Deeper Truths Not Everyone Is Aware Of

I really feel to share this here on the website. There is probably nothing new here for many of you but I feel this young guy presents information clearly and concisely and his talk might be useful to share with others who have trouble understanding what is happening right now and haven’t done much research into the manipulation of consciousness on this planet. As some of you know many things people need to know are brushed aside as “conspiracy theories” and, as some of you also know, this phrase was consciously introduced a long time ago in order to stop people from looking too closely at what we could call today the deep state or shadow government. 
Many of you already know the following:
At the time of the last U S election I was in L A. and my heart was with Bernie Sanders. When it was announced that Trump had won the election I was surprised to feel a surge of joy and excitement arise within me. The following day I kept hearing inside Leonard Cohen singing “There is a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in.“.I said to people that if Hillary Clinton had been elected there would have been no crack – just people celebrating the first woman president and then going back to sleep! With Trump many people are awake and on the edge of their seats! There were many who were angry with me when I shared such things but perhaps if they watch this video they will understand.
You may remember when I spoke about the collective horoscope around the time of the U S election I mentioned the fact that Pluto (death and rebirth, bringing up the shadow) was opposite the Sun in the USA chart and that I saw Trump embodying part of this shadow and triggering happenings that would enable people to become more aware the shadow. Speaking about the 2018 horoscope I talked about “outrageous people” playing very important roles that would push people to become more aware of the garbage that needed to be shifted. In my first book, “The Last Waltz – Embracing the Collective Shadow” (available on Amazon Kindle) I compared collective awakening to individual awakening – the shadow usually has to be confronted and embraced before awakening happens.
As the guy in this video says, we will not understand what is happening in the world if we continue to look through a distorted lens and don’t see through the illusion of politics.
Here is the link: – hope you enjoy: Jacqueline