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 The Last Waltz
RelationshipThe new Cosmic Airport e-book edition includes many additions to the Transit Lounge section and much more on the Bardos in the Departure Lounge section.
En dansk udgave af Jacqueline’s bog: “The Cosmic Airport – En vision hvis tid er inde” kan nu købes som e-bog. (Se nedenunder)

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1. THE LAST WALTZ – The enlightened consciousness embracing the collective shadow

The Last WaltzThird edition now available as a Kindle eBook

Jacqueline’s first book titled “The Last Waltz” was written in 1997 and has now been brought up to date (August 2016) and published as a Kindle book. It is available on Amazon Kindle. If you are interested please go to amazon.com and type in the title or Jacqueline Maria Longstaff and the book will appear.

When The Last Waltz was first released in the late nineties many said they really enjoyed this book as the way it was written helped them to look at a lot of things they otherwise wouldn’t have wanted to look at if the information had been presented by people totally identified with the kind of dramas they were reporting.

A few years after she had written The Last Waltz Jacqueline was doing some work in Byron Bay, Australia when she met a man she had known many years ago in Poona and had actually written about in the book. His name was Paul Lowe, formerly Teertha. They met one afternoon and Jacqueline gave him a copy of the book. The following day he walked by as she was sitting by the ocean. He came over and said that normally he was not willing to discuss the kind of things written about in the book because usually people who wrote such things were so caught up in the subjects they wrote about. Then he said, “But you are not identified with any of it, are you?” Jacqueline smiled at him and said she wasn’t. He bent down and kissed her and then walked on. He knew she was simply observing the role playing through her.

This book addresses what is popularly called “the conspiracy” . It actually addresses the organized manipulation which keeps billions of people on this planet unaware of and disconnected with their own spiritual potential.

Some quotations from The Last Waltz:

Remember, we can talk about enlightenment but if people are micro-chipped there will probably be no enlightenment for them. Each individual microchip can be traced and your consciousness can simply be shut down if you are a threat to the elite agenda. This is perhaps the main reason I felt it was necessary to write and speak about such things.” ~ Jacqueline Maria Longstaff

“ None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” Goethe

“ Your mind is being stitched up and so, therefore, is the planet ”. David Icke

“ Western civilization is a loaded gun pointed at the head of this planet.” Terence McKenna

And a few jokes from The Last Waltz:

  1. ” Did you hear about the dyslexic devil worshipper?
    He sold his soul to Santa! “
  2. ” How can we be sure that Moses wore a wig?
    Well, it says in the Bible that sometimes he came with Aaron and sometimes he didn’t! “
  3. ” Did you hear about the Buddhist monk who went up to the hotdog vendor and said,Make me one with everything! ” 

Knock Knock - Who´s There?


More than an autobiography

This is the story of the earlier part of Jacqueline’s life and search and also includes simple tools for integration and awakening. You can connect with her message that we are many today who have incarnated on the planet to realise our full spiritual potential. She suggests that we are moving towards a kind of collective lift in consciousness where millions have the opportunity for Self Realisation. This state is no longer for the ”chosen few”or the ”holy”! Follow her through the sixties and seventies where she progresses from naughty nun to disciple as she dances on the edge of the void with Osho in India. Read about the integration of of seeming opposites such as the Buddha and Pretty Baby . Explore the power of the heart as a tool for integration and inner alchemy.

Only one Sky to fly in


– Embracing the reptiles – Third edition

This is a book Jacqueline was asked to write in order to give another perspective on a subject many were finding distressing. She did not particularly want to write the book but agreed to do so. It is not a book many want, or need, to read. She received much positive feedback from people who needed to deal with the fear certain other writers’ books had triggered within them. This is not a book Jacqueline recommends to many, but it is available.



Moving from RelationSHIT to true RelationSHIP — Second edition

Back in 2003 I was very surprised to find myself writing this book! Years ago I offered courses on relationship as a spiritual pathway and felt this work was finished. However, as I worked with people in different parts of the world I could see how important relationship was for many of them. I could also see that many still ended up in great emotional turmoil because of this.

So I decided to write this book. I felt I could perhaps offer couples a way to be in relationship that would enable them to walk side by side on their journey towards real spiritual awakening. Now today I am very surprised to be putting together the second edition of this book. The first edition is almost sold out and still people want the book.

Years ago relationship was a very important part of my own journey and in this book I share the insights and techniques I used and passed on to people through lectures, courses and radio programmes. I don’t pretend to have all the answers – I don’t believe any of us have. Yet in this very challenging area where many still seem to be so vulnerable, I feel I still have something to share, which could inspire others.

What I write in this book I have lived. In the past I have had many relationships including two marriages and one seven year long relationship. The three men concerned are now three of my closest friends. I also had other long and short term relationships. In the late eighties I met my “animus” – my inner man -and chapter twelve is actually an article I wrote at that time as a result of this meeting.

I can already hear some people protesting and asking why bother at all with the drama of relationships; protesting that the whole of the relative world is just an illusion, just a dream. Well, it is a dream that many still identify with so strongly that it is difficult for them to move beyond it. When one has awakened from identification with the dream it is then possible to again enter the dream and play out parts that actually help to awaken others. As long as we are in physical incarnation we will in some way be playing within the illusion. I often encourage people to be aware of which parts of the illusion can bring them home. As I write this I am reminded of something said by Osho. He said that the Master – disciple relationship was the final game and then added,

“Play it as beautifully as possible.”

He didn’t say do not play it! So let’s play the relationship game as beautifully as possible and with full awareness that it is a game. Then it is possible for the fire of the game to burn you up and to take you beyond the identification with the dream.

Apart from general updates the new Relationship e-book edition also includes 3 new chapters:

  • What we may be destined to become
  • Martinus: The Double Poled Human Being – The Third Sex
  • Questions about Relationship from Students.

Kaleidoscope5. KALEIDOSCOPE

From chapter 1 – Questions and Answers from Satsangs with Jacqueline Why bother to meditate?

Q. Do I really need to meditate? I went to Satsang with Karl yesterday and what he seemed to be saying was that meditation is a waste of time.

Jac. Yes, I can understand it seemed he was saying that! Karl is such a sweetheart. (Laughter from audience) Really – I mean that – so sweet and funny! But you see, there are no rules. There’s no one up there waiting to give you a diploma after a certain amount of years of meditation. One woman had an awakening because a brick fell on her head. (Laughter) No – seriously – I’m not making fun of her. However, my experience is that for most people meditation is a wonderful tool. It creates a distance to the drama and the mind (same thing really) It also creates a spaciousness that seems to make it easier not to get stuck in that which arises within and makes it easier to witness. But sooner or later you have to see through the meditator. You have to look deep within and ask, Who is meditating? Being a seeker, a meditator is still just a role playing through you and people can get stuck in this – can build a beautiful identity as a spiritual seeker. Being a spiritual seeker can seem so important – so significant. But Truth shows you the insignificance of it all.


Q. Do you really believe in astrology? I think that as people grow in awareness they move beyond astrology and it no longer has any influence on them. Jac.Astrology is not a belief system. I always tell people not to believe what I say but to feel what seems right and look deeply within themselves until they know. We have had enough belief systems on this planet! Often people are very surprised that I still do astrological readings for people but, as I have said many times, astrology can show you that the part playing through you is exactly as it should be. Then you can stop fighting with it. People say they long to find out who they are but this is difficult as long as they are trying to be someone else! Much energy can go into trying to change aspects of the dream instead of just waking up. Astrology shows a picture of the unfolding dream drama and, as long as we are playing a part in the drama, astrology shows what that part looks like.

From chapter 2 – The Train Song

Some time ago I heard The Train Song for the first time – what a perfect text! Since then I have played it during satsangs and meditation retreats and given people copies of the text. I have actually said that I felt my whole teaching is summed up in this song – everything you really need to know is there. In fact I’d say Truth is summed up beautifully in just 1 line:

“Don’t mistake the weather for the sky of your being.”

What more is there to say? I was going to get in touch with Kirtana and ask if it was fine with her that I included the text to the song and some comments in this book, and then I saw that she was coming to Copenhagen to give a concert. So I went along, and what a beautiful concert it was! Her songs, the poetry and her prescence were a blessing to all of us who were there. Afterwards I talked with Kirtana and she said it was totally fine to include the song in the book. I hope one day she will visit us at the ashram and give a concert there. So, let’s take a look at parts of the text:…….

The Cosmic Airport


A vision whose time has come

Now available in Danish

Topics include:
Four phases of the birth process
The devic kingdom, pregnancy and birth
Acceptance + witnessing = alchemy
The compassionate heart
The death process and enlightenment
Moving beyond duality in life and death

Quotes from birth process:

From these phases of pregnancy and birth certain seeds are sown and thought patterns emerge which are indelibly stamped on the memory of the new born. These seeds grow into states of mind and patterns of behaviour we constantly live out during our lifetime. When phases are triggered people can get very stuck in them and a deep understanding of the nature of the different phases and states related to them can be extremely valuable. Ultimately we can get to the stage where we simply witness the imprints we carry as they arise, and just allow them to come and go without identification or attachment.

Quotes from transit lounge:

“I have always been a great fan of Leonard Cohen and remember a documentary I saw about him made during the time he spent as a monk in a Zen monastery.  The monks there spent much time in meditation, witnessing the comings and goings of the mind. At one point he said that, sooner or later, everyone would have to do what he was doing in that monastery. He said everyone would have to get to the point where they could hold whatever arose inside – all thoughts and feelings – in the inner fire. This is alchemy.”

Quotes from death process:

“To move deeply into meditation or to seek spiritual awakening is to focus on the Truth of who we are beyond the illusion of who we have come to believe we are. This is also how we prepare for an enlightened death. ”

”You can compare preparation for an enlightened death with what happens on a path to awakening. I often compare it with what happens on a meditation retreat. As you may remember, in the chapter on the transit lounge, I talked about the fact that we, sooner or later, have to move through and beyond all the roles we have played in life’s drama. I compared this to what happens if you are leaving a house with many rooms. You have to walk out of the room you are in and then pass through the other rooms you passed through when you entered. The rooms will look familiar as you have already seen them when you came in. The same is so in the death process – you have to pass through certain layers in your makeup to be free. You have to meet and move beyond whatever is stored in the body-mind memory.”