ALL BOOKINGS for SCANDINAVIA happen through Arjuna:
ALL BOOKINGS FOR ASHRAM IN INDIA happen through Venkatesan: 
Please do not try to book through Jacqueline – Thank you.    


11th October ZOOM Seminar with Jacqueline 

The title is simply:  An Afternoon with Jacqueline (Afternoon depends of course on where you are in the world. We begin at 12 noon Danish time / 11am GMT / 15.30 India etc. The seminar will last for about 3 and half hours and includes about a half hour break.
To participate: Please send a mail to Pracheta:  She will take charge of the practical side of things and will send a ZOOM link to you.
Requested donation: 1500 rupees, £15, Danish kroner 125 etc.
People in India please pay only to our trust fund i.e. SHOT (Singing Heart Opportunity Trust) Kotak Mahindra Bank, Tiruvannamalai Branch
Account name: Singing Heart Opportunity Trust.
Account number: 6512019592
IFSC code:  KKBK0008786
Swift code: KKBKINBB
If you are not in India please pay via Paypal connected to: 
If you don’t have Paypal I can receive via Mobile Pay connected to my Danish telephone number: 52689114
Please remember to send a donation. Last time many forgot and we really do need support for the ashram in India. 
You are welcome to mail questions to Jaqueline beforehand ( or ask during the seminar. 

4th – 8th September “Late Summer Meditation retreat” – Sweden

Jacqueline will hold a meditation retreat at Leela Center in the Vaxjo area. There will be sitting, walking and dancing meditations and Satsang. All your questions are welcome. Click on the flyer for more information.

18th July Seminar “Absolute and Relative Truth”- Copenhagen.

Seminar will be in Danish. Our starting point will be Zen Master Bankei’s text on “Unborn mind / Buddha mind”. This well known text gives a very clear description of our true nature. There is limited seating. Click here for the flyer.

5th July Zoom Seminar “The Way Ahead”

Jacqueline is holding a Zoom seminar on July 5th. The title will be “The Way Ahead”. See below some final information and click here for flyer details.  

1. Some have requested that a recording of the session be made available. So for 48 hours after the session, the recording will be available for those who sign up to view and ‘attend’ the program. 
2. Remember you just need to click on the zoom link at the time of the program. Nothing else is needed. 
3. Please remember whatever donation you can afford. 
17th May
Copenhagen (Værløse)  
1 day event: Hvor er vi på vej hen? (Where are we heading?)
This event will probably be in Danish. Space is limited as we will hold 1 meters distance from each other as requested here in Denmark. Please bring a vegetarian packed lunch with you. Tea and coffee will be provided.
Booking: Send mail to
Fine to give the donation you can afford.

APRIL 4th 2020

Jacqueline will hold a short online course Saturday, 4th April. She says:
“Inspired by the White Eagle message I sent out to many of you recently I’ve given the course the title “Passing through the Portal”. The sessions will be in English as some participants don’t speak Danish. Please contact me to sign up and receive more information plus the Zoom link.
Timings: Danish time 10.30 am -12.30 and 14.00 – 16.00. This means we start GMT 8.30, UK 9.30,India 14.00 etc. 
These timings make it possible for you to join an online global meditation at 16.30 Danish time if you wish to do so.
Please let me know if you would like to join. 
I hope to be able to have more online events in the future and still offer astrological readings via Skype.


Jacqueline will be holding an event on the topic “Protecting Our Humanity” on March 7th. Click here to see the flyer.


INDIA DECEMBER 2019 – End of February 2020
As usual there will be morning meditation, some Satsangs and other meetings with Jacqueline when there are no organised retreats happening.
Some earlier events with Jacqueline were as follows: 
Satsangs and Astrological readings with Jacqueline are possible.
Teachings, questions, techniques etc on the subject of Awakening.
Direct Teaching for Spiritual Awakening 
Summer Retreat with Jacqueline
Click here to see the flyer.

Dying for Truth with Jacqueline This very popular program focuses on preparation for the physical death process as a possibility to awaken to your true nature if awakening has not already happened in life.

Teachings to help you understand Heart and what blocks the deeper connection with Heart and an understanding of the prayer / affirmation Jacqueline is putting out into the world. There will be some silent meditation and Jacqueline will also offer a powerful heart energy transmission to enable you to come into the deeper layers of the heart chakra.
1 day event with Jacqueline
“Life happens whether you like it or not but the divine within you is free to dance” Jacqueline  
Life feels very intense for many today. Why? Subjects to be addressed at this event: How we can live the teachings and use the tools we have in the midst of this chaos. Witnessing. Paradoxes and misunderstandings on the Path. There will be teachings, meditation and music. All questions are welcome.

Life Happens was also held in Danish  Title: Livet Sker (Life Happens) Sproget: Dansk / Engelsk alt efter det I har bruge for. Dagen indeholder følgende plus det der ellers opstår: Livet sker og det føles meget intens for mange i dag – hvorfor? Emner: Hvordan kan vi bedst leve det vi tror vi ved. Witnessing. Paradoxer og misforståelser på Vejen. Der bliver selvfølgelig meditation, musik, dans, kort hjerte transmission. Spørgsmål er altid velkommen. 

Deeper Into the Heart