Astrological and Other Consultations

Jacqueline offers individual or group ZOOM consultations. Individual sessions can be astrological or open sessions where the person brings his or her questions / topics for discussion. Groups are welcome to request a teaching session or Satsang.

Open Skype consultation – about 1 hour –

If you wish, you may mail Jacqueline about the theme you wish to go into during the session.

Astrological consultation – about 1 hour and 20 minutes:

Jacqueline will need your birth date, time and place of birth in advance if she makes the chart. .

Much information will be shared – important you record the call – e.g. on smart phone. Jacqueline only does recorded readings. It’s a distraction + time consuming to make notes during a reading.

What people have said about Jacqueline’s astrological readings:

Maria (Denmark): In your astrological reading you bring together and express so beautifully the psychological, emotional and spiritual.

Sandra (India): I have never before had an astrological reading that was so deep psychologically and that also had the awakened state as the background for the reading.

Icasiana Barrs (USA) Jacqueline’s reading and interpretation of my astrology chart was so powerful and spot on that I was able to trust the timing and was greatly assisted into remembering my divine purpose. I highly recommend her approach, her depth of knowledge and the kindness and care of delivering the message in a succinct and practical way that I was able to align myself and create actionable steps for success.

Dr. Gabriel Russo & Icasiana Barrs (USA) Jacqueline’s reading of our 8 year old son’s chart revealed some areas that we needed to pay attention to and to assist our son. The information and timing has helped him through a difficult patch. We are so grateful for Jacqueline’s honest, practice and accurate approach which helped us tremendously.

M.B. (USA) Thank you so much for a most insightful reading last week. Your ability to link the changes in the planets to the developments in my life cycle is amazing! It’s clear that your knowledge has been well honed over many years of study and through many readings. Many thanks again for your insights and your wisdom..