This message is for those of you who received a healing session from Anne-Louise Karlsson, who I introduced to some of my students and supported. Several have informed me in recent months about their results and follow-up experiences with Anne-Louise. Therefore, I decided it was appropriate and important to share with you where things stand now.
I find I must distance myself from Anne-Louise’s cell memory work. I supported her work initially because the energy she channelled when I met her felt clean and powerful. All who received sessions were told they would be reimbursed the fee for the session if they did not see positive results within 2 years.

Now, more than 2 years have passed, yet many have not had positive results – especially those who were promised healing of physical ailments. In some cases, their condition has become worse. Some have sent feedback but received no reply from Anne-Louise. I have received no reply from her as well, despite my repeated requests to discuss the matter with her. The promise to reimburse people after 2 years has been removed from her website.
All of this has raised serious concern for me about any future association with her. My primary interest has been the welfare of my students.
I am open to talking further with any of you who would like to share about your experiences with Anne-Louise or her work. Thank you for your understanding.