Jacqueline Maria Longstaff 

Many years ago Jacqueline opened Singing Heart Ashram, in South India, near the sacred hill, Arunachala. She held many meditation retreats and other programs but now feels her days in India are over. She is very grateful to all who supported her work throughout the years. You are still very welcome to visit the ashram; to bring groups on retreat or simply be at the ashram and visit Arunachala.

The ashram is now being run by Kumar from Shanti Travels. He can be contacted by mail:  shantitravels@gmail.com 

Jacqueline’s awakening happened some years ago and since then she has been fulfilling a vision of the “Cosmic Airport” that she had many years ago. She is connected with groups around the world, some of whom are helping her and many others to manifest visions they have had to assist the upliftment of consciousness on this planet.

Jacqueline’s Vision
Some years ago, in Denmark, I awoke one morning with a vision of what I began to call a “Cosmic Airport”. I saw an airport containing an arrival lounge, departure lounge and transit lounge.

The arrival lounge was a place where women could give birth to babies painlessly, in an enlightened energy field so babies arrived conscious and untraumatised. It is very important that we can help to bring babies into the world without their consciousness being closed down. My own birth took 3 days and 3 nights and it took me many years to be free from this trauma. Seeds sown during the birth experience really do influence the rest of the life. The departure lounge was for people who were dying – a place where they could be supported in dying a conscious death. The departure lounge will also train people to use the death process to move into enlightenment if they have not already reached this state whilst in the physical body.

The departure lounge would actually focus on the physical death process as seen from an esoteric perspective – as a possibility to realise one’s true nature as consciousness leaves the physical body.

The transit lounge was for everyone else in “transit” through life – a place of awakening and conscious living where the unfoldment of full potential was supported. The transit lounge taught people to meet the ups and downs of life in a conscious way, learning how to stay in touch with the open heart and celebrate birth, life and death, no matter what. This could also be a place where new methods for caring for the planet and living in harmony with the environment are taught.

In the years following this vision I have felt, and many others agree, that a vision such as this is one of the ways forward for this planet. At the time I had the vision I knew that the Cosmic Airport would first become a reality many years later. I know that the time has now come.

There are clips on You Tube where you can hear Jacqueline talk about the Cosmic Airport.