with Jacqueline Maria Longstaff
12 December 2020

Jacqueline will hold an event for maximum 10 people and take up topics that are relevant to the group at this point in time. As we will focus on the Heart and Compassion there will be a Heart Energy Ttransmission and we will also spend some time with the Buddhist Tonglen Practice. As usual all your questions are welcome. We will probably speak Danish but of course English is always possible if there are people present who do not speak Danish.

Start: Saturday 12th December at 11.30 am and finish around 16.30

Please eat brunch before you arrive. as we won’t be having lunch together. There will be a coffee / tea break in the afternoon and you are welcome to bring your own snack

Payment: By donation. Just give what you can afford.


Venue: Connie and Victor’s house. Højeloftsvej 1, 3500 Værløse. Please come in good time. Thank you.Astrological sessions: 1 hour + 15 minute reading Dk. kr. 650 if you bring a copy of your horoscope with you. ( 700 if Jacqueline makes it for you beforehand) Jacqueline’s in-depth psychological/spiritual astrological readings are known world-wide. She doesn’t do readings that aren’t recorded so bring something to record on.. Making notes is a distraction. Bookings: