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Jacqueline’s interview for Soul Baby Radio in Los Angeles on the topic of Cosmic Conception. Click here to listen



with Jacqueline Maria Longstaff
12 December 2020

Jacqueline will hold an event for maximum 10 people and take up topics that are relevant to the group at this point in time. As we will focus on the Heart and Compassion there will be a Heart Energy Ttransmission and we will also spend some time with the Buddhist Tonglen Practice. As usual all your questions are welcome. We will probably speak Danish but of course English is always possible if there are people present who do not speak Danish.

Start: Saturday 12th December at 11.30 am and finish around 16.30

Please eat brunch before you arrive. as we won’t be having lunch together. There will be a coffee / tea break in the afternoon and you are welcome to bring your own snack

Payment: By donation. Just give what you can afford.


Venue: Connie and Victor’s house. Højeloftsvej 1, 3500 Værløse. Please come in good time. Thank you.Astrological sessions: 1 hour + 15 minute reading Dk. kr. 650 if you bring a copy of your horoscope with you. ( 700 if Jacqueline makes it for you beforehand) Jacqueline’s in-depth psychological/spiritual astrological readings are known world-wide. She doesn’t do readings that aren’t recorded so bring something to record on.. Making notes is a distraction. Bookings:

Singing Heart India 2019-20

Information for those wishing to visit Singing Heart from Nov. 2019 – March 2020        

Natural Great Peace: 27th – 30th December. This short retreat will focus on your true nature often hidden behind the restless mind. We will use the Vipassana meditation technique – a wonderful tool to help focus on the Truth of who you truly are, beyond ideas of who you may think you are. Jacqueline will also guide a dance meditation each day and hold evening Satsang. As always all your questions are welcome. 

Start with morning meditation on 27th. Finish with lunch 30th.

Price: Room, food, teachings for 3 and half days: Euro 125 – dk kr. 1000 – rupees 10.000. (Special prices can be given to students and those who are not employed if necessary.)

Arunachala Meditation Retreat: 3rd – 8th January. The retreat will contain teachings to support your inner journey and strengthen your connection with that which Arunachala represents: that place in you that doesn’t move and is never touched by anything that comes and goes in the inner or outer world. There will be daily silent meditation sittings, walking and dance meditations and whatever arises in the moment. 3 days of the retreat will be held in total silence. 

Start mid morning 3rd and finish with evening Satsang 8th.

Price: Room, food, teachings for 6 days/nights: Euro 210 – 1550 – rupees 16000 (Special prices can be given to students and those who are not employed if necessary.)


New Years Eve Celebration: As usual there will be a New Year ceremony and celebration on the night of the 31st. This ceremony  includes meditation, chanting and a look at the planetary horoscope for the coming year. Participants are asked to bring something to share for the 10 pm tea break: e.g: fruits, cake, Indian snacks etc.     Donations in the donation box in the meditation hall. Thank you.


Open Retreat: You are also welcome to spend time at the ashram when there are no organised programs. There is morning meditation, some afternoon events, satsangs.                                                                                                  

Prices per night: Prices have risen in India and we now have to ask for a minimum payment from westerners and working Indians of:

Rupees 700 per day for room with bathroom, 3 meals, tea, meditation etc.

Rupees 600 for room without bathroom, 3 meals, tea, meditation etc.

2 people in a room with bathroom you may have a reduction so each pays rupees 650

2 people in a room without bathroom you may have a reduction so each pays rupees 550

If you do not sign the food book for some meals you may deduct the following:

Breakfast – 55 rps  Lunch – 110 rps.  Dinner – 80m rps

Please pay for all the meals you sign for as they will have been prepared for you.

People holding their own retreat program at Singing Heart:                                           The prices above for Open Retreat apply plus a payment of rupees 1000 per day for the use of the meditation hall from 9.30 am (after breakfast) until 10 pm. All are welcome as usual to the morning meditation from 7. 40 – 8. 20 am. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Donations for Singing Heart projects are gratefully received as are donations for our children’s project (SHIC) and young adults project (SHYA)   

VERY IMPORTANT – Please read carefully:                                                                   On arrival at Singing Heart you must register. This means you fill in a form and give us a photocopy of your passport and visa plus one passport photograph. The cost of registration is rupees 70. Registration happens before you are shown to your room. Please have everything ready on arrival. In the past people have shown up without photographs and photocopies and this has caused much extra work for the staff and difficulties for us with the authorities.

If you need a letter of welcome from your first place of stay in India to obtain a visa for India let Arjuna know and he will give you details. If you visit somewhere else before Singing Heart the place you visit first must provide you with a letter. Important that you do NOT write Singing Heart Ashram on your visa application or on arrival at the airport. All ashram activities come under the Singing Heart Guesthouse. Please write:  Singing Heart Guesthouse. Address: Periya Paliya Pattu, P.O. Pachal, Tiruvannamalai District, 606 704 Tamil Nadu, India. Telephone: (+91) 9486 886601 Danish people please check the rules carefully before applying for a visa as they are quite strict!


Pongal celebrations: 14th – 16th January The ashram will not provide lunch and dinner as the workers have been promised they do not have to work during Pongal. As you may know Pongal is the biggest celebration in Tamil Nadu – like Christmas, new year and birthday all rolled into one! People enjoy to go into the town and see the Pongal decorations. Especially beautiful to see are the rangoli: colorful and often intricate patterns made with chalk outside of houses and other buildings.

Bookings: Contact Arjuna Tell him when you have paid deposit. You’re welcome to send this information to others who are interested.

Telephone number to Saravanan (Manager): 0091 – 9486886601

Payment: Best if you can pay cash whilst in India. Deposit for retreats can be paid via PayPal registered under:

An important reminder for women: Please be aware we are in South India, near a village and not in a big city or on the beach in Goa! It is very important you dress suitably for an ashram + village life. Please cover your legs down to ankles, no low cut necks or see-through clothes, cover the tops of your arms. Clothes should not be tight fitting or too revealing. Tight fitting jeans are not what is meant by covering your legs! If you follow these guidelines you will have no difficulties.

Coming to Singing Heart from the town of Tiruvannamalai: Go to Ramana Ashram and then out on the Chengham Rd. for 7 km. Go straight out – NOT onto the Round Hill Road. After about 7 km. you pass the Temple for World Peace on the left. After 1 more km. is a sign: Periya Palya Pattu + signs for Greenland and Anantha Niketan: Cross the road, go up the dirt road and continue for half a km. You will see the sign for Singing Heart on the right. 

Coming from Bangalore or Chengham:

Singing Heart is 24 kms. from Chengham – off Chengham Road. A sign shows 10 km. to Tiruvannamalai and a sign to turn left for Periya Palya Pattu. By bus the name of the stop is Tanal Murde. Then go left up a dirt road and half a km. along the road you will see the Singing Heart sign on your right. 

Dying for Truth

with Jacqueline Maria Longstaff
The physical death process as an opportunity to awakenen to your true nature
BANGALORE 25th – 27th January 2019

Jacqueline (Denmark) has an ashram near the sacred hill Arunachala, India and travels worldwide inspiring many through Satsangs, meditation retreats and other programs. Her in-depth psychological/spiritual astrological readings are known world-wide.

DYING FOR TRUTH:    Exploration of the death process –  safe journey through the 7 bodies at time of death – moving beyond attachment – liberation.

This is a very special program – one of Jacqueline’s most popular. It will actually focus on the physical death process as seen from an esoteric perspective – as a possibility to free consciousness from the matrix of illusion. It is an opportunity to receive, in a very simple way, an understanding of and preparation for your own death process. This deep and rewarding program will also enable you to share useful information with others who are facing death. However it is not designed specifically for people who are old or ill. Preparation for a conscious death is the same as preparation for awakening to your true nature in life.

If you have any fears around death this retreat may help you to shift your perspective from the fear of death to seeing death as a process – a natural progression of life. Creation moves in a series of cycles and the death process is simply one of these cycles. Some silent meditation will also be included to focus on the Truth of who we are beyond the illusion of who we may think we are. To explore meditation and spiritual awakening is to prepare for a conscious death.  

Venue:   Ecumenical Christian Center, Whitefield, Bangalore
Time: Fri. 25. 16.00 hours –  Sun. 27th 16.00 hours.
Price: Whatever you can afford between Rs. 10, 000 to 12,000/- including shared room and meals
Booking: Rs. 4000/- deposit to Ashwita  (9845531133) CLICK HERE to register

This message is for those of you who received a healing session from Anne-Louise Karlsson, who I introduced to some of my students and supported. Several have informed me in recent months about their results and follow-up experiences with Anne-Louise. Therefore, I decided it was appropriate and important to share with you where things stand now.
I find I must distance myself from Anne-Louise’s cell memory work. I supported her work initially because the energy she channelled when I met her felt clean and powerful. All who received sessions were told they would be reimbursed the fee for the session if they did not see positive results within 2 years.

Now, more than 2 years have passed, yet many have not had positive results – especially those who were promised healing of physical ailments. In some cases, their condition has become worse. Some have sent feedback but received no reply from Anne-Louise. I have received no reply from her as well, despite my repeated requests to discuss the matter with her. The promise to reimburse people after 2 years has been removed from her website.
All of this has raised serious concern for me about any future association with her. My primary interest has been the welfare of my students.
I am open to talking further with any of you who would like to share about your experiences with Anne-Louise or her work. Thank you for your understanding.

On The Way to Awakening

Dear friends

In response to the talks I have had and the mails I have received from many people recently I feel like writing this newsletter. I know we face many challenges on this planet right now collectively and individually. I suggest we can choose to see the individual challenges as opportunities to live the teachings. Here is an audio clip where I answer a question from Maria about living the teachings and also say a few words about the heart.

      Here and Now Heart

Many seem to be facing some very painful relationship difficulties. Some experience crises with regards to trusting the flow – trusting all is well. Many ask for astrological readings and it brings me joy to experience people wanting to cooperate with the energies moving in their charts right now. So here are some things I’d like to share.

  1. 1. A dear friend and colleague recently shared insights about relationships. I was touched to read that he mentioned his need for emotional security and told him so. I’d say it is very important to be aware of and honest about one’s needs at the beginning of a relationship and to be willing to see if there is a good foundation for the relationship or not. Here are a few things he later wrote that I feel are good to share..

He said: “About emotional safety, I feel it’s important to develop strong friendship first. That is so needed for emotional safety and trust. Also, no matter what, you still have the relationship even if it transitions. My guru often talked about this as well as compatibility. So wise.”

He also said: “I have noticed that when people feel immediately comfortable with each other, there is a kind of opening that doesn’t necessarily happen otherwise.  As I have gotten older I really appreciate emotional safety. It makes it so much easier to do the real work in relationship when trust and safety are present. For me, when I don’t feel that, I am less inclined to really engage and be open. Of course, it can be about self-protection. It’s also about meeting someone where they are – the mutuality of relationship. In relationships where this an issue it is usually when someone has an agenda that isn’t revealed but  can be picked up by the other. Perhaps there is too much focus on “me” instead of “we.” To receive trust you also must be willing to give it.”

Jacqueline says: In response to mails I have received from students lately I would like to add that to truly give unconditional love (Neptune  – no boundaries) you have to have your boundaries in order (Saturn). To allow someone to use you as a doormat or a trash can for their garbage is not good for you or for the other. A relationship needs to be grounded (Saturn again) and I often describe grounding as being able to stand  up for oneself. In Danish “at stå ind for sig selv”. When a couple can do this together they have a good foundation to build on.

It is extremely unhealthy to stay in an abusive relationship – physically or emotionally abusive. If you are in such a relationship ask yourself how you would feel if your own child was in such a relationship. Do you love yourself enough to break away? Also look at the relationship from a karmic perspective: Do you really want to allow your partner to use you to create more negative karma for him or herself? I suggest finishing the relationship in the most clear and loving way possible and then doing the inner work of taking back the projections you have on your partner.

  1. Now I’d like to inject a little more astrology here about two very important planets. I did a quick here and now reading for someone recently where I specifically talked about the Jupiter and Saturn aspects moving powerfully in his chart right now. Saturn rules discipleship – “Keep on  keeping on” and we must be able to listen to Saturn’s teaching and do what Saturn demands of us if we are to deal with karma and awaken to our Dharma. After our talk this man did some research, following up on certain aspects to understand them better. Below you can see some of what he shared about Jupiter and Saturn returns written by Robert Wilkinson. There are some fine teachings here. (A return is when a planet returns to the place it was at the time of your birth.)

“Around the age of 59-60, every one of us has our fifth Jupiter return AND our second Saturn return. This is something that happens once a lifetime to everyone. Usually there’s a time gap between the two events. Seldom do the two occupy the same transiting degrees as they did at birth at the same time.” (Jacqueline says: Apparently Wilkinson wrote that real maturity really happens around the age of 60. I like that  🙂 I have often said it would perhaps be best if people didn’t get married before the first Saturn return at around 28 / 29 Then at least people have a good chance of some emotional maturity. Might also help the over population situation!!)

Wilkinson also said: “A Jupiter return brings a renewal of our Jupiterian sense. Whether of adventure, abundance, compassion, extravagance, or higher awareness, it’s the end of a 12 year period and the beginning of another. A Jupiter return can bring us liberation, new life openings, greater possibilities. That’s why it’s such a big deal. Every eleven and a half to twelve years we can get a new sense of an expanding life.

The Saturn return, on the other hand, brings us finality, completion, a sense of maturity and how we have authored our experience for good or ill. It also brings renewal, but a longer wave, slower pace of ending an old sense of purpose, duty, limitation, or fear, depending on how we have lived our purpose to our own ends or not, selfishly or not, responsibly or not. Saturn return most definitely shuts doors and opens others. Whether we experience life as a slog, or expressive of our sense of what truly matters to us, Saturn return shows us how we’ve made Saturn our friend or not. Saturn symbolizes chains and age, but also power and experience.”

(Jacqueline says: Remember I often say how important it is to make a friend of Saturn.)

Wilkinson: “By embracing Saturn’s virtues and turning away from childish things at critical moments we come to know our mature power to shape our destiny through wise choices. We all have to “know our limitations,” but these can show us the way to freedom to do our thing in our way without fear or feeling like life has lost its luster. Since Saturn moves much slower than Jupiter, we have fewer Saturn returns. Our first one happens between 28-30. The second one happens between 57-59. I explained a lot more about what these most important life periods are about Of course, there are other Saturn cycles as well, but that’s beyond the scope of this article.”

Jacqueline says: Jupiter is our inner wisdom and when we are in touch with this wisdom there is a natural trust in life even when life seem tough. I know that in Vedic astrology the 9th house (Jupiter’s house) is often referred to as the house of Dharma. Many of you understand your charts well and have learned to cooperate with the challenges. Some of you might still be fighting. At such times I suggest taking a look at what you perceive to be your inner wisdom and what helps you to stay open and trust what you know.

3. I wish to share a few quotes from a Waking Times article written by Caitlin Johnstone.

I quote from this article as it resonates so well with what I often say is important to be aware of. In some cases I would say: to be aware of but not get lost in. Here is an edited version of what she writes including 8 suggestions for becoming free. I added a few comments here and there.

She writes: “Our species is at an evolve-or-die crossroads. We will cease destroying our ecosystem and flirting with nuclear Armageddon in the very near future, or we will go the way of the dinosaur. The reason we continue on our current trajectory is because a few sociopathic plutocrats have seized control of the dominant narratives we tell ourselves about what’s going on in the world by buying up the news media people use to keep themselves informed. The plutocrat-controlled media manipulate the ways we think and vote to ensure that we will continue supporting the ecocidal, omnicidal, Orwellian status quo upon which the oligarchs have built their empire, instead of rising up and demanding a system that prioritizes human thriving and peaceful coexistence with each other and our environment.

If enough of us can awaken from this narrative matrix in which the plutocrats have imprisoned us, this abusive dynamic will be unable to find any purchase. When your mental processes become enlightened (made conscious), belief in/identification with mental narrative falls away. This radically changes your perception of reality, since it turns out that concepts as fundamental as self, other, world and separateness are all made entirely of mental narrative. A deep and abiding peace comes to the forefront of experience, because almost all human suffering is caused by believed mental narrative. You gain the ability to decide what thought (if any) is useful to you in a given moment, and then let it go without attachment in the next instant. Obviously, thoughts which harm our species and benefit only the powerful are not useful to keep around, so the official authorized narratives of the elite class are swiftly dispensed with. As you become more conscious of your inner processes, you can move more and more gracefully in the world, in graceful alignment with what is in the world’s highest interest. We can wake up, and we should.

  1. Get intensely curious about the nature of consciousness/experience.

Imagine if you’d been living your entire life in a strange sort of coma where you were cut off from senses and from thought, experiencing nothing other than your own empty consciousness. Imagine if you’d lived your entire life from birth until now in that state, and then you suddenly gained the ability to see, hear, touch, smell, taste, touch, think, form memories, and feel. How amazing would it be to have that field of experience suddenly explode into your awareness?

It’s really weird how there’s this nonstop explosion of sensory impressions, thoughts and feelings erupting onto our field of experience in each instant, yet we overlook it and take it for granted, and it almost never occurs to anyone to investigate its nature. When someone gets the itch to find the answer to Life’s Big Questions, they’ll typically read a bunch of books, they’ll look to religion, travel to India, search for answers within this field of experience instead of turning their attention to the field itself.

What is all this? How is this experience occurring? From where do these thoughts arise? To whom do they appear? What is it that this field of experience is arising to? What the hell am I, anyway? If you follow this investigation all the way through, you’ll wake up. You will realize for yourself that you’ve been operating with some unquestioned assumptions about the nature of experience, and when those assumptions are seen through you’ll be able to experience life as it actually is, not as the mind says it is.

  1. Get intensely curious about the nature of self.

This one is so closely related to #1 it only gets its own category due to difference in emphasis. When you investigate the nature of experience, it eventually becomes clear that you’re actually investigating the nature of the experiencer. You’re investigating the investigator. The appearances of sensory impressions, thoughts and feelings are clearly appearing, but what is it that they are appearing to? You can answer that question with a mental narrative (“I’m Alice and I was born in New Jersey and I’ve been divorced a couple times and that’s the me that they’re appearing to” or whatever), but if you try to find the self in your own non-conceptual experience, you can’t find anything solid to point to. There are thoughts, sensory impressions and feelings, but no tangible “me” to be found anywhere.

  1. Bring consciousness to your unconscious conditioning patterns.

Society Is Made Of Narrative. Realizing This Is Awakening From The Matrix. Gaining clear and abiding insight into the nature of self and experience will bring great clarity and peace, but until you start bringing that awakened consciousness into the world of form it doesn’t do anyone else a damn bit of good. Since we’re talking about enlightening our way out of our path toward extinction here and not mere spiritual escapism, this is where the rubber meets the road.

Enlightenment means bringing the unconscious into consciousness. In most spiritual circles it is used to refer to becoming  conscious of the nature of self, thought, experience, but it’s useful and accurate to think of it as shining the light of consciousness on any part of your operating system. Anyone who’s been involved in enlightenment-oriented communities has heard of (and probably encountered) individuals who have undergone profound shifts in consciousness as a result of powerful insights into the nature of self and experience, but who still act out deeply unconscious conditioning patterns which harm themselves and those around them. They’ve turned on the lights in the rooms upstairs, but the whole bottom floor and basement are still left in the dark.

So the process of waking up, of enlightening, necessarily includes bringing those habitual processes into consciousness. Why do I keep repeating that same behavior? Why do I keep having those hateful thoughts about myself/others? Why am I so deeply triggered by those words/ideas? Feel your way around your experience of what’s coming up for you, talk about it, write about it, experiment with different ways of thinking and behaving to make the unconscious conditioning pattern pop out against the background, until you gain some insight into why you probably formed that mental habit over the course of your life and what purpose it’s intended for.

  1. Kinesiology

Another way to bring unconscious conditioning patterns into consciousness is with kinesiology. Muscles hold memories. You can access the unconscious traumatic memories that are the cause of pernicious mental habits through kinesiology practices such as body talk with a therapist, or using a pendulum on yourself, and although you won’t be able to recall the full story of what happened, you will be able to sense the trauma. If you feel safe enough, you’ll be able to release the suppressed emotions too.

  1. Body Awareness

Eckhart Tolle talks about the energy body. In his book A New Earth, he shows how you can sense your energy body by closing your eyes, holding out your hands, and noticing how you can sense the energy of your hands even though they’re not touching anything. It’s a buzzy, furry feeling that extends out a little way past the periphery of your hand. He says that you can’t be sensing your body and caught up in your thoughts at the same time. Try it. Feel your feet on the floor right now while trying to keep your focus on your thoughts. It can’t be done. Find a sequence of body movements you find easy, that  moves your energy tangibly. After a while you’ll notice points of constriction the energy has to flow around, like rocks in a river. You don’t have to do anything about it, just notice it. Eventually your body’s intelligence will help you dissolve it.

  1. Energy expulsion

After doing body awareness meditation, this started happening spontaneously. I would be noticing a contraction in my energy body, feeling around the edges of it, and I’d start to feel queasy. I found if I leaned in to the queasy feeling, I could expel the energy out of my mouth. If you know qi gong, you’ll know you tend to feel your energy go out through your feet and into the floor, but this was energy that wanted to come up. It comes up in a roar or dry heaves or a burp, a bit like the dude in the movie The Green Mile.

We constrict our animal bodies for social reasons, restricting our ability to process trauma at the time it occurs. Often when something bad happens to us, it’s not safe to curl up into a little ball and shake it off like any other animal would. These traumas stay in the energy field until they are released. This practice bypasses narrative, and lets your body intelligence take out the trash.

We protect ourselves from revisiting trauma through hyper-vigilance, which can manifest as anything from an overreaction to a full-blown panic attack. Coming back in to the body, giving it permission to explore old wounds can give a lot of much needed relief in all aspects of life. Most of us spend our days avoiding nonexistent trap doors, fighting invisible ghosts. It’s exhausting.

  1. Bring consciousness to unseen societal dynamics.

We’re inseparable from the society in which we live; it’s responsible for everything from the language we speak to the thoughts in our heads to the laws we must obey. Societal dynamics inform all aspects of experience, but there are many aspects people find psychologically uncomfortable to look at, so they ignore, deny, and compartmentalize away from them. So get curious: In what ways do I avoid looking at the horrific things my government does in my name? At the horrors of war, outsourced slavery, brutalization of indigenous populations, prison for profit, and Orwellian police state oppression? How can I become more conscious of those things?

In what ways do I avoid looking at how the dynamics of racial inequality, gender inequality, socioeconomic inequality, institutional white supremacy, institutional male supremacy, rape culture etc influence the society in which I live? How can I inform myself and become conscious of these dynamics? In what ways have I been avoiding looking at the brutality of factory farming, the cruel destruction of our planet’s wildlife, at any suffering or brutality in my community and my life, at the ways my own actions or inactions hurt those around me?

Of course, this kind of enquiry brings up a lot of grief, guilt and shame, but that’s actually the point. Those feelings were always there, I was just unconsciously defensive of them, which resulted in harmful reactions and behavior. One of the hallmarks of egoic thinking is its binary nature. The ego wants to be either victim or victor; it can’t accept that any one person is a mixture of both, and it will fight attempts to enquire into that.”

Jacqueline says: Some of you have heard me speak about a technique Jes Bertelsen described. Jes Bertelsen is a well known spiritual teacher and author.) He suggested being willing to play all roles in any drama that keeps recurring in your life. You can meditatively imagine playing all roles. For example – The so-called love triangle. Do you always seem to be the victim or the “other woman” or “other man”? In a meditative state experience yourself being the one who is cheated on, the partner who is cheating, the other woman or man in this triangle. Meditatively feel each role. Then allow yourself to experience all three at once. Repeat daily until you feel the issue has become conscious and is accepted and healed in some way. Remember it’s all about becoming WHOLE.

More from Caitlin Johnstone.

  1. Be gentle with yourself.

I say this all the time to people, because it’s really so important. (Jacqueline says- “So do I!”) We’re so hard on ourselves, so hyper-critical, so self-punitive and so resistant to self-soothing. Take a moment. The world won’t cave in. Have a nap. Take a bath and sink into it for as long as possible. Take care of yourself like you would take care of someone you really loved who had been going through a rough time lately. Give your heart a little pat and say, “There, there, you’re safe, it’s okay, I love you. You can relax.”

  1. Jacqueline says: I would like to finish off with a reminder of what I’ve often said: “The mind produces thoughts – you don’t have to think them.” I recently received the following from a student. (I shortened the message and include the photo that accompanied the mail.) I hope it makes you smile.

Dear Jacqueline

I thought you might like to read the story that happened to me a few days ago. I walking on the street, feeling very dark and heavy, and feeding my mind with dark thoughts. Then just beside me on the pavement, there was a poster that must have been a message for me!  (See picture below).

Jacqueline says: As some of you know my Guru said to me many years ago “Existence has a way of getting its messages across”!

A final reminder of something I have often shared: Remember that whatever you heal within your self you cannot only heal for you. We are ultimately all one and when you heal something “individually” you also heal a little bit more of the whole. I hope you all find something of interest / inspiration in this Newsletter and attached recording.

Love and blessings from Jacqueline

Deeper Truths Not Everyone Is Aware Of

I really feel to share this here on the website. There is probably nothing new here for many of you but I feel this young guy presents information clearly and concisely and his talk might be useful to share with others who have trouble understanding what is happening right now and haven’t done much research into the manipulation of consciousness on this planet. As some of you know many things people need to know are brushed aside as “conspiracy theories” and, as some of you also know, this phrase was consciously introduced a long time ago in order to stop people from looking too closely at what we could call today the deep state or shadow government. 
Many of you already know the following:
At the time of the last U S election I was in L A. and my heart was with Bernie Sanders. When it was announced that Trump had won the election I was surprised to feel a surge of joy and excitement arise within me. The following day I kept hearing inside Leonard Cohen singing “There is a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in.“.I said to people that if Hillary Clinton had been elected there would have been no crack – just people celebrating the first woman president and then going back to sleep! With Trump many people are awake and on the edge of their seats! There were many who were angry with me when I shared such things but perhaps if they watch this video they will understand.
You may remember when I spoke about the collective horoscope around the time of the U S election I mentioned the fact that Pluto (death and rebirth, bringing up the shadow) was opposite the Sun in the USA chart and that I saw Trump embodying part of this shadow and triggering happenings that would enable people to become more aware the shadow. Speaking about the 2018 horoscope I talked about “outrageous people” playing very important roles that would push people to become more aware of the garbage that needed to be shifted. In my first book, “The Last Waltz – Embracing the Collective Shadow” (available on Amazon Kindle) I compared collective awakening to individual awakening – the shadow usually has to be confronted and embraced before awakening happens.
As the guy in this video says, we will not understand what is happening in the world if we continue to look through a distorted lens and don’t see through the illusion of politics.
Here is the link: – hope you enjoy: Jacqueline

Astrological and Other Consultations

Jacqueline offers individual or group ZOOM consultations. Individual sessions can be astrological or open sessions where the person brings his or her questions / topics for discussion. Groups are welcome to request a teaching session or Satsang.

Open Skype consultation – about 1 hour –

If you wish, you may mail Jacqueline about the theme you wish to go into during the session.

Astrological consultation – about 1 hour and 20 minutes:

Jacqueline will need your birth date, time and place of birth in advance if she makes the chart. .

Much information will be shared – important you record the call – e.g. on smart phone. Jacqueline only does recorded readings. It’s a distraction + time consuming to make notes during a reading.

What people have said about Jacqueline’s astrological readings:

Maria (Denmark): In your astrological reading you bring together and express so beautifully the psychological, emotional and spiritual.

Sandra (India): I have never before had an astrological reading that was so deep psychologically and that also had the awakened state as the background for the reading.

Icasiana Barrs (USA) Jacqueline’s reading and interpretation of my astrology chart was so powerful and spot on that I was able to trust the timing and was greatly assisted into remembering my divine purpose. I highly recommend her approach, her depth of knowledge and the kindness and care of delivering the message in a succinct and practical way that I was able to align myself and create actionable steps for success.

Dr. Gabriel Russo & Icasiana Barrs (USA) Jacqueline’s reading of our 8 year old son’s chart revealed some areas that we needed to pay attention to and to assist our son. The information and timing has helped him through a difficult patch. We are so grateful for Jacqueline’s honest, practice and accurate approach which helped us tremendously.

M.B. (USA) Thank you so much for a most insightful reading last week. Your ability to link the changes in the planets to the developments in my life cycle is amazing! It’s clear that your knowledge has been well honed over many years of study and through many readings. Many thanks again for your insights and your wisdom..

Testimonials from Students

  1. Grace came into my life in form of Jacqueline. What I love the most about Jacqueline is, she doesn’t act “Holy” at all. Jacqueline’s presence commands “Grace”, “Love” and “Divinity” so naturally. Jacqueline’s teaching allows one to embrace life in all its shades (both positive & negative). I always dreamt to achieve strong bonds and yet have subtle boundaries that could guard my personal space and be centered in myself. Jacqueline’s teachings and her talks have inspired me to build a strong foundation and it doesn’t seem like a distant melody anymore.

Singing Heart Ashram by the mountain side of “Arunachala” holds a special place in my heart. The Ashram functions with a very modest setting of a village life in India and yet is a very powerful energy field for spiritual practice in the presence of Jacqueline and Arunachala.

Jacqueline offers “Heart Transmission” sessions where she channels high vibrational energy through her eyes. It allows us to deepen our connection with heart and is a great assistance for Spiritual Awakening. Personally I notice I now respond to the situations where I could have reacted and to me it’s a huge leap.

Jacqueline’s programs and retreats allowed me to access the deepest layers of truth. My perception towards life changed for good. I could find the relation between my outer world’s existence and inner reality and make peace with it. I could learn to take responsibility for my life and not blame it on fate or others. Jacqueline’s programs are very creative. This amuses the mind and unfolds the mystic at the same time. I have attended “Inner Wedding”, “Activating Blueprints”, “Riding the Storm” and “Silent Meditation Retreat” with her and each program has added value to my spiritual growth and life. I always look forward to attend her retreats and be under guidance and blessings.

Poornima, Bangalore. Software Engineer

  1. A piece of advice kept coming up for me – the need to connect to Theatre from the heart. I was told that when I could do that the journey would take on a new element altogether. Heart, more of it…became my mantra.
    The question opened up a new journey in the form of an incredible healer called JacquelineMaria Longstaff from Denmark. This 70 year old lady is a seer and visits India every year. Attending her spiritual retreat on ‘Activating Blueprints’ is among the three best things I have ever done  for myself.

Rajesh, Bangalore. Actor & Theatre teacher

  1. I met Jacqueline at a conference a few years ago and was moved by our very first conversation. Having been a therapist for a few years by then, I had reached a point where my life was falling apart. I knew everything I needed to know, but it still wouldn’t stop hurting, and I was at a loss because nothing I had learned was helping anymore. As Jacqueline often says – I knew all the words but I didn’t know the music.

Meeting Jacqueline has undoubtedly been one of the most pivotal points of my life. Being a rational thinker I was happy that her words could satisfy my mind, but the most precious gifts I’ve received have always been merely through her presence. This along with her sometimes brutal honesty clear the hurdles we tend to create on our pathway.

Ashwita, Bangalore. Reiki healer and Past life therapist

  1. Jacqueline epitomizes the depths of silence, meaning and compassion. Encountering her was among the biggest turning points of my life. She helped me open up with compassion while still being firm. Her teachings are profound and yet so simple and bring a deeper understanding of oneself. She encourages strong personal responsibility while shining light onto the parts that hold you back. Her presence facilitates a journey through your own darkness into the light. Times spent with her have been some of the most transformative, meditative and sacred moments of my life.

Rohit, Bangalore. Yoga teacher


Maria (Denmark): In your astrological reading you bring together and express so beautifully the psychological, emotional and spiritual.

Sandra (India): I have never before had an astrological reading that was so deep psychologically and that also had the awakened state as the background for the reading.

Icasiana Barrs (USA): Jacqueline’s reading and interpretation of my astrology chart was so powerful and spot on that I was able to trust the timing and was greatly assisted into remembering my divine purpose. I highly recommend her approach, her depth of knowledge and the kindness and care of delivering the message in a succinct and practical way that I was able to align myself and create actionable steps for success.

Dr. Gabriel Russo & Icasiana Barrs (USA): Jacqueline’s reading of our 8 year old son’s chart revealed some areas that we needed to pay attention to and to assist our son. The information and timing has helped him through a difficult patch. We are so grateful for Jacqueline’s honest, practice and accurate approach which helped us tremendously.

M.B. (USA): Thank you so much for a most insightful reading last week. Your ability to link the changes in the planets to the developments in my life cycle is amazing! It’s clear that your knowledge has been well honed over many years of study and through many readings. Many thanks again for your insights and your wisdom..