(Individually and collectively)
with Jacqueline Maria Longstaff

Summer Retreat at Leela Center, Sweden 22nd – 27th August 2019

Once again we hold a summer retreat at the beautiful Leela Center in Sweden.
Jacqueline and Arjuna arrive on Thursday 22nd. Perhaps we have a movie in the evening. The retreat itself will last 4 + half days starting with morning meditation before breakfast Friday 23rd. We finish with late lunch Tuesday 27th. 2 days will be in total silence.

Jacqueline wasn’t sure what to call this retreat program. She sat a while tuning in to it and The Traveling Wilburys popped up! She will tell more about this when we meet. The title for the retreat is the title of one of their songs. We are passing through difficult times on this planet and Jacqueline often addresses what is happening in the world while at the same time sharing teachings and techniques for spiritual awakening. As usual there will be teachings, deep silent meditation, Satsangs, dance and chanting during this retreat. Your questions are always welcome. If there are any particular topics you would like Jacqueline to address you are welcome to send her an email beforehand. Please keep your mails as short as possible and send to: thecosmicairport@gmail.com

Price for room + food per 24 hours: Swedish kr..(Danish kr.350). Many already look forward to Thongriela’s great cooking and Tobe and Thongriela’s wonderful hospitality..

Retreat price: Suggested donation for full retreat: What ever you can afford between

Dk kroner 1200 – 1800  or the equivalent in Swedish or Norwegian kroner or Euro.

As usual you will put your donation in an envelope without name. Donations go to the upkeep of Singing Heart Ashram in India.

Bookings: Many have signed up so book quickly via Arjuna: arjunaspost@gmail.com  Arjuna will send you a confirmation letter with practical details and directions to Leela. Jacqueline (Denmark) has an ashram near the sacred hill Arunachala, India. She travels the world inspiring many through Satsangs, meditation retreats and other programs. Her in-depth psychological / spiritual astrological readings are  appreciated world-wide.