my mind
But thoughts are transient, they change
Who is it that does the thinking?
Yes, who am I?

I learned, unlearned, I studied for years
Every new truth exposed the former one a lie
The more I learned, I learned how little I knew
But now I ask, who is the knower?
Who am I?

I surrender my thoughts to you, O divine fire
I promise to no longer chase after the why
Nay, instead I ask who is it that questions?
Who is it,
who am I?

And I find that the mind settles,
The thoughts no longer tempt or invite
I rest, existing and not, at the same time
Knowing even when everything goes wrong
Everything is right.

23rd May 2021

Jacqueline will be holding Sangha Satsang again in Copenhagen tomorrow. Check Schedule page for details. After talking with Tobe and Thongriela again yesterday she says it really seems the usual summer retreat at Leela Center will be possible towards the end of July. Details will soon be posted on the Schedule page.

7th May 2021

Jacqueline suggests we all endeavour to stay heart centered and “tuned in”. She says there is so much good information and fake news out there that it’s no wonder many are very confused. She says she’s sure we will come through this individually and collectively.

5th April

 Jacqueline has just received the following message and link from SPF of
She wants to share the message and the song accompanying the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh.

SPF wrote:

“Some of the loveliest lyrics imaginable – and poignant today especially on a far wider scale when the issue is mass awakening from a global nightmare – and let’s make it a tribute to all those heroes who have already given their lives in this epic struggle…

“Are they listening now?
Or perhaps they never will.”
“Souls too beautiful for this world”?

3rd April 2021

I send my love and Easter blessings to you all and am really hoping there will be a truth breakthrough and deep healing for people on this planet very soon. What is happening right now truly challenges us to live the teachings. Please remember that fear is a low vibrating energy whereas love is of a high vibration enabling us to switch on far more of our potential on our dna. So, “Don’t worry, be happy” is a pretty good Mantra to use right now. 

I want to share a link to a beautiful song written by Erlend Nikolai and sung by Astrid Elisabeth – both from Norway. The song is entitled “You are beautiful” and it really touches my heart.

Here are links: For India:

26th March

I’m hoping to be able to visit India, Singapore and California later this year. Let’s see how the movie unfolds. Until then I’ll offer more online events and some regular Sangha meetings here in Copenhagen. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for online topics. I will hold an online Zoom Satsang on Sunday 28th March. The Copenhagen group will be joined by friends in Singapore and perhaps we’ll be joined by some from London. Time: Denmark 13.30 – 16.00 hrs. Singapore 19.30 start. London 12.30 start. Contact Rayson Tan:

24th March

I have recently joined a new political party here in Denmark: the jfk21 party led by Mads Palsvig. Normally I don't join political movements etc but right now this feels like the right thing to do. 
Here in English is a direct link to a fine video put out by a new movement the jfk21 party is connected with: World Freedom Alliance. Many specialists in different fields including scientists, doctors and other medical professionals interested in Truth come together here. It also includes a few short talks by Robert F. Kennedy - John F. Kennedy's nephew. You can also enjoy some scenes from Copenhagen.
Click below.

6th March

Jacqueline will be holding afternoon Satsang in Copenhagen Sunday 7th. See schedule for more information.

26th February

Jacqueline plans to hold another online seminar soon and details will be posted here on the website. Yesterday she received the following poem written by Pracheta in London and enjoyed its simplicity and gentle Truth reminder.
Another morning
Crimson horizon
another day
to be grateful for
Another day
to overcome struggles
another day to
Surrender it all
Another time
to reflect upon
Another moment
to inhale eternity
Another day
to carry on
Another day
To embrace it all
Another day…

3rd February

With so much happening right now and so much contradictory information circulating I can understand if many are confused and exhausted. I have the feeling a breakthrough is close by and that much will be revealed so people will have more clarity. So my message is simple:

Stay tuned in to your heart, switch off the info for a while if it becomes too much, enjoy the nature and trust the Truth teachings. More from me soon. 🙏 Jacqueline

7th January

Jacqueline has made a short recording about the horoscope for 2021. Listen here.

      2021 Horoscope and more

20th December 2020

I know many of you need no reminder about the Jupiter / Saturn conjunction at the solstice 21st December. Here in Denmark 11.02 am.
GMT 10.02 am. Here in Copenhagen I will be in meditation from 11am – 12 noon.

Here are just a few things some might not know.

Please note the time of Ceremony is the summer or winter solstice in your local area. The time of the ceremony at Ayers Rock (Ulluru) in Australia is irrelevant. The solstice wherever you are is the preferred time for ceremony.
Here in Denmark 11.02 am. GMT 10.02 am. IST 3.32pm.

Aboriginal Prophecy for ULURU – 21/12/20

As you will read in the attachment, the Australian Indigenous Elders have revealed a prophecy which, if “we” are to assist in bringing it to fruition, we are asked to spend time in meditation and prayer at a specific time on December 21st.

All this was predicted some five years ago by an Aboriginal Auntie, Minnie who said we would know when the process begins as “people will start quarrelling over loo paper”

28th November 2020

Jacqueline will hold a small event in Copenhagen 12th December. Click here to see the flyer we have put on the Schedule page.

There will of course not be any retreats or New Year events at the ashram in India this year.

16th November 2020

Jacqueline was recently on a call with a group based in USA and during her contribution she mentioned something many of us have often heard her say:
“If you want to know Truth – inner or outer Truth – then you must have no holy cows to protect.”

One man on the call, Donald Lee, really resonated with this and wrote a fine article around Jacqueline’s saying and put it on his blog. Here is the link to his article:

31st October

Dear friends

I want to share this parody on Bohemian Rhapsody with you as I’m a great lover of Queen and Freddie Mercury. Please click and watch as this is so well done and really funny. Humour is very good for the immune system. 😊

Love from Jacqueline

26th October 2020

A new audio has just been posted on the audio page. Jacqueline answers a question on Attachments in Relationships. Click on the audio page if you would like to listen.

21st October

Jacqueline will be speaking at the World United online conference entitled  3rd World Parliament on Spirituality. She will speak on the subject of Guru / Disciple Relationship at 10.40 am Danish (Central European time). This is 9.40 GMT. Then from 11 – 11.40 Danish time Jacqueline will participate in a panel discussion entitled: “Is integration of the various spiritual schools of thought possible? If so, how?” Here’s the flyer for this ongoing conference.

6th October

Hello from Jacqueline. I will hold another ZOOM seminar on Sunday October 11th from 12 noon Danish time. That’s 11am UK and around 15.30 India etc. Please see Schedule page here on the website for details.

20th September

I just want to tell you that Singing Heart Ashram is opening up again but right now it is just opening as a Guesthouse. People visiting Arunachala are welcome to stay.

I am still in Denmark and not sure I can visit India this year – perhaps early next year will be possible. If you would like to visit please contact our administrator Venkatesan. His email address is:

His telephone number:  0091 – 96269 79065

All bookings and enquiries happen only through Venkatesan.

14th August

It was so fine for us to be able to hold the late summer retreat at Leela Center in Sweden. Many thanks to all who attended and of course to dear Tobe and Thongriela for looking after us so well. It’s always a blessing for us to be with you.

29th August

Jacqueline has been invited to speak at the 3rd World Parliament on Spirituality and her chosen subject is The Guru / Disciple Relationship. Because of the covid 19 situation this conference will happen online. Here is a link where Jacquelíne is interviewed about herself, her work and her topic.

9th August

Today a man sent me a quote of something Osho said about 40 years ago during the AIDS scare. Osho was asked how to avoid epidemia pandemia and his reply was:

“You’re asking the wrong question, the right question should be,“how to avoid fear of dying, caused by the epidemic?” It is very easy to avoid the virus, instead it is very difficult to avoid the fear inside you, and in the world. This will continue unless you understand the psychology of crowds and fear. Normally you keep your fear at bay, but in the moment of collective madness, your awareness can be completely lost.” Osho went on to say:

“Be careful. Don’t watch news that induces fear. Stop talking about the epidemic, repeating the same thing over and over is like self-hypnosis. Fear is a kind of self-hypnosis. This idea will cause chemical changes in the body.” He also said that meditation creates a protective aura that doesn’t allow negative energy to be entered inside.” My reply to this was:

“So true. Fear is an emotion with a very low vibration which keeps people stuck in the drama we call life. Real meditation takes you to the witnessing state and cuts the roots of wrong identification.”

7th July

I will hold a seminar in Copenhagen 18th July. Title will be “Absolute and Relative Truth” and our starting point will be Zen Master Bankei’s text on “Unborn mind / Buddha mind”. This well known text gives a very clear description of our true nature. The seminar will be in Danish but I expect to hold a Zoom seminar in English on the same subject quite soon. The flyer for 18th July will be posted on the Schedule page.

5th July

I wish you all a blessed Guru Purnima day. Many thanks for all the greetings I have received today. In a few hours time the Zoom seminar entitled “The Way Ahead” will begin. (10.30 Danish time, 14.00 India etc) This full moon in the sign of Cancer reminds us we are all one family and the esoteric keyword for Cancer “I build a lighted house and therein dwell” reminds us to keep the light on inside and move right in there in the light. Click below under 1st July for details for joining the seminar.

1st July

Jacqueline is holding a Zoom seminar on July 5th. The title will be “The Way Ahead”. See below some final information and click here for flyer details.  
1. Some have requested that a recording of the session be made available. So for 48 hours after the session, the recording will be available for those who sign up to view and ‘attend’ the program.
2. Remember you just need to click on the zoom link at the time of the program. Nothing else is needed.
3. Please remember whatever donation you can afford.

22nd June

Here is a short audio message from Jacqueline on the topic “How to recognize true Dharma”.

      Question on Soul Pathway

4th June 2020

I’m sorry I haven’t updated the Newsletter and Schedule so much recently but I’m having technical challenges. However I expect these to be resolved soon.

So much is happening right now and I’m happy to see that many awakened and awakening people realise that we need people who can face the truth of what is happening on this planet – individual and collective shadow included – and at the same time hold a high energy vibration. The two can and need to go hand in hand. So much information that shocks people is being exposed by investigative journalists but, as I’ve said for many years, if you cannot embrace your own shadow you cannot embrace the collective shadow. So remember to deal with whatever arises within you and then you can face whatever arises in the world.

As I also often say: If you want to know Truth (inner or outer) you must have no holy cows to protect. If you still need a certain person, country, politician, religion or spiritual pathway to be in a certain way that fits with your belief system you are not open to Truth. We are in the midst of an extremely challenging time with the possibility of a real breakthrough. Give the best you have.

13th May 2020

Jacqueline says: “Thank you for all the fine information many of you send to keep me up to date with what’s really going on here on this planet right now. So much is being revealed. I feel this is what we’ve been waiting for and want to remind you of what I believe is a Hopi saying: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Please do whatever you can to stay tuned in and give what you can give – use your gifts. On 17th May I’ll be holding a small 1 day live event here in Copenhagen. See Schedule for more details.”

19th April 2020

I’m sure many of you have received information about the global energy work starting around the planet now. I strongly urge you to be part of it. It’s very simple but very powerful. You simply send your blessings, positive visions and healing for humanity and our planet at 11 am and 11 pm wherever you are. Start today and continue and the next few days as we pass through some challenging events. If you want to hear more about this just copy and paste the following address:

8th April

A few days ago (April 4th) I held an online course with the title: Passing through the Portal – inspired by the Hopi message from White Eagle that many have recently read and enjoyed. I’ve had very good feedback from people and hope we can make some of the recording available online.

With regards to the situation right now I suggest people keep a fine balance between listening to the information we need to be aware of and staying tuned in to the heart, holding the highest vibration possible and, of course, sending out blessings to this planet. I do not send out some important information to everyone as I know there are many who have difficulty with some of the more challenging information. By challenging I mean that which challenges the status quo. As I often say, you must have no holy cows to protect if you want to know truth (inner or outer truth) I do my best to only send this kind of information to those I know are interested. If you receive something you don’t want to know about just delete it but please don’t try to shoot the messenger!

26th March

A few evenings ago I held a very short Skype Satsang with people from the Sangha here in Copenhagen. Thanks to Connie we were able to connect and we will work on getting better at setting up a group call. Anyone who is an expert in Skype group calls or Zoom and can offer assistance is very welcome to contact me. I hope we will soon be able to connect with many more around the world.

One suggestion I gave on the call was to remember to stay connected with the heart. Many are feeling stressed out with the corona situation at the moment. Deep heart energy is a wonderful cure for stress. Many of you who have been on retreats with me have heard me play the Waveform music and heard me talk about Heart Math Institute in California. ( There is a link here on the website to music I often use. Go to: Music at Singing Heart. At the bottom of this page is a link to the heart activation waveform I use. (Waveform 1) Blessings to you all.

23rd March

I don’t want to send out many mails at the moment as many people are being swamped with information. However I would like to ask you to watch this relatively short talk by Simon Parkes from UK. When he talks about white hats and black hats he means the light and dark. I was going to make an audio myself and send it out and put it on the website. However I have so much to do right now and have had some technological challenges. I agree with everything Simon Parkes says here.

18th March 2020

I am now back in Copenhagen earlier than expected – managed to get on the last flight back to Denmark from San Francisco. I want to say a big thank you to all who looked after me so well during my stay in California.

Right now I don’t want to comment on the corona virus but believe there is more to it than we read in the ordinary press. My message right now is to keep your vibration as high as possible – many of us here on this planet at this point in time can hold a high frequency. So don’t get pulled into fear and negativity – both very low vibrational emotions. Remember there is a Saturn / Pluto conjunction near the end of Capricorn in the horoscope for the planet this year. This shows the need for the death of old hierarchical structures so that the light can manifest more powerfully. Many of us have incarnated to help bring about this shift so let us not get caught up in the 3D drama we see unfolding. Stay “tuned in”, live your light and help those who are struggling to stay centered.

11th March 2020

Jacqueline says: “One of my students in Norway just sent me this 5G song. I really enjoy it – just wish it wasn’t necessary. Click below.

There is a book she also recommends written by a professor Shoshana Zuboff: “The age of Surveillance Capitalism – The fight for a human future at the new frontier of power”. She says:

“Shoshana Zuboff explains really well why it’s so important to protect our privacy and make new laws, so that surveillance capitalism can grow no longer. And the future we can expect if we do nothing about it: a future where we’re being surveilled, monitored, conditioned, and forced by what she calls “A Big Other” in order to have a behaviour which is as predictable as possible.

I feel she’s putting into words what’s about to happen, in a way that everybody can understand, and the book has received many prizes.”

1st March 2020

Jacqueline is now in California. Please click on Schedule page for upcoming event.

In India Saravanan (Singing Heart Ashram manager) is now married to Meena ( a young student from the village who is studying for a bachelor degree in commerce.) We will post some photos later. Many thanks to all of you who helped with expenses for the wedding. Jacqueline expects to make an extra short trip to the ashram in April.

17th December 2019

All is well here at the ashram and we look forward to welcoming more of you soon. There are still places left for the retreat starting 27th December and 3rd January (see Schedule page) but we are getting quite full for the Christmas and New Year’s Eve arrangements.

6th December 2019

Jacqueline will hold two retreats at Singing Heart this year. One at the end of 2019, 27th to 30th December and the second from 3rd to 8th January 2020. More details here –

And of course there’s the New Year’s Eve celebration as usual. ​

16th November 2019

Jacqueline will hold a 1 day event in Copenhagen November 17th. The focus will be on teachings, questions and techniques on the subject of Awakening. She will also hold one more Satsang in Copenhagen (25th November) before her return to the ashram in India. Please see details on the Schedule page.

Two more videos are posted in “Cosmic Airport” Youtube Channel. Links below. Please subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already.

18th October 2019

Today Jacqueline made a short audio entitled “Are There Toilets On The Moon?” It is posted on YouTube. See below.

6th October 2019

As many of you know I am now making a quick visit to India. It feels good to be back at the ashram where everything is green after the rains and all goes well. I leave on 21st October and will of course return towards the end of the year and stay for 3 months as usual.

As some of you may know Owen from Singapore will also come to Singing Heart in October and had hoped to offer a small retreat. I have told him that if any want to join him I will offer Satsang each of the three days and morning meditation Saturday and Sunday. Owen arrives 10th October and the program will run from 11th to 13th. We begin with Satsang at 7pm on Friday 11th. Click here to see the flyer.

Many of you will remember Owen from our New Year’s Eve programs. He usually bring the beautiful hot air balloons with him from Singapore.

30th August

I am back in Denmark after a beautiful 5 day Heading for the Light retreat at Leela Center in Sweden.  Many thanks to all of you who came and blessings to a couple of people who, at the last minute, weren’t able to come. As always many many thanks to dear Tobe and Thongriela for all they do for us at our precious Leela Center.

As many of you know I had my first cataract operation yesterday. Thank you so much to all who sent blessings. It was truly a cosmic experience and some people laughed afterwards when they heard me say this, but it really was. I could feel blessings flowing in from all over the place. Saravanan, our young manager of Singing Heart, went especially to the big temple in the town, Tiruvannamalai. I was very touched when he told me over the phone that he was going there to pray for me.

This morning when I woke up I became aware that when I look through the left eye everything is blurry. However, when I look through the right eye only (the eye that was operated on yesterday) I can see clearly. So it’s going to be interesting to see what the world looks like after the 6th of September when I have the left eye operation.

Because of the operation I am not writing so many long emails to people. If anybody wants to ask anything they are welcome to send me a short mail and I will probably answer with an audio message. I don’t want to over-strain my eyes now and I’m wearing sunglasses to protect from the glare of the light.

Arjuna just told me he was listening to someone on the radio who mentioned a quote from a Danish writer named Peter Laugesen. I will write the quote first in Danish because it rhymes and then I’ll give you an English translation.

Danish: “Hvem er jeg – svaret er “nej””.

English: “Who am I? The answer is “No”” Sorry it doesn’t rhyme but I’m sure you’ll get the message. It’s a great teaching for a meditation retreat!

13th August

I know I have sent out quite a few videos warning about the dangers of 5G. However most of them have been in English and some have asked if I could send something in Danish. One of my students sent me a fine video the other day where a Danish text is included. Copy and paste this address if you want to watch:

2nd July

I find it uplifting to see that so much good information about the dangers of 5G is now being shared. Someone also sent me a copy of an article from the Danish newspaper, Information. Here the point being stressed was that we need a more informative debate about 5G before it is forced upon us. I personally know so many fine people who have dedicated much time and energy to sharing serious information about 5G. Blessings to you all.

3rd June 2019
Click below if you’d like to listen to a short recording Jacqueline just made about a Sangha Satsang she held recently in Copenhagen. The recording is in English.

25th May 2019

I am hearing from many people who are feeling disheartened about the state of our planet right now. I know we face difficulties but as I wrote not long ago it is important not to be disheartened but to stay strong and “tuned in”. We didn’t incarnate here to get lost in this drama!

I recently had a beautiful 3 days trip to Norway. The second day I was there I made a confirmation and name giving ceremony for the teenage daughter of one of my students. The final day I attended the confirmation ceremony and celebration for my Godson in Lillehammer. It was wonderful to be present at the Humanistic Confirmation held for him and about 60 other students. It was such a fine ceremony and one of the high points for me was when a woman with one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard sang John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

Thank you Vivek and Iris Devaki for travelling to me all the way from Bergen. Many thanks also to Astrid and Erland for looking after me in your home as we celebrated dear Elias.

19th April

Here is a link to Jacqueline’s Buddha at the Gaspump for those who haven’t yet seen it:

10th April

Here is a short but important video message from a Satsang Jacqueline held in Copenhagen a few days ago. Click on the link below.

6th April 2019

I am now back in Denmark and will hold Satsang at Suchata’s home Monday 8th April at 19.00 hours. Please check Sangha page here on the website for address etc.

In connection with the concern many of us have when it comes to 5G I recently read an article about SHUNGITE being a good protection against EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) You can google this. I sent a mail to Satya Orion who is part of a group who held a fine public meeting in Santa Cruz, California about the dangers of 5G. I asked Satya if she knew anything about Shungite and below you can read her reply which she gave me permission to print here. Thank you dear Satya. Read below.

Hi Jacqueline,
So nice to hear from you.  What I find about Shungite and all other protective devices of any kind, is that they only work to harmonize the energy field of the person using them.  Shungite does not work for me, but I have a sacred geometry pendant that does help.  I like to muscle test to be sure it will be best for me.
The other thing is that shungite or any other protective device will not block or reduce Emf radiation – but as I said above, only harmonize that person’s energy field with the frequencies.  No difference will be seen with the testing meter.  To state otherwise is incorrect.
I hope you will share this information with others.  It’s quite important.  There are many such crystals and devices being advertised, and it’s a very individual matter to find what works for each person.  Muscle testing seems to be the best way to find out.
Hope this helps. Love, Satya

15th March

Yesterday evening I was looking at the astrological aspects for the planet and hoped the next 24 hours would pass without any fanatical religious episodes. A few hours ago I heard about the shootings at the mosques in New Zealand. Such terror and the subsequent suffering this brings makes no sense to most of us and I know we are many who now hold all those involved in our hearts as we send blessings.

Just before I heard of the shootings I found a really heart warming story about Muslims in Calcutta (now Kolkata) who look after a Jewish synagogue in the city. Here is a link to the story and video clip. Perhaps you need to copy and paste the link.:

1st March

I am now back at the ashram after a quick but fine visit to Singapore meeting beautiful people there as usual. Many thanks especially to Karen for arranging this trip for me and also to Owen for his help. We began with a small Satsang and here is a photo.

13th February

Yesterday I was told that a new documentary film had been made about Ihe Kogi Indians from Colombia. The original message to the world from the Kogi has been on this website for many years. I watched the latest film yesterday and really recommend it. It is free to watch on YouTube – just search: Aluna – Kogi film. Alan Eraira who made the first documentary (“From the Heart of the World”) has also made “Aluna”. The Kogi actually summoned him back to Columbia all these years later as they said we (they call us “younger brother”) didn’t listen to their original message and if we do not listen soon we will destroy the Earth.

4th February

Jacqueline is still at the ashram in India and right now the ashram is full. However she can receive people just for a few days after 14th February. Then she will be holding Satsang and a 1 day event in Singapore. Details will be posted on the Schedule page very soon.

30th January

Here are a couple of photos from the fire ceremony at the end of Jacqueline’s Dying for Truth program here in Bangalore last week. Some from Bangalore will visit Jacqueline at Singing Heart in February. Please let her know if you would like to join.

21st January 2019

If you received a healing session from Anne-Louise Karlsson, please click here for an updated message.

5th December

My time in California is now over and I want to say a big thank you to all who helped to make this trip a success. I have had many physical angels lending a helping hand. Thank you for sharing your homes, bringing me food, driving me places, supporting the work in many ways and bringing so many fine people to me.  I appreciate you all so much.

I am now in Tokyo for a short but busy visit. Thank you to dear Yuki for arranging this. In a couple of days I return to India and look forward to welcoming all who are coming to stay with us. There are still some spare places on the January meditation retreat. All bookings happen through Arjuna.

22nd November

On this Thanksgiving morning here in California I would like to share something I just read. See below.  Love and blessings from Jacqueline 

Let us give thanks …

For feisty friends as tart as apples;

For crotchety friends, as sour as rhubarb and as indestructible;

For handsome friends, who are as gorgeous as eggplants and as elegant as a row of corn — and the others — as plain as potatoes, and so good for you.

For old friends, nodding like sunflowers in the evening-time, and young friends coming on as fast as radishes;

For loving friends, who wind around as like tendrils, and hold us despite our blights, wilts and witherings;

And finally, for those friends now gone, like gardens past, that have been harvested — but who fed us in their times that we might have life thereafter;

8th October, 2018

Just received this message from the partner of Devadas – my Guru long ago:

Devadas left the body 7.15 This morning. He looks joyful.  

I light a candle for him and send joyful blessings and deep gratitude.

22nd September, 2018

Jacqueline has asked me to put a message from her on the Article page.The message contains a link to a very short talk given by a young man she feels has a fine, clear way of presenting certain important topics people don’t always find easy to deal with. However they are topics we need to understand if we are to make sense of the seeming chaos we experience in many aspects of life right now. Click here to read the article – Deeper truths not everyone is aware of

17th September, 2018

Jacqueline has shared a longer newsletter this month On the way to Awakening, which can be access by clicking on the link.

14th September, 2018

All is well at the ashram but some rain would be very welcome. Anitha, Kartik and their two children have now moved into their small new house on the entrance to the ashram. Much gratitude to all who supported them and helped to make this possible. Anitha asked me to say many thanks to those who contributed. You can see a photograph of the house below.

We had a beautiful retreat at Leela Center in Sweden last month. Much love and many thanks dear Tobe and Thongriela for all you do for us at Leela. To all those who participated I also wish to say thank you for giving your best and being open for the Grace that comes when living mindfully from the heart even when challenges arise. It is easy to talk about love and awareness when everything goes smoothly but it is when we apply the teachings – also in challenging situations – that we really understand the power of the heart and see how stable (or not) the witness has become.

As many of you know I have often held talks, question and answer sessions and meditations for young people – both In India and in Denmark – and would like to be invited to hold more such events. What I offer is suitable for 15 year olds and upwards.

There is a new audio available on the audio page if you wish to listen. I have called the audio: How to stay centered even in a relationship! I made it as a reply to a student’s very sincere question. Most of what came to me to say is probably not new for many of you, but I felt to share this recording as the area of relationship is where many people are still most vulnerable.

Most people are now aware of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which took effect in EU from 25th May 2018. I asked everyone on my mailing list if they still wanted to be on the list and promise no-one’s details will be passed on to anyone else without permission.

Our new charitable trust: SHOT – Singing Heart Opportunity Trust – is now registered and events are happening at the ashram  and in the nearby village. We will soon make a special website for SHOT and link it to this one.

In February I made a fine, short visit to Singapore beautifully arranged by Karen. Many thanks dear Karen and also Tilly and Jeverina. During the event I held there it came to me to invite others to join in a blessing I have been sending out for some years now. This blessing was inspired by a line in one of my favorite Leonard Cohen songs, The Anthem. At one point he sings, ” Every heart, every heart to love will come” and my blessing became ”May every heart to love come” and also ”Blessings that every heart to love will come”. Please join me and use this if it feels right for you.

The greater the number of people who come into the heart the easier it will be to lift the consciousness on his planet and bring about the shift many of us have incarnated to facilitate. This blessing will also support those who use it and help you to shift more easily to the heart in times of challenge. Here at the ashram I will hold a one day event 9th February entitled Every Heart to Love will come. You can read more about this on the Schedule page here on the website. All are welcome.

Here’s a question Jacqueline answered on how to know if a guru is right for you

Also, click Here to see this short clip from Cow Pongal held here at the ashram a few days ago. Cow Pongal is the 3rd day of the Pongal holiday – one of the biggest here in Tamil Nadu.

Jacqueline was asked to bless the cows with the sacred fire. As you can see the cows are dressed up with balloons and flowers and those with horns have had them painted. This is done every year on Cow Pongal day.

The English version of Jacqueline’s book ” The Cosmic Airport” is now available on Amazon Kindle.

2nd December, 2017

Feels good to be back here at the ashram. Everything is fresh and green after good rains. We will soon be celebrating Deepam and the fire will once more be lit on top of Arunachala. We look forward to welcoming many of you back here and of course welcoming our new visitors. As i have often said the energy of Arunachala will help you to realise the Truth of who you really are. This Truth is hidden behind the illusiory self – the small self people are conditioned to believe they are. The Shiva energy of Arunachala is also known as ” the destroyer of illusion.” When one sees through this illusion the real Self shines through.

Recently I have often found myself repeating the following: Awakening is not a cure for life! I meet many who seem to imagine that if they awaken to Truth only so called “good things” will happen to them. Life is as it is and what we are passing through right now is challenging. It’s OK to feel challenged, sad, angry etc etc. We can only meet what comes and let it pass through us, remembering that anything that comes and goes is not who we truly are.

11th November

Jacqueline was recently interviewed by Kelly Meehan for Soul Baby Radio in Los Angeles on the topic of Cosmic Conception. There is now a link on the Audio page here on the website. You can also click here to listen

8th November

Before leaving India I celebrated my 70th birthday at the ashram.  Many thanks to all who came from Bangalore  to celebrate with us. Also a big thank you to all who sent their greetings from around the world. I hope I managed to acknowledge each mail but perhaps some were overlooked along the way as there were so many. Our webmaster, Ashwita, is away on vacation right now but when she comes back I’ll ask her to put up some photos and a short greeting I recorded.

I remember my 60th birthday held in Denmark. During the evening celebration the mother of one of my students came to me and said, “Now that you’re 60 you can do whatever you like!” I replied with something like, “Oh, I didn’t know we were supposed to wait until we were 60!” Well, now I’m 70 and no-one has told me what I’m supposed to do. I do hope I can manage to figure it out by myself!

26th August

Yesterday was a celebration of Ganesha day in India. Kartik took two photos at the ashram. The first is Singing Heart’s Ganesha statue dressed up for the celebration. The second shows Adithi and her little brother Janaka praying to Ganesha.

So much is happening in the world at the moment and many feel very insecure. Much change has to happen and as always I suggest the following:

    • Stay “tuned in” – hold the highest vibration you can and at the same time be grounded.
    • Whatever comes up don’t judge yourself. Judgement is extremely disempowering.
    • Remember not only to visit your heart but to move in permanently!
    • Don’t take yourself too seriously.
    • Don’t believe everything you hear on the news. I just heard on BBC that Ken (of Ken and Barbie) is getting a 21st century makeover WOW!!! I don’t think that was fake news!
    • Remember to switch off wi-fi at night and switch off smartphones if you are resting etc.
    • Look after the bodies: massage, yoga, dance, walking in nature for the physical body, love and compassion nourish the emotional body, pure teachings nourish the mental body and, of course, meditation nourishes everything.
  • Do your best to live the teachings.
A reminder from Jacqueline:
My first book, “The Last Waltz” (The enlightened consciousness embracing the collective shadow), has been updated and is now available on Amazon Kindle. Go to and search the title plus my full name as there are other books with the same title. Remember that the third edition of my book Relationship as a Spiritual Pathway  – moving from RelationSHIT to true RelationSHIP is also available on Amazon Kindle. If you are interested please go to and type in the title or Jacqueline Maria Longstaff and the book will appear. Apart from general updates, the new e-book edition includes 3 new chapters:
What we may be destined to become
Martinus: The Double Poled Human Being – The Third Sex
Questions about Relationship from Students.

Question to Jacqueline: Is there a way to use the current system of banking and daily existence and yet not be part of the power and control cycle? Seeing how the current system is really being controlled by a handful of individuals, must it be broken before there is hope for a better way? Or can it at least used in a conscious manner?

Her answer: The first that comes to me is what the Master Jesus referred to as “being in the world but not of it“. We have incarnated here and can give the best we have and at the same time do our best not to get pulled into the drama and to remember who we really are. This is easy to say but can be a real challenge to constantly put into practice! This is where meditation / witnessing can be a great tool.

Some of us have to work very much within the system in order to do what is ours to do – others not so much. We can endeavour to do what we must do An example of this could be moving to a bank that is very “green” compared to others but still in some way part of the system. For many people refusing to use a bank would result in them not being able to do what they are here to do, not being able to receive salaries, pensions etc! That would not serve anybody.

About the system you ask: “must it be broken before there is hope for a better way?” I used to believe we could build bridges between the old and the new but later could see that isn’t always possible because the very foundations of most systems are so rotten and corrupt. This is why this difficult and quite violent astrological aspect – Pluto / Uranus square – that has been with us for a few years now is so important. This square demands the total breakdown of the old hierarchical structures (Pluto in Capricorn) in order to set humanity free (Uranus in Aries)

As you also suggest, we can use what we need to use in as conscious a way as possible. Remember we are all part of the collective energy fields: many people are having difficulty believing that such a huge manipulation of consciousness is actually happening. However the more people who are willing to wake up and look at how we have been deceived the easier it will be to expose and transform the systems on this planet. As I believe you know the New Age movement with it unenlightened focus on always being positive held many people back from looking at what was really going on! They got the message that if you look at the so called “negative” you only made it stronger.

So we can do our best to live the teachings, stay in touch with the heart no matter what and create the best possible structures that enable us to carry out our Dharma.

A couple of minutes after I sent this reply to the person concerned I received the following from another source:

“In the process of my awakening, I have been driven to consume all of the knowledge I can find. Many foundations upon which my life was built, are shattered and gone, being rebuilt now while I try to discover truth (the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me god! taking on a whole new meaning), ascertain fact and then to reconcile all of that information, while being a husband, father, brother, son, etc. To say that some of my friends and family have cast a sideways glance at me is an understatement. The more accurate term would be “bat shit crazy” in their minds.”‘     I’m sure many can also relate to this!

I recently received the following article from Kosmos. In a way it’s nothing new  for many of you but I feel it’s good to be reminded. Sitting in the taxi on the way to Bangalore I suddenly found myself contemplating the fact that we know today that our “inner computor” decodes the signals we receive and thus we experience what we call “reality”. However our 5 senses are only “programmed” to decode part of the total reality. It came to me how important it is that as children are growing up they are helped to decode as much as possible of the 5 sense reality and beyond. With so much focus on technology I see children becoming what I would call “tuned out instead of tuned in”. With so much focus on technology – and at such an early age when the focus should actually be on helping children to incarnate fully into the physical body and feel safe – children are being tuned in to a very narrow band of reality.

Long ago Rudolph Steiner, well known for Steiner or Waldorf education, warned people that in the times we now live in there would even be vaccines that would turn chilldren away from their natural inclination towards spirituality.

Sitting in the taxi I began thinking about indigenous peoples and shamans. I also found myself remembering old cowboy movies where we saw red Indian scouts listening to the signs in nature – decoding the signals. Now people are focussing on a reality that is not in tune with nature and is far away from heart and being.

When I arrived back at the ashram I saw I had received the following essay from Kosmos Online and wish to share it with you.

Kosmos Journal NewsletterFEBRUARY 21ST, 2017

Why Have We Imprisoned Our Children?

Special note: Our Call for Essays deadline is coming up, March 1. Anyone can submit an essay. How are you called to action in these times? Your voice is needed, especially now.

Dear Reader,

It’s heartbreaking. When I see a toddler who can barely speak, screaming for her parent’s smartphone or tablet, I’m filled with sadness. My own children, now young adults, were the first ‘wired-in’ generation. As a parent I learned where the traps lie – the emotional meltdowns around wifi access or the latest interactive game, cyberbullying in middle school, and the torrent of violent, highly sexualized and disturbing content that floods pre-teen minds despite feeble ‘parental controls’. Parents have trouble unplugging as well.

When we talk about evolutionary human consciousness, we don’t say much about the consciousness of children. Somewhere along the way, lots of kids lost touch with Nature and their innate sense of wonder and freedom. We confine them instead to an extended sentence of ‘youth culture’, and let marketers be their wardens. What has resulted is deep collective suffering for young and old alike. We have isolated kids from the whole of creation and are poorer for it. Most schooling only reinforces this disconnection.

There is hope because there must always be hope. Some young people are waking up and educating themselves about the effects of growing up in a runaway consumerist culture. They are bringing raw wisdom and warriorship to social justice movements, ecovillage and restorative living movements, the arts, sciences, and more. They volunteer, travel sustainably, and tread lightly on the Earth. They bring ‘beginner’s mind’ to the challenges of our times – challenges inherited from us.

Still, many are trapped in an electronic nether world and the need for true mentorship is very great. As David Marshak says in this edition, “What kinds of experiences and social structures would we offer teens if we understood adolescence rightfully to be a new stage of human development that can allow a more complete unfolding of each human’s potential? This is the creative challenge we need to answer today.” Our youth worldwide are a great untapped aquifer of ideas, energy and talent waiting to be unleashed for the next phase of human evolution. We can and must be the conduit.

In Peace,

Rhonda Fabian

Please direct inquiries and comments to

17th January 2017

Here’s a message from Jacqueline who is spending 4 days in Pune with Saravanan.
“This morning 3000 school students plus staff and some parents gathered for my talk, question time and heart energy transmission. It was a wonderful start to our trip. Tomorrow we continue at a smaller school where we expect around 500 students. It really is a joy for me to be able to share so deeply with these youngsters. Many thanks and blessings to dear Nisha and Jitendraa who organise these events for me.
We were also introduced to a Vedic process in the form of a chant that enhances the intelligence of the students. I hope to share this with Singing Heart Ashram tuition teacher so she can teach it to the village children. This chant has been thoroughly tested by Harvard University and it’s beneficial effects have been documented.”

13th January

Jacqueline was recently asked to write a brief comment on “The Meaning of Life” Read her reply on the Excellence Reporter website:

Jacqueline Maria Longstaff: The Meaning of Life and the Deep Connection With the Heart

11th November

I heard the news yesterday that Leonard Cohen has left the body. He has been an important part of my life since the late sixties. Blessings to his onward journey or as Jaro in Prague just wrote to me, “Alleluia to him”.

9th November 2016

I watched the election on live TV here in California. Amazing!

People who know me well know I’m not for Trump, Clinton or the system, but we need a breakthrough so the new can really be born. When the results came in I felt a bubbling joy inside and today I keep hearing Leonard Cohen singing inside of me:

“There’s a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in”.

If Clinton won there’d be no crack.
That’s my reflection this morning.

11th October 2016

Here is an interesting article written by Alex Pietrowski from Waking Times. Kids meditate instead of taking ADHA medication

I was recently introduced to two people who share teachings that very much connect with the Cosmic Airport arrival lounge. Here are a couple of links:
One is a Russian woman named Elena Tonetti:  Birth Into Being
The second is Kelly Meehan, MA:  Cosmic Pregnancy: Birth Healing
I also received this link that I really do recommend in connection with all the fantastic technologies we know ought to be available for humanity. Go to The Full Disclosure Project
It truly is an amazing time we are living in with so many people living their dharma and supporting the lift in consciousness in their own unique creative ways.

I strongly advise that you watch this 90 minute interview: THRIVE: Who Owns Your Body?
This interview is NOT against vaccinations. It is against forced vaccinations of the type we have today – especially multi -vaccinations. Listen to how many one day old babies die each year in the USA. The numbers are much higher than in other countries.

I also recommend you read this article about wheat. It is really shocking to see what has happened to our food through the food industry. I am sure most of you already know this but it’s good to be reminded.
Click here:

After very fine visits to Singapore and Japan a short trip to Brazil also materialised and of course this included a quick trip to the sacred land. Nivedano and I hung up Singing Heart prayer flags there and discussed plans for the future. More about this later.

Now a very important reminder for women coming to visit in India: Please be aware that we are in South India and near a village and it is very important you dress suitably for an ashram and for village life.This means your legs covered down to the ankles, no low cut necks, no see-through clothes and please have the tops of your arms covered. It is important your clothes are not tight fitting or too revealing in any way. Tight fitting jeans are not what is meant by having your legs covered. If you just follow these simple guidelines then we have no difficulties – thank you.

Ashwita from Bangalore painted a beautiful Buddha on the outside of the meditation hall here at Singing Heart.  Click here to see photos 


This made me laugh: “In the 60’s people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal.” Yes, much is happening and as I often say, “Stay tuned in and grounded”!

My last book, “The Cosmic Airport – A vision whose time has come”, is now available as e-book in Danish. It is now on the webpage Jacqueline’s Books.

You can click here to listen to Jacqueline talk a little about a theme she has used for several retreats these past years..

The title is Resting in Natural Great Peace and is taken from a short text of Nyoshol Khen Rinpoche. Here is the text:

“Rest in natural great peace
This exhausted mind
Beaten helplessly by karma and neurotic thought
Like the relentless fury of the pounding waves
In the infinite ocean of samsara.”

It is a real gift to give oneself time out for a meditation retreat. To give the mind time to settle and take a back seat, to open into silent spaciousness and rest naturally in inner peace is to come home. When we look at the turmoil and confusion in the world today it is encouraging to see so many people looking in the right direction – inwards. I would suggest these periods of silence and inner reflection provide a greater opportunity to stay in balance and give our best to the world in our daily lives. I never encourage turning our backs on the world but do encourage being in the world in a mindful way, living with awareness and remembering who we really are. When you see the truth of who you really are then you know that there is only One.

Thessi, who was staying at Singing Heart, took some fine photos in the ashram on the night of Shiva Ratri. Click her to see some of them.

There is now a new page on the website titled: Jacqueline’s Answers to Kids Questions. As some of you know, a Cosmic Airport is slowly emerging in Pune and we now send out a monthly e-newsletter to parents and students of 6 fine schools connected with the Cosmic Airport project. I gave the newsletter the name: The Awakener. Part of the newsletter is dedicated to answering questions the school kids send to me and I felt it would be fine to share these letters and answers on the website. You can go to the page via the SHIC button on the homepage or click here to go directly to the page. (opens in a new window)

Jacqueline and child Serious Angel

In December 2012 two of my students consciously conceived a baby at the ashram. Here above are a couple of photos of him. The one together with me was taken a couple of years ago in Pune and the second one is more recent. I have called it “The Serious Angel”.


Many of you have heard me say we need systems busters with hearts. The reason I say this is that great change is happening now and much needed, but at the same time if we are really to have creative change and evolution – not just revolution – we must remember we are one. There is only one. In the depths of the heart we know this to be true. I would like to remind you of the prayer that is usually called the peace prayer of St. Francis of Assisi. This prayer has been with me since I was a teenager.

The Peace Prayer of St. Francis

Lord make me an instrument of your peace
Where there is hatred,
Let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
And where there is sadness, Joy.
O Divine Master grant that I may seek not so much to be consoled
As to console;
To be understood, as to understand;
To be loved, as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive,
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

Arunachala Photo above taken by Ashwita. Click here to see new photos taken by her at the ashram. Many thanks dear Ashwita.

I received a fine quotation of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.It was sent by Jennifer in California and feels appropriate. Here it is:

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

Click on the following website to see a fine video about Singing Heart Ashram sent to me from Evan (Opens in a new window) There are actually 3 video clips – look at the top of the mail to find a longer interview with me and a short clip of us chanting the Gayatri mantra in the meditation hall.

I received this link from my sister, Julie many years ago. I heard this song long ago and had forgotten how much I enjoyed it first time I heard it. The message that came with it was This clever piece originated in Australia. It is so very well done most don’t realize how much info he is sharing! Eric Idle, who wrote the words, came from Monty Python! Photos by NASA. Just click on the link and enjoy your journey!
Click: (Opens in a new window)


ALL BOOKINGS for SCANDINAVIA happen through Arjuna:
ALL BOOKINGS FOR ASHRAM IN INDIA happen through Venkatesan: 
Please do not try to book through Jacqueline – Thank you.    


4th September

Online: The Age of Aquarius & New Group of World Servers

In this time of change, the need for higher group consciousness and selfless service becomes the foundation for us to build stability even as we continue our inner work. Join Jacqueline and Owen on this Zoom seminar to explore this theme and come together stronger as a community of light and love. This session is on:

Date: 4 September
Time: 1.30pm CET, 5pm IST, 7.30pm SG
Duration: 2-3hrs
Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 874 1873 6818
Passcode: 294545
Suggested donation for this session is between €15-€25 in your own currency. All donations are voluntary.
Donations for the SHOT Trust fund in India are welcome. (Singing Heart Opportunity Trust) Account nr. 6512019592 Swift nr. KKBKINBB and IFSC: KKBK0008786
Or if you wish a PayPal donation can be sent to Jacqueline via:
Participants in Singapore are welcome to send a donation to Owen via PayNow/PayLah.

22nd August

Calm in the Storm
An online Zoom session with Jacqueline and Owen
Time: 1.30pm CET (Central European Time) 5pm IST(India), 7.30pm Singapore.

Meeting ID: 837 1399 7955
Passcode: 361039

Donations for the SHOT Trust fund in India are welcome. (Singing Heart Opportunity Trust) Account nr. 6512019592 Swift nr. KKBKINBB and IFSC: KKBK0008786

Or if you wish a PayPal donation can be sent to Jacqueline via:

Participants in Singapore are welcome to send a donation to Owen via Mobile Pay. All donations are voluntary.

8th July

Remember 22nd – 26th July. The Tao of Elvis

MEDITATION RETREAT with Jacqueline at LEELA CENTER (Vaxjo area – Sweden) 

During this meditation retreat with Jacqueline we will look at the basic teachings of Taoism. She will also share what for some might prove to be a surprise about Elvis. As usual there will be a period of silence, sitting, walking and dancing meditations and Satsang. All your questions are welcome.

Start: Thursday 22nd July with soup and salad around 6pm. We finish with lunch 1pm Monday 26th.

If you need to leave early for work etc it’s OK. We hope most people can be present for the full retreat.

Price for room + food per 24 hours: Approximately the same as last year: Swedish kr.500 (Sw. kr. 2000 4 full days) Please pay Thongriela in Swedish kroner. 
You are asked to bring your own bedsheets and towels if possible this year as Tobe and Thongriela are very busy the days before the retreat. As usual we can look forward to their wonderful hospitality and Thongriela’s great cooking.

Retreat price: Suggested donation to Jacqueline for full retreat: Between Danish kroner 1400 to 2000  or the equivalent in Swedish or Norwegian kroner or Euro. As usual you will put your donation in an envelope without name.
Bookings via Connie:

24th May

Copenhagen (Værløse)  
Sangha Satsang 13.30 – 16.00
Booking: Send mail to

19th April 

Online Zoom Satsang with Jacqueline for people in Singapore.  19.00 – 21.Hours  Contact Rayson Tan:

28th March 

Online Zoom Satsang (International) with Jacqueline. Start 13.30 hours Danish time. Contact Rayson Tan:

7th March 

Jacqueline will be holding afternoon Satsang in Copenhagen starting 14.15 hours. Bookings via: 


11th October ZOOM Seminar with Jacqueline 

The title is simply:  An Afternoon with Jacqueline (Afternoon depends of course on where you are in the world. We begin at 12 noon Danish time / 11am GMT / 15.30 India etc. The seminar will last for about 3 and half hours and includes about a half hour break.
To participate: Please send a mail to Pracheta:  She will take charge of the practical side of things and will send a ZOOM link to you.
Requested donation: 1500 rupees, £15, Danish kroner 125 etc.
People in India please pay only to our trust fund i.e. SHOT (Singing Heart Opportunity Trust) Kotak Mahindra Bank, Tiruvannamalai Branch
Account name: Singing Heart Opportunity Trust.
Account number: 6512019592
IFSC code:  KKBK0008786
Swift code: KKBKINBB
If you are not in India please pay via Paypal connected to: 
If you don’t have Paypal I can receive via Mobile Pay connected to my Danish telephone number: 52689114
Please remember to send a donation. Last time many forgot and we really do need support for the ashram in India. 
You are welcome to mail questions to Jaqueline beforehand ( or ask during the seminar. 

4th – 8th September “Late Summer Meditation retreat” – Sweden

Jacqueline will hold a meditation retreat at Leela Center in the Vaxjo area. There will be sitting, walking and dancing meditations and Satsang. All your questions are welcome. Click on the flyer for more information.

18th July Seminar “Absolute and Relative Truth”- Copenhagen.

Seminar will be in Danish. Our starting point will be Zen Master Bankei’s text on “Unborn mind / Buddha mind”. This well known text gives a very clear description of our true nature. There is limited seating. Click here for the flyer.

5th July Zoom Seminar “The Way Ahead”

Jacqueline is holding a Zoom seminar on July 5th. The title will be “The Way Ahead”. See below some final information and click here for flyer details.  

1. Some have requested that a recording of the session be made available. So for 48 hours after the session, the recording will be available for those who sign up to view and ‘attend’ the program. 
2. Remember you just need to click on the zoom link at the time of the program. Nothing else is needed. 
3. Please remember whatever donation you can afford. 
17th May
Copenhagen (Værløse)  
1 day event: Hvor er vi på vej hen? (Where are we heading?)
This event will probably be in Danish. Space is limited as we will hold 1 meters distance from each other as requested here in Denmark. Please bring a vegetarian packed lunch with you. Tea and coffee will be provided.
Booking: Send mail to
Fine to give the donation you can afford.

APRIL 4th 2020

Jacqueline will hold a short online course Saturday, 4th April. She says:
“Inspired by the White Eagle message I sent out to many of you recently I’ve given the course the title “Passing through the Portal”. The sessions will be in English as some participants don’t speak Danish. Please contact me to sign up and receive more information plus the Zoom link.
Timings: Danish time 10.30 am -12.30 and 14.00 – 16.00. This means we start GMT 8.30, UK 9.30,India 14.00 etc. 
These timings make it possible for you to join an online global meditation at 16.30 Danish time if you wish to do so.
Please let me know if you would like to join. 
I hope to be able to have more online events in the future and still offer astrological readings via Skype.


Jacqueline will be holding an event on the topic “Protecting Our Humanity” on March 7th. Click here to see the flyer.


INDIA DECEMBER 2019 – End of February 2020
As usual there will be morning meditation, some Satsangs and other meetings with Jacqueline when there are no organised retreats happening.
Some earlier events with Jacqueline were as follows: 
Satsangs and Astrological readings with Jacqueline are possible.
Teachings, questions, techniques etc on the subject of Awakening.
Direct Teaching for Spiritual Awakening 
Summer Retreat with Jacqueline
Click here to see the flyer.

Dying for Truth with Jacqueline This very popular program focuses on preparation for the physical death process as a possibility to awaken to your true nature if awakening has not already happened in life.

Teachings to help you understand Heart and what blocks the deeper connection with Heart and an understanding of the prayer / affirmation Jacqueline is putting out into the world. There will be some silent meditation and Jacqueline will also offer a powerful heart energy transmission to enable you to come into the deeper layers of the heart chakra.
1 day event with Jacqueline
“Life happens whether you like it or not but the divine within you is free to dance” Jacqueline  
Life feels very intense for many today. Why? Subjects to be addressed at this event: How we can live the teachings and use the tools we have in the midst of this chaos. Witnessing. Paradoxes and misunderstandings on the Path. There will be teachings, meditation and music. All questions are welcome.

Life Happens was also held in Danish  Title: Livet Sker (Life Happens) Sproget: Dansk / Engelsk alt efter det I har bruge for. Dagen indeholder følgende plus det der ellers opstår: Livet sker og det føles meget intens for mange i dag – hvorfor? Emner: Hvordan kan vi bedst leve det vi tror vi ved. Witnessing. Paradoxer og misforståelser på Vejen. Der bliver selvfølgelig meditation, musik, dans, kort hjerte transmission. Spørgsmål er altid velkommen. 

Deeper Into the Heart



Sangha in Denmark

We usually hold Sangha evenings MONDAYS – 19.00 hrs (7pm) in even numbered weeks. However for the next few months  we will hold Sangha evenings once every 4 weeks – on Mondays. The Monday inbetween where we do not meet physically we will tune in to each other from wherever we happen to be.

Jacqueline will of course hold Satsang for us whenever she is in Denmark. She speaks English if non Danish speaking guests are present. Here are the dates fro April 2019:

8th April
This will be the first Satsang  with Jacqueline after she returns from India.
29th April
We expect Jacqueline to hold this Satsang before she leaves for California.

More information and dates will be given soon.

If you want to join us please come 10 minutes before we start and settle in. However if you live far away, you can simply tune in to us in meditation at 19.00 hours these evenings please let us know by email or text message and we will “place” you in the circle. You are welcome to send us ideas or requests you may have for these evenings.

We also expect to hold some full day meetings once in a while. You are very welcome to offer your home for these meetings and to facilitate the events for the day. We are willing to offer our help with the event by facilitating a part of the program or the whole program if necessary.

All are welcome to come, whether you know Jacqueline or not. Please arrive 5-10 min before we start.

Location: At Deva Suchata Stenlillevej 17 in Husum (2700 Bronshoej)

Registration required at tel. 3881 2005 or send an SMS to 6080 7937

You can always check this page for dates and changes.

Denmark contact:

Greetings from Suchata and Maria.

A message from Jacqueline

I was very happy to read this initiative from Suchata and Maria and really appreciate their dedication. Of course I will facilitate the evenings and full day events whenever I am in Copenhagen. More details will be posted here when I know my plans for 2017.

For many years we have only requested a donation of 50 Danish crowns for the evenings. I feel it’s time to request at least 70 if possible. The full day events I suggest 200 crowns or more according to what you feel to give or can afford.
Blessings Jacqueline

Kogi & Hopi Messages

Towards the end of May 2009 I sent a mail to people about the Neptune / Jupiter conjunction in the heavens. At the same time I received a copy of the Kogi Indians new message to the world. Some of you may remember a fine BBC documentary made about 20 years ago after the Kogi released their first message to humanity. Now Jan Frank, a Dutch man who is close to the Kogis, has brought this message out into the world from Colombia. I feel this latest message is very important and needs to be brought to the attention of as many people as possible. I felt we should have a special page on the website for these messages plus an old message from the Hopi Indian elders. The messages are important, so please take the time to read them. There is also a link to a short and beautiful video version of the Hopi message.



Certain beings have cast a shadow over the Earth, seeking to destroy the Life in it. Their gloomy intention is scattered across different biopolitical centers of power disguised in speeches and actions which move to yield to this crime. There, where their masked agents act, almost incurable epidemics have been gestated. These masked agents are very professional, highly competitive, and have decision-making power: they are politicians, technocrats and sorcerers. Some of them do not even know where the power that keeps them acting and dominates them comes from. Only a few quite know to which power they obey.This situation is so terrifying, that a few months ago the Kogi Mamas, the Harmony Guardians of the Earth, considering that their efforts to promote the Harmony of Life are almost useless, were a stone’s throw from defusing this sacred place, thus generating the final catastrophe.

The Harmony Guardians of the Earth met in that sacred place of our Mother Earth to agree on a final decision. The great majority thought that we have already reached the point of no return, and that the most advisable was to favour the hecatomb, once and for all, given the gloomy disaster generated by the Children of the Earth regarding Life.

A few remained silent, and when they were allowed to speak, they expressed something different:

In four previous Lifecycles, the Sacred Beings are the ones who have decided to turn the world over, thus propitiating a new creation. It is true that we are on the verge of a fifth universal catastrophe – all the natural signs of Life show this, just as it has been heralded in the sacred messages revealed to us, but it is not us, the Harmony Guardians of the Earth, who are to bring about the final catastrophe. This decision is a sacred plan of the Sacred Beings and it is their deed to carry it out. Our deed is to continue with our sacred commitment to Harmonize the Life of Mother Earth. The Harmony Guardians of the Earth unanimously proceeded to consulting the oracle in order to find out which of the two choices was the right one. The decision came out to be continuing with the sacred virtue appointed to them as Harmony Guardians of Life in Mother Earth. There is a very sacred virtue that vibrates and emanates from the Heart of our Mother Earth, a vitality that pervades every existing thing. Similarly, a sacred ancestral vitality vibrates and emanates from the Heart of Heaven, a virtue which kindness permanently invigorates every existing thing. These sacred mysteries are immanent to Life, and the power of renewal, healing and harmonization never cease to bestow upon it.

From the Heart of our Mother Earth, a luminous and glittering energy spreads in all manifestations and expressions of its own Life. From the Sky, the power of the great mystery of the Sun Light, and of all luminous beings, reaches all manifestations and expressions of Life in our Mother Earth.Amongst these virtues of Light, lies that gloomy breath which casts a shadow over Life seeking to destroy it. Its purpose is to encourage action to such an extent that the luminous radiance emanating from Heaven and Earth into the spirit of human beings and their nations is overshadowed, thus promoting and forcing more crimes against Life. In order to fully accomplish its purpose, this shadow’s agents resort to all possible and imaginable methods and techniques: biopolitical, mass media, economic, technocratic, virtual, military, religious, ritualistic… at the same time ancient, modern and post-modern. In this way, a gigantic device of apprehension is unfolded, which triggers mechanisms to trap spirits, minds and bodies to set them to work and act according to their darkest powers, fully convinced that the right and proper thing is being done.

The curious thing about this novel device of apprehension is that the vast majority is unaware of the manipulation they are subject to. The consequences are nothing less than the immense disaster caused to all of Nature, to the spirit, the mind, bodies, to culture and society. Given all this, can we still be proud of the humanity we are part of?

Perhaps, we could rather feel ashamed of our cruel humanity: shamed by the vast forests we have mutilated and all the life that tries to survive in them; shamed by the waters we have devastated and contaminated and the life that is dying in them; shamed by the Earth’s broken mantle and the devastated ozone layer; shamed by the air pollution and the life it poisons and kills; shamed by the misuse of fire; shamed by all the homicides, assassinations, holocausts and wiping out of ethnic groups daily perpetrated.The wizards of war have to do with all this. War is not only the endless clashes and armed aggression; war is any act that threatens the Harmony of Life on our Mother Earth. And Peace is not just the cease-fire of the clashes and armed aggression, but the cease-fire of any sort of war against Life. Peace is finding the virtues of brotherhood, understanding, of respect for all differences, respect for all manifestations and expressions of Life in our Spirit and in our way of living.

The human population is one of the majority species in the Life of Earth, outnumbered by species such as cows and ants. Will we be able, with the human paradigm that we have primarily formulated, change this degree of ecological disaster we have caused? Perhaps with this human paradigm we will only achieve temporary palliatives which will prove insufficient for the healing and recovery that the Harmony of Life on our Mother Earth requires. This urgent task requires more than just a paradigm shift. It requires abandoning the consuming human paradigm. It requires building a new spirit, a new mind, a new body… new ways of existence. As we face this global disaster, this imminent catastrophe, we need to Return to Life as something Different.The ancient wisdom of native peoples tells us that the history of Life on Earth has gone through four, some say five cataclysms, after which Life was completely and radically renewed *.

According to these traditions, we have reached the end of the transition period, so that a new Age will emerge. The shift of ages has always been marked by a global cataclysm due to a widespread crisis. And the final moment of each transition period allows us to discern what will happen in the future. The only certainty we can have is that this present is already an archaeological vestige of a past which will have nothing to do with the coming future. The small benevolent upswings that we are experiencing today here and there are merely the last socio-cultural phenomena that will eventually favour the advent of a future that will have nothing to do with the paradigms established until now. Perhaps we will no longer be human beings, just as in the preceding era we were urged to being hominids no more and grow into something better. Perhaps we might return in a different form: such as we had to abandon the hominid condition in a previous age, reinventing ourselves as human beings in order to survive during the present age we will have to abandon the current human condition and it’s devastating nature and create a post-human condition that respects all life and its surroundings if we wish to survive in the immediate coming age.

Everything is possible for the force of will of a body; a body can achieve anything when it wants and desires a new possibility of Life, and much more when new conditions of Life demand it. If a Cro-Magnon or a Neanderthal man could see us today, they might not be able to recognize us as their relatives. Today we look at our children in amazement and we acknowledge spiritual and intellective skills we lacked when we were children and still lack as adults. We have a great responsibility to our children. They clearly see everything we do, and consciously decide whether or not they will repeat what we, their parents, have done; they will even consciously decide whether or not they will accept us as their parents. Each of our actions has repercussions and consequences during the following seven generations, and similarly for the next generations that follow.

And always, much more in this transitional period, there is much to do and to decide. We can allow ourselves to blunderingly be trapped by this device of apprehension that casts a shadow over Life seeking to destroy it, or we can, if we want, attune with the luminous energy emanating from the Heart Of Mother Earth—and with the Light of Life which emanates from the Celestial Being—to avert the sorcery of the catastrophe, so as to pass through it, into infinity.

This is neither a new practice of resistance, nor a struggle. This is a matter of a new mode of existence that attunes us while uniting us to the new possibility of Harmonizing Life in the same context as the imminent catastrophe, after which Mother Earth will give birth to a new possibility for her Life. The shamanic traditions and practices of our Mother Earth have always done it this way. Today, more than at any other time, it is urgent and necessary to join and to close the Sacred Circle of the knowledge, the traditions and the shamanic and spiritual practices of our Mother Earth around the sacred purpose of Harmonizing Life. Thus is being done and thus will be done.

* Contemporary biology concurs with these ancient traditions, stating that we are on the brink of the sixth extinction of life. Richard Leakey and Roger Lewin. The Sixth Extinction: Patterns of Life and the Future of Humankind. Ba Brcelona: Tusquets Editores, 1998. Kajuyali Tsamani – Wichapishinteton Luta – Mama Nabi.

Jacqueline’s mail to people:

Hello dear friends

Just a few lines about a powerful conjunction in the heavens at the moment (July 2009): Jupiter and Neptune are now standing together in Aquarius – 26 degrees – in aspect to the Galactic Heart Center at 26 degrees Sagittarius. I remember a Hopi Indian saying that many of you have heard me quote throughout the years: “We are the ones we have been waiting for”. (See below)

Aquarius is the sign of the water-bearer who carries the water of life – the wisdom of many incarnations and gives this wisdom freely wherever people seek it. Aquarius sees the one humanity beyond the so-called differences but, being ruled by Uranus (the systems buster of the zodiac), it is not afraid to make waves when necessary! Jupiter, the esoteric ruler of Aquarius, is also wisdom and it is the Guru principle lying deep within each heart – the ability to embrace everything and know that who we really are can never be touched by anything that comes and goes within the drama we call life.

Neptune is compassion, healing, unconditional love and grace. Neptune is sometimes referred to as the heart of God – I often call it the kiss of God. It is also the abilty to accept the unfolding drama and the parts people play in it. Put all of this together for yourself and remember: “We are the ones we have been waiting for”.

Stay in touch with your heart and share what you have to give in your own creative way.

Love and blessings


The Hopi Elders Speak:

“We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For”

You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour. Now you must go back and tell the people that this is The Hour. And there are things to be considered:

  • Where are you living?
  • What are you doing?
  • What are your relationships?
  • Are you in right relation?
  • Where is your water?
  • Know your garden.
  • It is time to speak your Truth.
  • Create your community. Be good to each other. And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

This could be a good time! There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly.

Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water. See who is in there with you and celebrate.

At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally. Least of all, ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves!

Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.

All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

— The Elders Oraibi Arizona Hopi Nations

Conscious Birthing

” Conception, pregnancy and birth are very important for the soul coming into incarnation. We can help the soul into incarnation in the most loving, respectful and gentle way possible. Bringing a baby in with as much loving energy as possible is so important. A birth that becomes ” complicated” can still be filled with these energies. ”

Jasminika Dolfi (From a Radio Unicorn programme in Copenhagen, Denmark.)


This lounge is a place where women can birth their babies in a most sacred space. At the moment we are able to offer the following:

Insight into Birth ” This 2-day programme with Jacqueline is now available in several countries. The programme is in 2 parts:

  1. Cosmic Airport Inspiration – sharing of ideas and experiences with regards to conscious birthing.
  2. Healing your own birth process – confronting the phases of birth and healing of trauma. A psychological understanding of these phases and of their influence in our lives can be very useful. Sometimes a painful birth can be a reflection of one’s own birth as psychological memories may be restimulated and create pain. Those present at a birth may also come into contact with their own birth process. Anything we do to heal our own birth traumas will be of benefit when giving birth or assisting others.

Cosmic Airport Training

Part 1 of the training, Birth and Being, focuses on conscious birthing. After a resume of the Insight into Birth programme we look at how the birth process effects our ability just to be. Participants also experience the power of being in relation to healing. Jacqueline shares information from the devic kingdom regarding pregnancy and birth, and gives a valuable esoteric understanding of conception. From her earlier work on sex, love and higher consciousness she also offers guidance for those hoping to become pregnant.

Meditation groups available for births. Groups of meditators who go out and sit during births. They will not involve themselves in any practical or social way during the birthing process, but will simply provide an enlightened energy field to support the soul coming on to the earth plane.

See inspiring work for healing birth trauma with babies in Prague:

Dying for Truth

Preparation for Awakening to Your True Nature

The physical death process as a path to Awakening

Exploration of the death process –  safe journey through the 7 bodies at time of death – moving beyond attachment – liberation.

This is a very special programme. It actually focusses on the physical death process as seen from an esoteric perspective – as a possibility to be free from identification with the matrix of illusion. The retreat will be an opportunity to receive, in a very simple way, a deeper understanding of and preparation for your own death process. It will also enable you to share useful information with others who are facing death.

If you have any fears around death this retreat may help you to shift your perspective from the fear of death to seeing death as a process – a natural progression of life. Creation moves in a series of cycles and the death process is simply one of these cycles.

Silent meditation (Vipassana) will also be used to focus on the Truth of who we are beyond the illusion of who we may think we are. To explore meditation and spiritual awakening is to prepare for an enlightened death. Preparation for an enlightened death gives a deeper understanding of the path to awakening.

Jacqueline offers the Dying for Truth programme in the following countries: India, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, UK, Holland, Czech Rep., USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. You are welcome to invite her to your area.

There are 2 CDs available with guided meditations on the death process. One CD is in English guided by Jacqueline and the other is in Danish guided by Arjuna. They are available at events in Sweden and Denmark.

Jacqueline recommends a beautiful Japanese movie entitled “Departures”. It tells the story of a man who begins working in a funeral home. She says:

“I recommended it because of its beauty not really because of my teachings on the death process. The teachings I give are really about the possibility of Awakening during the death process (as one is physically dying and the time just after death) if one hasn’t already Awakened in life. I can say that in the movie it felt like the man had really found his Dharma. He was so fully engaged and did his work with such presence and grace.”

There are 2 clips on You Tube where Jacqueline answers a question on death. You can see them via the link here on the website.


How to Control Anger?

asked by an 8th grade student

One of the most important things in dealing with our feelings and emotions, including anger, is to be able to accept the fact that we have these feelings. Every emotion is just an expression of a certain energy and if we don’t accept that we have it then it is difficult to learn how to express that energy in a most positive way. If you feel bad about feeling angry then it will be difficult to learn how to use that energy. Actually, with any feeling, one of the most important things is to remember it’s your feeling and to do your best not to blame other people for what you are feeling. This is a very big step to take.

I would suggest that with the feelings you have try to think of them as a child who one day will become a mature adult. A child needs to be shown the way, taught and helped to bring our the best within him or her. It is also like this with our feelings. Sometimes I say that every feeling is waiting to express itself in the most positive way and be lifted onto the throne in the heart and, like a king or queen, receive its crown. In the heart we can experience love and acceptance and it is my experience that everyone wants to be loved and accepted. It’s the same with our feelings. However until we learn how to express feelings in a positive way they can cause us trouble.

Very often anger has to do with our need to feel powerful and strong. If we haven’t learnt to express our power in a good way early in life we can end up with a big anger problem! Years ago in Denmark parents might say to a child, “your power is in my pocket”! That meant the parents decided over the child and any attempt the child made to say “no, I don’t want to do this” or to make decisions himself or herself was met with resistance or punishment. Later these youngsters would have difficulty feeling good about their power and their right to decide things for themselves. Then one day that power would burst out as anger – like a volcano!

When we don’t know how to express feelings we tend to try to blame someone else for these feelings. Imagine one day you are feeling anger arise. It is quite possible something someone said or did awoke this anger in you and you might start shouting at this person. But it is your anger and you have to take responsibility for it. To be able to do this is a big step forward! Until you can do this you might even end up hitting someone! That might make you feel better for a while but it is not the way to go – this is not power being expressed in a positive way. If you can accept your feelings then you can begin to express them in a more mature way.

Anger is a very powerful energy and you need to find ways to express it. Eg: express it physically by running, boxing into the air, going outside and shouting to the trees and to the sky. Then feel the energy running through your body. You will feel strong and you will not upset or hurt anybody. This is a good start. Martial arts are also a fine way to learn to use this energy.

Later you will be able to watch anger arise and breathe with it and if you breathe into a feeling you don’t get stuck in it. It will just pass through you. If you can accept anger is there you can ask why something made you angry. Don’t judge yourself for feeling angry.

Another thing to remember is that sometimes things need to be said in a very powerful way. For example: if you see a big guy in the playground bullying someone, hitting one of the small children perhaps, this will not be solved by you beginning to hit the big guy. However, if you can say powerfully “no, no, no – this is not OK” or just keep your head cool and get some help for the one being bullied, then you are using the anger to deal with a situation where something does need to be done.

So just remember that every emotion you can possibly have wants to be able to sit on the throne in the heart and receive its crown. It will then be able to express itself in a positive, useful way.

A few more words

If you feel very angry stop a minute and try to breathe deeply. Look at why you are angry. Perhaps you need to say something to somebody about how you feel.

You can be angry and still be in your heart – do you understand? You can breathe deeply, feel your heart and say to the person who has made you angry, “I don’t like that you said this to me.” You can explain why and be honest about how you feel. Please remember you can be angry and still speak form your heart and that’s very different from screaming at someone or hitting them.

You can take a deep breath, feel you heart and say, “Please don’t speak to me like that ” or “Please don’t treat this child in this way” or say whatever you need to say. You have to express things, but try to find the best way of doing so. This is also the teaching of spiritual science.

You can read in an earlier edition of the Awakener what we also spoke about last time. People often have to ask these questions about anger because everybody gets angry sometimes. Please don’t feel guilty about it. You understand?

How Will Spirituality Help Students?

asked by a 9th grade student

This is a good question and I could write a whole book about it! However I will try to answer briefly.

First of all, what is spirituality? What is spirit? I would suggest that spirit in spirituality refers to the one energy, the one consciousness that some call God, that flows through each one of us. Having a form of spiritual practice is about lifting your consciousness to a higher level of vibration where much more is revealed to you. Real spirituality will reveal to you the Truth of your being. Today we talk about spiritual scientists – those who also research the unseen, inner world and work with its laws. They research a reality that is not experienced through our ordinary five senses. We experience the world of our spiritual selves through more finely developed senses: the third eye chakra for example opens us to be able to see the “unseen”. Some call this clairvoyance. A finely developed throat chakra can awaken us to clairaudience so we begin to hear on a finer level than we can with our physical ears. As people open up to deeper levels of the heart chakra great compassion and a love for all life forms develop.

It is often said we are spiritual beings having a human experience – a spiritual practice keeps us connected to the part of us that is pure spirit and that is not lost in the dramas we can get caught up in as we experience being human beings here in this world. We hear it said that the truth shall set you free. Truth is not religion. Truth is the good old ancient wisdom teachings that help us to remember who we really are. Anything that helps us understand who we truly are, anything that helps us realise that we are one will naturally help to bring about peace in the world. When this realisation happens we naturally develop compassion and then there is no wish to hurt others or have power over others. Many of the difficulties in the world today, including wars, poverty and the destruction of the environment, happen because we have forgotten that we are one.

Meditation helps you find an inner peace that enables you to do things in a much better way. You will be more focussed – not so easily distracted – and in this way be able to realise your full potential here in life.

Some of you may have heard of the Heart Math Institute – a place of research in the United States. They have done many scientific studies and learned much about the unseen aspect of human beings. One of their studies has shown that when we are in a state of love far more of our DNA is activated than when we are in a state of fear. If we go into a state of fear and close, we close down to our spiritual potential and become less bright. When we open up and access more of those parts of ourselves that ordinary science does not address, we are more alive and simply more “switched on”! We also become more creative and truly are an inspiration for others.

Some studies have shown that Indian people often perform better in the IT world as, generally speaking, many Indians still have a natural form of spirituality and are more philosophical. This results in a greater balance between the right and left brain, enabling them to tap into new ideas and possibilities and to “think outside of the box”.

Actually I feel this is enough from me right now. I would like to invite you who asked this question, and other students, to send in some of your observations to us. What benefits have you noticed? Perhaps you can discuss this subject with friends and let us know if you have something to share that can inspire others. We can print your ideas in future editions of “The Awakener”.

How Can I Know What My Spiritual Mission is About?

asked by Jagdish, 9th grade

Many today are trying to discover their spiritual mission – I prefer to use the word dharma.

Often dharma is described as doing what comes naturally. We know that a flame’s dharma or mission is to burn. However what comes naturally needs to be understood properly. If your natural reaction is to hit someone who says something you don’t like – this is not dharma! I would say that Dharma is what comes naturally when heart, mind and body are aligned – when they are working well together.

Dharma is not an easy way out! Often we have to give up tendencies we enjoy in order to follow dharma. For example: someone might have the tendency to switch on the TV the minute they enter the house, sit down and watch one program after another for hours at a time. Is this their spiritual mission? I don’t think so! Often discipline is needed in order to put aside lower tendencies and do what we are really here to do for the world.

Dharma is also often described as following the path of righteousness. Here are some simple yet powerful techniques to help you become centered in your true self. When this centering happens you will act righteously and your mission will become more and more clear to you.

1. Listen to that small, quiet voice within – often called the voice of conscience. It whispers to us if what we do is out of line, doesn’t it? It points us in the direction of righteousness.

2. Do your best to live what you understand to be the highest truth. E.g. If you feel you know that humanity is one, then do your best to live that understanding. Treat all as equals and treat others as you yourself would wish to be treated.

3. Stay in touch with your heart. I heard a song recently written by a friend. The title was, “What would love do?” If you do your best to respond to situations from this space – acting as love would – you become more heart centered. When a person becomes truly centered in the heart he or she will naturally act according to dharma. He or she will follow the path of righteousness.

4. Use your imagination to see how you would act in a certain situation if you were really in balance – if you were coming from a place of unconditional love.

5. What do you love doing? What are your natural talents? These can be an indication of what you are here to give to the world.

6. Remember you are still young – you are still maturing. It’s great you are asking these kinds of questions! However it’s also OK to make mistakes, learn from them and move on. So, be real. Don’t try to act “holy”. Holy is not natural – dare to be yourself and allow others to be themselves.

How to convert destructive minds to constructive minds?

asked by Siddhant, 9th grade

This is a very important question. First get to know your own mind. Look at what kind of thoughts dominate and what kind of feelings arise in you when you follow certain thoughts. Also it is good to understand what the mind actually does: it plans, discerns, compares, remembers. This is what all minds do. If the mind becomes negative, then discernment becomes criticism. The mind is a tool and can be used well or misused. If you decide to visit Delhi the mind can be very useful if you need to check train or plane timetables and make arrangements with the people you want to visit etc. However if you keep thinking negative thoughts you can end up out of balance emotionally. I often tell people, “The mind produces thoughts but you don’t have to think them.”

However the contents of different peoples’ minds can be very different. By contents I mean the themes and stories that the mind makes up. Two people can witness the same event: e.g. someone gets angry with a sales assistant and says he’s being charged too much for the groceries he’s buying. Two people watch what is happening and one person’s mind makes a funny story out of what has happened and shares the story with friends. The other person has a strong reaction. He hates people being treated unfairly and his mind starts turning the happening into a war about goodies and baddies!

The mind is a useful tool but it also has its limitations. Therefore it is important to quieten the mind – to develop a more meditative mind. When faced with a topic for study it can be a good idea to tune in meditatively and reflect on what you have read or been taught. You can close your eyes, be quiet and imagine bringing light into your mind. Then reflect on the topic. Perhaps new ideas come to you and perhaps you feel inspired to share your ideas. This is using the mind in a constructive way and it’s also how you awaken your inner wisdom.

Please try not to over stimulate the mind. This isn’t easy today as there is so much information, so many distractions. Minds today are becoming so stressed out and just as a physical body can become sick with stress, minds can stop functioning well because they are over stimulated.

There are many ways to use the mind but this is all I am going to say right now because A few years ago I wrote a chapter about the mind in one of my books. Reading your question, I felt it could be a good idea to share what I wrote in The Awakener. Let me look at the chapter and see if anything needs to be adjusted for younger readers. Then we will share it with you