ALL BOOKINGS for Scandinavia and the ashram happen through Arjuna:
Please do not try to book through Jacqueline – Thank you.



At the Ashram

2nd – 9th January Arunachala Meditation Retreat
14th – 16th January Pongal celebrations

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Bookings contact Arjuna


Twice monthly Sangha Satsang Evenings in Copenhagen
Jacqueline holds Satsang twice a month when she is in Copenhagen.
You can also see information on the Sangha in Denmark page on this website.


18-20th Feb: Activating Blueprints

Interaction with other conscious beings helps to activate the blueprints you came onto this planet with.

This program is intended to inspire you to open up to more of your blueprint as you go deeper into that silent place within where you can recognize your true nature. Some of the topics are:

  • The thought climate we create.
  • Becoming more conscious = ending denial
  • The enlightened state recognizes that we are all one being and that enlightened action is the complementary outflow of the enlightened state.
  • How to stop absorbing low frequency energies from others.
  • Holding your highest vibration – also in the marketplace!

Jacqueline will offer a group heart transmission on Sunday to enable you to come into the deeper layers of the heart chakra.

Contact Ashwita


Copenhagen: Saturday 25th March 1 day event with Jacqueline 
Teachings, meditation and a powerful heart energy transmission.
Bookings:  Email Maria:


Sweden 1 – 6 June: Final Leela Retreat with Jacqueline 

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Copenhagen: 26th June
Heart transmission session

Copenhagen: Heart Transmission Saturday 15th July at 4 pm

The session will last about 1 hour after a talk by Jacqueline.

Donations go to children’s projects in India and a minimum donation of kr. 80 is suggested.

Please be seated 10 minutes before we start.

Venue: Teglværksvej 5, 3th Copenhagen Ø. Name on door: Agersnap     Tilmelding til Jacqueline:                 

            HEART ACTIVATION AND SPIRITUAL AWAKENING                                            Sorø – Denmark:  Saturday 29th July from 11 – 17.30    

Since she was contacted by higher dimensional beings in 1979, and prepared for the work she is here to do, Jacqueline has often said it is the energy that does the work in an the awakening process. She says it is important to be able to contact so high a vibrational energy as possible and she helps people understand how it is that they lose this contact.

On this 1 day event she will begin with “teachings for awakening” and take questions from participants. There will also be some silent meditation and dance. Later in the day Jacqueline will hold a special session where she channels a high vibrational energy through her eyes. This energy goes directly to your heart and will help you come to a much deeper contact with the energy and the reality of Heart. This event will be held in simple English as we have some overseas visitors.                                            Bookings:


Copenhagen: Den Magiske Have Satsang & Heart Transmission

Dates to be announced


BANGALORE, INDIA 2 – 3 September

Meditation program

San Francisco Bay area from 27th September – 2nd October
Santa Cruz 2nd – 6th October
Afterwards Jacqueline may stay longer in this area if people are interested in astrological sessions, heart energy transmissions or seminars.
Los Angeles From 11th – 17th October Astrological readings. Sun. 15th Oct. will be an afternoon event near Venice Beach. HEART ACTIVATION AND SPIRITUAL AWAKENING
This event will finish with a Heart Energy Transmission.
Contact Jacqueline if you are interested.
Late October – November
Some programs in Scandinavia
December – At the Ashram
Ashram: Open Retreat from early December
31st December
New Year Ceremony
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