Testimonials from Students

  1. Grace came into my life in form of Jacqueline. What I love the most about Jacqueline is, she doesn’t act “Holy” at all. Jacqueline’s presence commands “Grace”, “Love” and “Divinity” so naturally. Jacqueline’s teaching allows one to embrace life in all its shades (both positive & negative). I always dreamt to achieve strong bonds and yet have subtle boundaries that could guard my personal space and be centered in myself. Jacqueline’s teachings and her talks have inspired me to build a strong foundation and it doesn’t seem like a distant melody anymore.

Singing Heart Ashram by the mountain side of “Arunachala” holds a special place in my heart. The Ashram functions with a very modest setting of a village life in India and yet is a very powerful energy field for spiritual practice in the presence of Jacqueline and Arunachala.

Jacqueline offers “Heart Transmission” sessions where she channels high vibrational energy through her eyes. It allows us to deepen our connection with heart and is a great assistance for Spiritual Awakening. Personally I notice I now respond to the situations where I could have reacted and to me it’s a huge leap.

Jacqueline’s programs and retreats allowed me to access the deepest layers of truth. My perception towards life changed for good. I could find the relation between my outer world’s existence and inner reality and make peace with it. I could learn to take responsibility for my life and not blame it on fate or others. Jacqueline’s programs are very creative. This amuses the mind and unfolds the mystic at the same time. I have attended “Inner Wedding”, “Activating Blueprints”, “Riding the Storm” and “Silent Meditation Retreat” with her and each program has added value to my spiritual growth and life. I always look forward to attend her retreats and be under guidance and blessings.

Poornima, Bangalore. Software Engineer

  1. A piece of advice kept coming up for me – the need to connect to Theatre from the heart. I was told that when I could do that the journey would take on a new element altogether. Heart, more of it…became my mantra.
    The question opened up a new journey in the form of an incredible healer called JacquelineMaria Longstaff from Denmark. This 70 year old lady is a seer and visits India every year. Attending her spiritual retreat on ‘Activating Blueprints’ is among the three best things I have ever done  for myself.

Rajesh, Bangalore. Actor & Theatre teacher

  1. I met Jacqueline at a conference a few years ago and was moved by our very first conversation. Having been a therapist for a few years by then, I had reached a point where my life was falling apart. I knew everything I needed to know, but it still wouldn’t stop hurting, and I was at a loss because nothing I had learned was helping anymore. As Jacqueline often says – I knew all the words but I didn’t know the music.

Meeting Jacqueline has undoubtedly been one of the most pivotal points of my life. Being a rational thinker I was happy that her words could satisfy my mind, but the most precious gifts I’ve received have always been merely through her presence. This along with her sometimes brutal honesty clear the hurdles we tend to create on our pathway.

Ashwita, Bangalore. Reiki healer and Past life therapist

  1. Jacqueline epitomizes the depths of silence, meaning and compassion. Encountering her was among the biggest turning points of my life. She helped me open up with compassion while still being firm. Her teachings are profound and yet so simple and bring a deeper understanding of oneself. She encourages strong personal responsibility while shining light onto the parts that hold you back. Her presence facilitates a journey through your own darkness into the light. Times spent with her have been some of the most transformative, meditative and sacred moments of my life.

Rohit, Bangalore. Yoga teacher


Maria (Denmark): In your astrological reading you bring together and express so beautifully the psychological, emotional and spiritual.

Sandra (India): I have never before had an astrological reading that was so deep psychologically and that also had the awakened state as the background for the reading.

Icasiana Barrs (USA): Jacqueline’s reading and interpretation of my astrology chart was so powerful and spot on that I was able to trust the timing and was greatly assisted into remembering my divine purpose. I highly recommend her approach, her depth of knowledge and the kindness and care of delivering the message in a succinct and practical way that I was able to align myself and create actionable steps for success.

Dr. Gabriel Russo & Icasiana Barrs (USA): Jacqueline’s reading of our 8 year old son’s chart revealed some areas that we needed to pay attention to and to assist our son. The information and timing has helped him through a difficult patch. We are so grateful for Jacqueline’s honest, practice and accurate approach which helped us tremendously.

M.B. (USA): Thank you so much for a most insightful reading last week. Your ability to link the changes in the planets to the developments in my life cycle is amazing! It’s clear that your knowledge has been well honed over many years of study and through many readings. Many thanks again for your insights and your wisdom..