This message is for those of you who received a healing session from Anne-Louise Karlsson, who I introduced to some of my students and supported. Several have informed me in recent months about their results and follow-up experiences with Anne-Louise. Therefore, I decided it was appropriate and important to share with you where things stand now.
I find I must distance myself from Anne-Louise’s cell memory work. I supported her work initially because the energy she channelled when I met her felt clean and powerful. All who received sessions were told they would be reimbursed the fee for the session if they did not see positive results within 2 years.

Now, more than 2 years have passed, yet many have not had positive results – especially those who were promised healing of physical ailments. In some cases, their condition has become worse. Some have sent feedback but received no reply from Anne-Louise. I have received no reply from her as well, despite my repeated requests to discuss the matter with her. The promise to reimburse people after 2 years has been removed from her website.
All of this has raised serious concern for me about any future association with her. My primary interest has been the welfare of my students.
I am open to talking further with any of you who would like to share about your experiences with Anne-Louise or her work. Thank you for your understanding.

Newsletter 2018

5th December

My time in California is now over and I want to say a big thankyou to all who helped to make this trip a success. I have had many physical angels lending a helping hand. Thank you for sharing your homes, bringing me food, driving me places, supporting the work in many ways and bringing so many fine people to me.  I appreciate you all so much.

I am now in Tokyo for a short but busy visit. Thank you to dear Yuki for arranging this. In a couple of days I return to India and look forward to welcoming all who are coming to stay with us. There are still some spare places on the January meditation retreat. All bookings happen through Arjuna.

22nd November

On this Thanksgiving morning here in California I would like to share something I just read. See below.  Love and blessings from Jacqueline 

Let us give thanks …

For feisty friends as tart as apples;

For crotchety friends, as sour as rhubarb and as indestructible;

For handsome friends, who are as gorgeous as eggplants and as elegant as a row of corn — and the others — as plain as potatoes, and so good for you.

For old friends, nodding like sunflowers in the evening-time, and young friends coming on as fast as radishes;

For loving friends, who wind around as like tendrils, and hold us despite our blights, wilts and witherings;

And finally, for those friends now gone, like gardens past, that have been harvested — but who fed us in their times that we might have life thereafter;

For all these we give thanks. Amen.

12th November 2018

All goes well with the work here in sunny California where I am meeting many fine, conscious people.

5th November

If you received a healing session from Anne-Louise Karlsson, please click here for an updated message.

We have posted some photos from the fine event we had in Prague a couple of weeks ago. Click on Photo Gallery here on the website and then on Czech Republic. Then click on each photo to get the full picture. Many thanks to our wonderful arrangers, musicians, interpreter and all participants.

8th October, 2018

Just received this message from the partner of Devadas – my Guru long ago:

Devadas left the body 7.15 This morning. He looks joyful.  

I light a candle for him and send joyful blessings and deep gratitude.

22nd September, 2018

Jacqueline has asked me to put a message from her on the Article page.The message contains a link to a very short talk given by a young man she feels has a fine, clear way of presenting certain important topics people don’t always find easy to deal with. However they are topics we need to understand if we are to make sense of the seeming chaos we experience in many aspects of life right now. Click here to read the article – Deeper truths not everyone is aware of

17th September, 2018

Jacqueline has shared a longer newsletter this month On the way to Awakening, which can be access by clicking on the link.

14th September, 2018

We expect to set up some online Satsangs and other meetings with Jacqueline very soon. More information will be given here on the website.  The Sangha in Denmark page has been updated. Here you can see dates for Sangha meetings and Sangha Satsang with Jacqueline.

The Bangalore programs in August were very fine and I would like to say many thanks to those who helped and looked after me. All is well at the ashram but some rain would be very welcome. Anitha, Kartik and their two children have now moved into their small new house on the entrance to the ashram. Much gratitude to all who supported them and helped to make this possible. Anitha asked me to say many thanks to those who contributed. You can see a photograph of the house below.

The 2019 Arunachala Meditation Retreat at the ashram in India will start 3rd January around 11 am. From 6th we will be in silence. Please see Schedule for more details.

We had a beautiful retreat at Leela Center in Sweden last month. Much love and many thanks dear Tobe and Thongriela for all you do for us at Leela. To all those who participated I also wish to say thank you for giving your best and being open for the Grace that comes when living mindfully from the heart even when challenges arise. It is easy to talk about love and awareness when everything goes smoothly but it is when we apply the teachings – also in challenging situations – that we really understand the power of the heart and see how stable (or not) the witness has become.

As many of you know I have often held talks, question and answer sessions and meditations for young people – both In India and in Denmark – and would like to be invited to hold more such events. What I offer is suitable for 15 year olds and upwards.

There is a new audio available on the audio page if you wish to listen. I have called the audio: How to stay centered even in a relationship! I made it as a reply to a student’s very sincere question. Most of what came to me to say is probably not new for many of you, but I felt to share this recording as the area of relationship is where many people are still most vulnerable.

Most people are now aware of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which took effect in EU from 25th May 2018. I asked everyone on my mailing list if they still wanted to be on the list and promise no-one’s details will be passed on to anyone else without permission.

Another recent message and recording:
The other day I received a mail from one of my students. She wrote:

Namaste Jacqueline,

I know my next step on the journey is for me to take, and it can only be taken by me! How to consciously navigate fear of letting go of the identification with the body. The trust I have in the unknown seems not enough to take this step. Yet there is a deep longing to be one with my true self. All the intellectual understandings also seem not enough to step into the unknown courageously. Please guide me.

As a reply to her I made an audio recording and share it with you here.


I have been having a rest here in Denmark after three weeks in California. Many thanks to all who came to me there and to those who shared their homes with me. Hope to see you all again soon.

Our new charitable trust: SHOT – Singing Heart Opportunity Trust – is now registered and events are happening at the ashram  and in the nearby village. We will soon make a special website for SHOT and link it to this one.

In February I made a fine, short visit to Singapore beautifully arranged by Karen. Many thanks dear Karen and also Tilly and Jeverina. During the event I held there it came to me to invite others to join in a blessing I have been sending out for some years now. This blessing was inspired by a line in one of my favorite Leonard Cohen songs, The Anthem. At one point he sings, ” Every heart, every heart to love will come” and my blessing became ”May every heart to love come” and also ”Blessings that every heart to love will come”. Please join me and use this if it feels right for you.

The greater the number of people who come into the heart the easier it will be to lift the consciousness on his planet and bring about the shift many of us have incarnated to facilitate. This blessing will also support those who use it and help you to shift more easily to the heart in times of challenge. Here at the ashram I will hold a one day event 9th February entitled Every Heart to Love will come. You can read more about this on the Schedule page here on the website. All are welcome.

Here’s a question Jacqueline answered on how to know if a guru is right for you

Also, click Here to see this short clip from Cow Pongal held here at the ashram a few days ago. Cow Pongal is the 3rd day of the Pongal holiday – one of the biggest here in Tamil Nadu.

Jacqueline was asked to bless the cows with the sacred fire. As you can see the cows are dressed up with balloons and flowers and those with horns have had them painted. This is done every year on Cow Pongal day.

The English version of Jacqueline’s book ” The Cosmic Airport” is now available on Amazon Kindle.

16th January, 2018

Here it is finally! Jacqueline’s planetary horoscope reading for the year 2018. The retreat went beautifully as well, one of the best we’ve had.

5th January, 2018

Happy New Year!

 December was been a busy month at the ashram. We did a one day program – From Transformation to Transcendence, and had the New Year’s Eve celebrations with the horoscope reading from Jacqueline, fire ceremony by Ashwita and sky lanterns from Singapore thanks to Karen.

2nd December, 2017

Feels good to be back here at the ashram. Everything is fresh and green after good rains. We will soon be celebrating Deepam and the fire will once more be lit on top of Arunachala. We look forward to welcoming many of you back here and of course welcoming our new visitors. As i have often said the energy of Arunachala will help you to realise the Truth of who you really are. This Truth is hidden behind the illusiory self – the small self people are conditioned to believe they are. The Shiva energy of Arunachala is also known as ” the destroyer of illusion.” When one sees through this illusion the real Self shines through.

Recently I have often found myself repeating the following: Awakening is not a cure for life! I meet many who seem to imagine that if they awaken to Truth only so called “good things” will happen to them. Life is as it is and what we are passing through right now is challenging. It’s OK to feel challenged, sad, angry etc etc. We can only meet what comes and let it pass through us, remembering that anything that comes and goes is not who we truly are.

11th November

Jacqueline was recently interviewed by Kelly Meehan for Soul Baby Radio in Los Angeles on the topic of Cosmic Conception. There is now a link on the Audio page here on the website. You can also click here to listen

8th November

I am now spending a little time in Denmark and held a short Satsang and a late 70th birthday celebration a few days ago. Many thanks for all gifts and donations for the work. I expect to hold a Heart Energy Transmission here very soon and will put information about this on the schedule page.

Before leaving India I celebrated my 70th birthday at the ashram.  Many thanks to all who came from Bangalore  to celebrate with us. Also a big thank you to all who sent their greetings from around the world. I hope I managed to acknowledge each mail but perhaps some were overlooked along the way as there were so many. Our webmaster, Ashwita, is away on vacation right now but when she comes back I’ll ask her to put up some photos and a short greeting I recorded.

I remember my 60th birthday held in Denmark. During the evening celebration the mother of one of my students came to me and said, “Now that you’re 60 you can do whatever you like!” I replied with something like, “Oh, I didn’t know we were supposed to wait until we were 60!” Well, now I’m 70 and no-one has told me what I’m supposed to do. I do hope I can manage to figure it out by myself!

26th August

Yesterday was a celebration of Ganesha day in India. Kartik took two photos at the ashram. The first is Singing Heart’s Ganesha statue dressed up for the celebration. The second shows Adithi and her little brother Janaka praying to Ganesha.

So much is happening in the world at the moment and many feel very insecure. Much change has to happen and as always I suggest the following:

  • Stay “tuned in” – hold the highest vibration you can and at the same time be grounded.
  • Whatever comes up don’t judge yourself. Judgement is extremely disempowering.
  • Remember not only to visit your heart but to move in permanently!
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  • Don’t believe everything you hear on the news. I just heard on BBC that Ken (of Ken and Barbie) is getting a 21st century makeover WOW!!! I don’t think that was fake news!
  • Remember to switch off wi-fi at night and switch off smartphones if you are resting etc.
  • Look after the bodies: massage, yoga, dance, walking in nature for the physical body, love and compassion nourish the emotional body, pure teachings nourish the mental body and, of course, meditation nourishes everything.
  • Do your best to live the teachings.
A reminder from Jacqueline:
My first book, “The Last Waltz” (The enlightened consciousness embracing the collective shadow), has been updated and is now available on Amazon Kindle. Go to and search the title plus my full name as there are other books with the same title. Remember that the third edition of my book Relationship as a Spiritual Pathway  – moving from RelationSHIT to true RelationSHIP is also available on Amazon Kindle. If you are interested please go to and type in the title or Jacqueline Maria Longstaff and the book will appear. Apart from general updates, the new e-book edition includes 3 new chapters:
What we may be destined to become
Martinus: The Double Poled Human Being – The Third Sex
Questions about Relationship from Students.

Question to Jacqueline: Is there a way to use the current system of banking and daily existence and yet not be part of the power and control cycle? Seeing how the current system is really being controlled by a handful of individuals, must it be broken before there is hope for a better way? Or can it at least used in a conscious manner?

Her answer: The first that comes to me is what the Master Jesus referred to as “being in the world but not of it“. We have incarnated here and can give the best we have and at the same time do our best not to get pulled into the drama and to remember who we really are. This is easy to say but can be a real challenge to constantly put into practice! This is where meditation / witnessing can be a great tool.

Some of us have to work very much within the system in order to do what is ours to do – others not so much. We can endeavour to do what we must do An example of this could be moving to a bank that is very “green” compared to others but still in some way part of the system. For many people refusing to use a bank would result in them not being able to do what they are here to do, not being able to receive salaries, pensions etc! That would not serve anybody.

About the system you ask: “must it be broken before there is hope for a better way?” I used to believe we could build bridges between the old and the new but later could see that isn’t always possible because the very foundations of most systems are so rotten and corrupt. This is why this difficult and quite violent astrological aspect – Pluto / Uranus square – that has been with us for a few years now is so important. This square demands the total breakdown of the old hierarchical structures (Pluto in Capricorn) in order to set humanity free (Uranus in Aries)

As you also suggest, we can use what we need to use in as conscious a way as possible. Remember we are all part of the collective energy fields: many people are having difficulty believing that such a huge manipulation of consciousness is actually happening. However the more people who are willing to wake up and look at how we have been deceived the easier it will be to expose and transform the systems on this planet. As I believe you know the New Age movement with it unenlightened focus on always being positive held many people back from looking at what was really going on! They got the message that if you look at the so called “negative” you only made it stronger.

So we can do our best to live the teachings, stay in touch with the heart no matter what and create the best possible structures that enable us to carry out our Dharma.

A couple of minutes after I sent this reply to the person concerned I received the following from another source:

“In the process of my awakening, I have been driven to consume all of the knowledge I can find. Many foundations upon which my life was built, are shattered and gone, being rebuilt now while I try to discover truth (the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me god! taking on a whole new meaning), ascertain fact and then to reconcile all of that information, while being a husband, father, brother, son, etc. To say that some of my friends and family have cast a sideways glance at me is an understatement. The more accurate term would be “bat shit crazy” in their minds.”

I’m sure many can also relate to this!

24th February

I recently held a 3 day program in Bangalore. It was wonderful to be there with all who attended. Thank you all for being there. Many thanks to Ashwita who did a great job of organising and to Rohit for his contribution. I’d also like to thank Sumant, Ashwita’s father, for making sure I didn’t get too lost walking around on the big campus!

I recently received the following article from Kosmos. In a way it’s nothing new  for many of you but I feel it’s good to be reminded. Sitting in the taxi on the way to Bangalore I suddenly found myself contemplating the fact that we know today that our “inner computor” decodes the signals we receive and thus we experience what we call “reality”. However our 5 senses are only “programmed” to decode part of the total reality. It came to me how important it is that as children are growing up they are helped to decode as much as possible of the 5 sense reality and beyond. With so much focus on technology I see children becoming what I would call “tuned out instead of tuned in”. With so much focus on technology – and at such an early age when the focus should actually be on helping children to incarnate fully into the physical body and feel safe – children are being tuned in to a very narrow band of reality.

Long ago Rudolph Steiner, well known for Steiner or Waldorf education, warned people that in the times we now live in there would even be vaccines that would turn chilldren away from their natural inclination towards spirituality.

Sitting in the taxi I began thinking about indigenous peoples and shamans. I also found myself remembering old cowboy movies where we saw red Indian scouts listening to the signs in nature – decoding the signals. Now people are focussing on a reality that is not in tune with nature and is far away from heart and being.

When I arrived back at the ashram I saw I had received the following essay from Kosmos Online and wish to share it with you.

Kosmos Journal NewsletterFEBRUARY 21ST, 2017

Why Have We Imprisoned Our Children?

Special note: Our Call for Essays deadline is coming up, March 1. Anyone can submit an essay. How are you called to action in these times? Your voice is needed, especially now.

Dear Reader,

It’s heartbreaking. When I see a toddler who can barely speak, screaming for her parent’s smartphone or tablet, I’m filled with sadness. My own children, now young adults, were the first ‘wired-in’ generation. As a parent I learned where the traps lie – the emotional meltdowns around wifi access or the latest interactive game, cyberbullying in middle school, and the torrent of violent, highly sexualized and disturbing content that floods pre-teen minds despite feeble ‘parental controls’. Parents have trouble unplugging as well.

When we talk about evolutionary human consciousness, we don’t say much about the consciousness of children. Somewhere along the way, lots of kids lost touch with Nature and their innate sense of wonder and freedom. We confine them instead to an extended sentence of ‘youth culture’, and let marketers be their wardens. What has resulted is deep collective suffering for young and old alike. We have isolated kids from the whole of creation and are poorer for it. Most schooling only reinforces this disconnection.

There is hope because there must always be hope. Some young people are waking up and educating themselves about the effects of growing up in a runaway consumerist culture. They are bringing raw wisdom and warriorship to social justice movements, ecovillage and restorative living movements, the arts, sciences, and more. They volunteer, travel sustainably, and tread lightly on the Earth. They bring ‘beginner’s mind’ to the challenges of our times – challenges inherited from us.

Still, many are trapped in an electronic nether world and the need for true mentorship is very great. As David Marshak says in this edition, “What kinds of experiences and social structures would we offer teens if we understood adolescence rightfully to be a new stage of human development that can allow a more complete unfolding of each human’s potential? This is the creative challenge we need to answer today.” Our youth worldwide are a great untapped aquifer of ideas, energy and talent waiting to be unleashed for the next phase of human evolution. We can and must be the conduit.

In Peace,

Rhonda Fabian

Please direct inquiries and comments to

17th January 2017

Here is a message from Jacqueline who is spending 4 days in Pune together with Saravanan.
This morning 3000 school students plus staff and some parents gathered for my talk, question time and heart energy transmission. It was a wonderful start to our trip. Tomorrow we continue at a smaller school where we expect around 500 students. It really is a joy for me to be able to share so deeply with these youngsters. Many thanks and blessings to dear Nisha and Jitendraa who organise these events for me.
This morning we were also introduced to a Vedic process in the form of a chant that enhances the intelligence of the students. I hope to share this with Singing Heart Ashram tuition teacher so she can teach it to the village children. This chant has been thoroughly tested by Harvard University and it’s beneficial effects have been documented.

13th January

Jacqueline was recently asked to write a brief comment on “The Meaning of Life” Read her reply on the Excellence Reporter website:

Jacqueline Maria Longstaff: The Meaning of Life and the Deep Connection With the Heart

29th November 2016

I received this today from Toby – many thanks. A real treat!

11th November

I heard the news yesterday that Leonard Cohen has left the body. He has been an important part of my life since the late sixties. Blessings to his onward journey or as Jaro in Prague just wrote to me, “Alleluia to him”.

9th November 2016

I watched the election on live TV here in California. Amazing!

People who know me well know I’m not for Trump, Clinton or the system, but we need a breakthrough so the new can really be born. When the results came in I felt a bubbling joy inside and today I keep hearing Leonard Cohen singing inside of me:

“There’s a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in”.

If Clinton won there’d be no crack.
That’s my reflection this morning.

11th October 2016

Here is an interesting article written by Alex Pietrowski from Waking Times. Kids meditate instead of taking ADHA medication

I was recently introduced to two people who share teachings that very much connect with the Cosmic Airport arrival lounge. Here are a couple of links:
One is a Russian woman named Elena Tonetti:  Birth Into Being
The second is Kelly Meehan, MA:  Cosmic Pregnancy: Birth Healing
I also received this link that I really do recommend in connection with all the fantastic technologies we know ought to be available for humanity. Go to The Full Disclosure Project
It truly is an amazing time we are living in with so many people living their dharma and supporting the lift in consciousness in their own unique creative ways.

I strongly advise that you watch this 90 minute interview: THRIVE: Who Owns Your Body?
This interview is NOT against vaccinations. It is against forced vaccinations of the type we have today – especially multi -vaccinations. Listen to how many one day old babies die each year in the USA. The numbers are much higher than in other countries.

I also recommend you read this article about wheat. It is really shocking to see what has happened to our food through the food industry. I am sure most of you already know this but it’s good to be reminded.
Click here:

After very fine visits to Singapore and Japan a short trip to Brazil also materialised and of course this included a quick trip to the sacred land. Nivedano and I hung up Singing Heart prayer flags there and discussed plans for the future. More about this later.

Now a very important reminder for women coming to visit in India: Please be aware that we are in South India and near a village and it is very important you dress suitably for an ashram and for village life.This means your legs covered down to the ankles, no low cut necks, no see-through clothes and please have the tops of your arms covered. It is important your clothes are not tight fitting or too revealing in any way. Tight fitting jeans are not what is meant by having your legs covered. If you just follow these simple guidelines then we have no difficulties – thank you.

Ashwita from Bangalore painted a beautiful Buddha on the outside of the meditation hall here at Singing Heart.  Click here to see photos 


This made me laugh: “In the 60’s people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal.” Yes, much is happening and as I often say, “Stay tuned in and grounded”!

My last book, “The Cosmic Airport – A vision whose time has come”, is now available as e-book in Danish. It is now on the webpage Jacqueline’s Books.

You can click here to listen to Jacqueline talk a little about a theme she has used for several retreats these past years..

The title is Resting in Natural Great Peace and is taken from a short text of Nyoshol Khen Rinpoche. Here is the text:

“Rest in natural great peace
This exhausted mind
Beaten helplessly by karma and neurotic thought
Like the relentless fury of the pounding waves
In the infinite ocean of samsara.”

It is a real gift to give oneself time out for a meditation retreat. To give the mind time to settle and take a back seat, to open into silent spaciousness and rest naturally in inner peace is to come home. When we look at the turmoil and confusion in the world today it is encouraging to see so many people looking in the right direction – inwards. I would suggest these periods of silence and inner reflection provide a greater opportunity to stay in balance and give our best to the world in our daily lives. I never encourage turning our backs on the world but do encourage being in the world in a mindful way, living with awareness and remembering who we really are. When you see the truth of who you really are then you know that there is only One.

Thessi, who was staying at Singing Heart, took some fine photos in the ashram on the night of Shiva Ratri. Click her to see some of them.

There is now a new page on the website titled: Jacqueline’s Answers to Kids Questions. As some of you know, a Cosmic Airport is slowly emerging in Pune and we now send out a monthly e-newsletter to parents and students of 6 fine schools connected with the Cosmic Airport project. I gave the newsletter the name: The Awakener. Part of the newsletter is dedicated to answering questions the school kids send to me and I felt it would be fine to share these letters and answers on the website. You can go to the page via the SHIC button on the homepage or click here to go directly to the page. (opens in a new window)

Jacqueline and child Serious Angel

In December 2012 two of my students consciously conceived a baby at the ashram. Here above are a couple of photos of him. The one together with me was taken a couple of years ago in Pune and the second one is more recent. I have called it “The Serious Angel”.


Many of you have heard me say we need systems busters with hearts. The reason I say this is that great change is happening now and much needed, but at the same time if we are really to have creative change and evolution – not just revolution – we must remember we are one. There is only one. In the depths of the heart we know this to be true. I would like to remind you of the prayer that is usually called the peace prayer of St. Francis of Assisi. This prayer has been with me since I was a teenager.

The Peace Prayer of St. Francis

Lord make me an instrument of your peace
Where there is hatred,
Let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
And where there is sadness, Joy.
O Divine Master grant that I may seek not so much to be consoled
As to console;
To be understood, as to understand;
To be loved, as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive,
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

Arunachala Photo above taken by Ashwita. Click here to see new photos taken by her at the ashram. Many thanks dear Ashwita.

I received a fine quotation of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.It was sent by Jennifer in California and feels appropriate. Here it is:

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

Click on the following website to see a fine video about Singing Heart Ashram sent to me from Evan (Opens in a new window) There are actually 3 video clips – look at the top of the mail to find a longer interview with me and a short clip of us chanting the Gayatri mantra in the meditation hall.

I received this link from my sister, Julie many years ago. I heard this song long ago and had forgotten how much I enjoyed it first time I heard it. The message that came with it was This clever piece originated in Australia. It is so very well done most don’t realize how much info he is sharing! Eric Idle, who wrote the words, came from Monty Python! Photos by NASA. Just click on the link and enjoy your journey!
Click: (Opens in a new window)


On The Way to Awakening

Dear friends

In response to the talks I have had and the mails I have received from many people recently I feel like writing this newsletter. I know we face many challenges on this planet right now collectively and individually. I suggest we can choose to see the individual challenges as opportunities to live the teachings. Here is an audio clip where I answer a question from Maria about living the teachings and also say a few words about the heart.

      Here and Now Heart

Many seem to be facing some very painful relationship difficulties. Some experience crises with regards to trusting the flow – trusting all is well. Many ask for astrological readings and it brings me joy to experience people wanting to cooperate with the energies moving in their charts right now. So here are some things I’d like to share.

  1. 1. A dear friend and colleague recently shared insights about relationships. I was touched to read that he mentioned his need for emotional security and told him so. I’d say it is very important to be aware of and honest about one’s needs at the beginning of a relationship and to be willing to see if there is a good foundation for the relationship or not. Here are a few things he later wrote that I feel are good to share..

He said: “About emotional safety, I feel it’s important to develop strong friendship first. That is so needed for emotional safety and trust. Also, no matter what, you still have the relationship even if it transitions. My guru often talked about this as well as compatibility. So wise.”

He also said: “I have noticed that when people feel immediately comfortable with each other, there is a kind of opening that doesn’t necessarily happen otherwise.  As I have gotten older I really appreciate emotional safety. It makes it so much easier to do the real work in relationship when trust and safety are present. For me, when I don’t feel that, I am less inclined to really engage and be open. Of course, it can be about self-protection. It’s also about meeting someone where they are – the mutuality of relationship. In relationships where this an issue it is usually when someone has an agenda that isn’t revealed but  can be picked up by the other. Perhaps there is too much focus on “me” instead of “we.” To receive trust you also must be willing to give it.”

Jacqueline says: In response to mails I have received from students lately I would like to add that to truly give unconditional love (Neptune  – no boundaries) you have to have your boundaries in order (Saturn). To allow someone to use you as a doormat or a trash can for their garbage is not good for you or for the other. A relationship needs to be grounded (Saturn again) and I often describe grounding as being able to stand  up for oneself. In Danish “at stå ind for sig selv”. When a couple can do this together they have a good foundation to build on.

It is extremely unhealthy to stay in an abusive relationship – physically or emotionally abusive. If you are in such a relationship ask yourself how you would feel if your own child was in such a relationship. Do you love yourself enough to break away? Also look at the relationship from a karmic perspective: Do you really want to allow your partner to use you to create more negative karma for him or herself? I suggest finishing the relationship in the most clear and loving way possible and then doing the inner work of taking back the projections you have on your partner.

  1. Now I’d like to inject a little more astrology here about two very important planets. I did a quick here and now reading for someone recently where I specifically talked about the Jupiter and Saturn aspects moving powerfully in his chart right now. Saturn rules discipleship – “Keep on  keeping on” and we must be able to listen to Saturn’s teaching and do what Saturn demands of us if we are to deal with karma and awaken to our Dharma. After our talk this man did some research, following up on certain aspects to understand them better. Below you can see some of what he shared about Jupiter and Saturn returns written by Robert Wilkinson. There are some fine teachings here. (A return is when a planet returns to the place it was at the time of your birth.)

“Around the age of 59-60, every one of us has our fifth Jupiter return AND our second Saturn return. This is something that happens once a lifetime to everyone. Usually there’s a time gap between the two events. Seldom do the two occupy the same transiting degrees as they did at birth at the same time.” (Jacqueline says: Apparently Wilkinson wrote that real maturity really happens around the age of 60. I like that  🙂 I have often said it would perhaps be best if people didn’t get married before the first Saturn return at around 28 / 29 Then at least people have a good chance of some emotional maturity. Might also help the over population situation!!)

Wilkinson also said: “A Jupiter return brings a renewal of our Jupiterian sense. Whether of adventure, abundance, compassion, extravagance, or higher awareness, it’s the end of a 12 year period and the beginning of another. A Jupiter return can bring us liberation, new life openings, greater possibilities. That’s why it’s such a big deal. Every eleven and a half to twelve years we can get a new sense of an expanding life.

The Saturn return, on the other hand, brings us finality, completion, a sense of maturity and how we have authored our experience for good or ill. It also brings renewal, but a longer wave, slower pace of ending an old sense of purpose, duty, limitation, or fear, depending on how we have lived our purpose to our own ends or not, selfishly or not, responsibly or not. Saturn return most definitely shuts doors and opens others. Whether we experience life as a slog, or expressive of our sense of what truly matters to us, Saturn return shows us how we’ve made Saturn our friend or not. Saturn symbolizes chains and age, but also power and experience.”

(Jacqueline says: Remember I often say how important it is to make a friend of Saturn.)

Wilkinson: “By embracing Saturn’s virtues and turning away from childish things at critical moments we come to know our mature power to shape our destiny through wise choices. We all have to “know our limitations,” but these can show us the way to freedom to do our thing in our way without fear or feeling like life has lost its luster. Since Saturn moves much slower than Jupiter, we have fewer Saturn returns. Our first one happens between 28-30. The second one happens between 57-59. I explained a lot more about what these most important life periods are about Of course, there are other Saturn cycles as well, but that’s beyond the scope of this article.”

Jacqueline says: Jupiter is our inner wisdom and when we are in touch with this wisdom there is a natural trust in life even when life seem tough. I know that in Vedic astrology the 9th house (Jupiter’s house) is often referred to as the house of Dharma. Many of you understand your charts well and have learned to cooperate with the challenges. Some of you might still be fighting. At such times I suggest taking a look at what you perceive to be your inner wisdom and what helps you to stay open and trust what you know.

3. I wish to share a few quotes from a Waking Times article written by Caitlin Johnstone.

I quote from this article as it resonates so well with what I often say is important to be aware of. In some cases I would say: to be aware of but not get lost in. Here is an edited version of what she writes including 8 suggestions for becoming free. I added a few comments here and there.

She writes: “Our species is at an evolve-or-die crossroads. We will cease destroying our ecosystem and flirting with nuclear Armageddon in the very near future, or we will go the way of the dinosaur. The reason we continue on our current trajectory is because a few sociopathic plutocrats have seized control of the dominant narratives we tell ourselves about what’s going on in the world by buying up the news media people use to keep themselves informed. The plutocrat-controlled media manipulate the ways we think and vote to ensure that we will continue supporting the ecocidal, omnicidal, Orwellian status quo upon which the oligarchs have built their empire, instead of rising up and demanding a system that prioritizes human thriving and peaceful coexistence with each other and our environment.

If enough of us can awaken from this narrative matrix in which the plutocrats have imprisoned us, this abusive dynamic will be unable to find any purchase. When your mental processes become enlightened (made conscious), belief in/identification with mental narrative falls away. This radically changes your perception of reality, since it turns out that concepts as fundamental as self, other, world and separateness are all made entirely of mental narrative. A deep and abiding peace comes to the forefront of experience, because almost all human suffering is caused by believed mental narrative. You gain the ability to decide what thought (if any) is useful to you in a given moment, and then let it go without attachment in the next instant. Obviously, thoughts which harm our species and benefit only the powerful are not useful to keep around, so the official authorized narratives of the elite class are swiftly dispensed with. As you become more conscious of your inner processes, you can move more and more gracefully in the world, in graceful alignment with what is in the world’s highest interest. We can wake up, and we should.

  1. Get intensely curious about the nature of consciousness/experience.

Imagine if you’d been living your entire life in a strange sort of coma where you were cut off from senses and from thought, experiencing nothing other than your own empty consciousness. Imagine if you’d lived your entire life from birth until now in that state, and then you suddenly gained the ability to see, hear, touch, smell, taste, touch, think, form memories, and feel. How amazing would it be to have that field of experience suddenly explode into your awareness?

It’s really weird how there’s this nonstop explosion of sensory impressions, thoughts and feelings erupting onto our field of experience in each instant, yet we overlook it and take it for granted, and it almost never occurs to anyone to investigate its nature. When someone gets the itch to find the answer to Life’s Big Questions, they’ll typically read a bunch of books, they’ll look to religion, travel to India, search for answers within this field of experience instead of turning their attention to the field itself.

What is all this? How is this experience occurring? From where do these thoughts arise? To whom do they appear? What is it that this field of experience is arising to? What the hell am I, anyway? If you follow this investigation all the way through, you’ll wake up. You will realize for yourself that you’ve been operating with some unquestioned assumptions about the nature of experience, and when those assumptions are seen through you’ll be able to experience life as it actually is, not as the mind says it is.

  1. Get intensely curious about the nature of self.

This one is so closely related to #1 it only gets its own category due to difference in emphasis. When you investigate the nature of experience, it eventually becomes clear that you’re actually investigating the nature of the experiencer. You’re investigating the investigator. The appearances of sensory impressions, thoughts and feelings are clearly appearing, but what is it that they are appearing to? You can answer that question with a mental narrative (“I’m Alice and I was born in New Jersey and I’ve been divorced a couple times and that’s the me that they’re appearing to” or whatever), but if you try to find the self in your own non-conceptual experience, you can’t find anything solid to point to. There are thoughts, sensory impressions and feelings, but no tangible “me” to be found anywhere.

  1. Bring consciousness to your unconscious conditioning patterns.

Society Is Made Of Narrative. Realizing This Is Awakening From The Matrix. Gaining clear and abiding insight into the nature of self and experience will bring great clarity and peace, but until you start bringing that awakened consciousness into the world of form it doesn’t do anyone else a damn bit of good. Since we’re talking about enlightening our way out of our path toward extinction here and not mere spiritual escapism, this is where the rubber meets the road.

Enlightenment means bringing the unconscious into consciousness. In most spiritual circles it is used to refer to becoming  conscious of the nature of self, thought, experience, but it’s useful and accurate to think of it as shining the light of consciousness on any part of your operating system. Anyone who’s been involved in enlightenment-oriented communities has heard of (and probably encountered) individuals who have undergone profound shifts in consciousness as a result of powerful insights into the nature of self and experience, but who still act out deeply unconscious conditioning patterns which harm themselves and those around them. They’ve turned on the lights in the rooms upstairs, but the whole bottom floor and basement are still left in the dark.

So the process of waking up, of enlightening, necessarily includes bringing those habitual processes into consciousness. Why do I keep repeating that same behavior? Why do I keep having those hateful thoughts about myself/others? Why am I so deeply triggered by those words/ideas? Feel your way around your experience of what’s coming up for you, talk about it, write about it, experiment with different ways of thinking and behaving to make the unconscious conditioning pattern pop out against the background, until you gain some insight into why you probably formed that mental habit over the course of your life and what purpose it’s intended for.

  1. Kinesiology

Another way to bring unconscious conditioning patterns into consciousness is with kinesiology. Muscles hold memories. You can access the unconscious traumatic memories that are the cause of pernicious mental habits through kinesiology practices such as body talk with a therapist, or using a pendulum on yourself, and although you won’t be able to recall the full story of what happened, you will be able to sense the trauma. If you feel safe enough, you’ll be able to release the suppressed emotions too.

  1. Body Awareness

Eckhart Tolle talks about the energy body. In his book A New Earth, he shows how you can sense your energy body by closing your eyes, holding out your hands, and noticing how you can sense the energy of your hands even though they’re not touching anything. It’s a buzzy, furry feeling that extends out a little way past the periphery of your hand. He says that you can’t be sensing your body and caught up in your thoughts at the same time. Try it. Feel your feet on the floor right now while trying to keep your focus on your thoughts. It can’t be done. Find a sequence of body movements you find easy, that  moves your energy tangibly. After a while you’ll notice points of constriction the energy has to flow around, like rocks in a river. You don’t have to do anything about it, just notice it. Eventually your body’s intelligence will help you dissolve it.

  1. Energy expulsion

After doing body awareness meditation, this started happening spontaneously. I would be noticing a contraction in my energy body, feeling around the edges of it, and I’d start to feel queasy. I found if I leaned in to the queasy feeling, I could expel the energy out of my mouth. If you know qi gong, you’ll know you tend to feel your energy go out through your feet and into the floor, but this was energy that wanted to come up. It comes up in a roar or dry heaves or a burp, a bit like the dude in the movie The Green Mile.

We constrict our animal bodies for social reasons, restricting our ability to process trauma at the time it occurs. Often when something bad happens to us, it’s not safe to curl up into a little ball and shake it off like any other animal would. These traumas stay in the energy field until they are released. This practice bypasses narrative, and lets your body intelligence take out the trash.

We protect ourselves from revisiting trauma through hyper-vigilance, which can manifest as anything from an overreaction to a full-blown panic attack. Coming back in to the body, giving it permission to explore old wounds can give a lot of much needed relief in all aspects of life. Most of us spend our days avoiding nonexistent trap doors, fighting invisible ghosts. It’s exhausting.

  1. Bring consciousness to unseen societal dynamics.

We’re inseparable from the society in which we live; it’s responsible for everything from the language we speak to the thoughts in our heads to the laws we must obey. Societal dynamics inform all aspects of experience, but there are many aspects people find psychologically uncomfortable to look at, so they ignore, deny, and compartmentalize away from them. So get curious: In what ways do I avoid looking at the horrific things my government does in my name? At the horrors of war, outsourced slavery, brutalization of indigenous populations, prison for profit, and Orwellian police state oppression? How can I become more conscious of those things?

In what ways do I avoid looking at how the dynamics of racial inequality, gender inequality, socioeconomic inequality, institutional white supremacy, institutional male supremacy, rape culture etc influence the society in which I live? How can I inform myself and become conscious of these dynamics? In what ways have I been avoiding looking at the brutality of factory farming, the cruel destruction of our planet’s wildlife, at any suffering or brutality in my community and my life, at the ways my own actions or inactions hurt those around me?

Of course, this kind of enquiry brings up a lot of grief, guilt and shame, but that’s actually the point. Those feelings were always there, I was just unconsciously defensive of them, which resulted in harmful reactions and behavior. One of the hallmarks of egoic thinking is its binary nature. The ego wants to be either victim or victor; it can’t accept that any one person is a mixture of both, and it will fight attempts to enquire into that.”

Jacqueline says: Some of you have heard me speak about a technique Jes Bertelsen described. Jes Bertelsen is a well known spiritual teacher and author.) He suggested being willing to play all roles in any drama that keeps recurring in your life. You can meditatively imagine playing all roles. For example – The so-called love triangle. Do you always seem to be the victim or the “other woman” or “other man”? In a meditative state experience yourself being the one who is cheated on, the partner who is cheating, the other woman or man in this triangle. Meditatively feel each role. Then allow yourself to experience all three at once. Repeat daily until you feel the issue has become conscious and is accepted and healed in some way. Remember it’s all about becoming WHOLE.

More from Caitlin Johnstone.

  1. Be gentle with yourself.

I say this all the time to people, because it’s really so important. (Jacqueline says- “So do I!”) We’re so hard on ourselves, so hyper-critical, so self-punitive and so resistant to self-soothing. Take a moment. The world won’t cave in. Have a nap. Take a bath and sink into it for as long as possible. Take care of yourself like you would take care of someone you really loved who had been going through a rough time lately. Give your heart a little pat and say, “There, there, you’re safe, it’s okay, I love you. You can relax.”

  1. Jacqueline says: I would like to finish off with a reminder of what I’ve often said: “The mind produces thoughts – you don’t have to think them.” I recently received the following from a student. (I shortened the message and include the photo that accompanied the mail.) I hope it makes you smile.

Dear Jacqueline

I thought you might like to read the story that happened to me a few days ago. I walking on the street, feeling very dark and heavy, and feeding my mind with dark thoughts. Then just beside me on the pavement, there was a poster that must have been a message for me!  (See picture below).

Jacqueline says: As some of you know my Guru said to me many years ago “Existence has a way of getting its messages across”!

A final reminder of something I have often shared: Remember that whatever you heal within your self you cannot only heal for you. We are ultimately all one and when you heal something “individually” you also heal a little bit more of the whole. I hope you all find something of interest / inspiration in this Newsletter and attached recording.

Love and blessings from Jacqueline

Astrological and Other Consultations

Jacqueline offers individual or group Skype consultations. Individual sessions can be astrological or open sessions where the person brings his or her questions / topics for discussion. Groups are welcome to request a teaching session or Satsang. Jacqueline’s skype name is:  cosmicairport

Open Skype consultation – about 1 hour –

If you wish, you may mail Jacqueline about the theme you wish to go into during the session.

Astrological consultation – about 1 hour and 20 minutes:

Jacqueline will need your birth date, time and place of birth in advance if she makes the chart. .

Much information will be shared – important you record the call – e.g. on smart phone. Jacqueline only does recorded readings. It’s a distraction + time consuming to make notes during a reading.

What people have said about Jacqueline’s astrological readings:

Maria (Denmark): In your astrological reading you bring together and express so beautifully the psychological, emotional and spiritual.

Sandra (India): I have never before had an astrological reading that was so deep psychologically and that also had the awakened state as the background for the reading.

Icasiana Barrs (USA) Jacqueline’s reading and interpretation of my astrology chart was so powerful and spot on that I was able to trust the timing and was greatly assisted into remembering my divine purpose. I highly recommend her approach, her depth of knowledge and the kindness and care of delivering the message in a succinct and practical way that I was able to align myself and create actionable steps for success.

Dr. Gabriel Russo & Icasiana Barrs (USA) Jacqueline’s reading of our 8 year old son’s chart revealed some areas that we needed to pay attention to and to assist our son. The information and timing has helped him through a difficult patch. We are so grateful for Jacqueline’s honest, practice and accurate approach which helped us tremendously.

M.B. (USA) Thank you so much for a most insightful reading last week. Your ability to link the changes in the planets to the developments in my life cycle is amazing! It’s clear that your knowledge has been well honed over many years of study and through many readings. Many thanks again for your insights and your wisdom..

Testimonials from Students

  1. Grace came into my life in form of Jacqueline. What I love the most about Jacqueline is, she doesn’t act “Holy” at all. Jacqueline’s presence commands “Grace”, “Love” and “Divinity” so naturally. Jacqueline’s teaching allows one to embrace life in all its shades (both positive & negative). I always dreamt to achieve strong bonds and yet have subtle boundaries that could guard my personal space and be centered in myself. Jacqueline’s teachings and her talks have inspired me to build a strong foundation and it doesn’t seem like a distant melody anymore.

Singing Heart Ashram by the mountain side of “Arunachala” holds a special place in my heart. The Ashram functions with a very modest setting of a village life in India and yet is a very powerful energy field for spiritual practice in the presence of Jacqueline and Arunachala.

Jacqueline offers “Heart Transmission” sessions where she channels high vibrational energy through her eyes. It allows us to deepen our connection with heart and is a great assistance for Spiritual Awakening. Personally I notice I now respond to the situations where I could have reacted and to me it’s a huge leap.

Jacqueline’s programs and retreats allowed me to access the deepest layers of truth. My perception towards life changed for good. I could find the relation between my outer world’s existence and inner reality and make peace with it. I could learn to take responsibility for my life and not blame it on fate or others. Jacqueline’s programs are very creative. This amuses the mind and unfolds the mystic at the same time. I have attended “Inner Wedding”, “Activating Blueprints”, “Riding the Storm” and “Silent Meditation Retreat” with her and each program has added value to my spiritual growth and life. I always look forward to attend her retreats and be under guidance and blessings.

Poornima, Bangalore. Software Engineer

  1. A piece of advice kept coming up for me – the need to connect to Theatre from the heart. I was told that when I could do that the journey would take on a new element altogether. Heart, more of it…became my mantra.
    The question opened up a new journey in the form of an incredible healer called JacquelineMaria Longstaff from Denmark. This 70 year old lady is a seer and visits India every year. Attending her spiritual retreat on ‘Activating Blueprints’ is among the three best things I have ever done  for myself.

Rajesh, Bangalore. Actor & Theatre teacher

  1. I met Jacqueline at a conference a few years ago and was moved by our very first conversation. Having been a therapist for a few years by then, I had reached a point where my life was falling apart. I knew everything I needed to know, but it still wouldn’t stop hurting, and I was at a loss because nothing I had learned was helping anymore. As Jacqueline often says – I knew all the words but I didn’t know the music.

Meeting Jacqueline has undoubtedly been one of the most pivotal points of my life. Being a rational thinker I was happy that her words could satisfy my mind, but the most precious gifts I’ve received have always been merely through her presence. This along with her sometimes brutal honesty clear the hurdles we tend to create on our pathway.

Ashwita, Bangalore. Reiki healer and Past life therapist

  1. Jacqueline epitomizes the depths of silence, meaning and compassion. Encountering her was among the biggest turning points of my life. She helped me open up with compassion while still being firm. Her teachings are profound and yet so simple and bring a deeper understanding of oneself. She encourages strong personal responsibility while shining light onto the parts that hold you back. Her presence facilitates a journey through your own darkness into the light. Times spent with her have been some of the most transformative, meditative and sacred moments of my life.

Rohit, Bangalore. Yoga teacher


Maria (Denmark): In your astrological reading you bring together and express so beautifully the psychological, emotional and spiritual.

Sandra (India): I have never before had an astrological reading that was so deep psychologically and that also had the awakened state as the background for the reading.

Icasiana Barrs (USA): Jacqueline’s reading and interpretation of my astrology chart was so powerful and spot on that I was able to trust the timing and was greatly assisted into remembering my divine purpose. I highly recommend her approach, her depth of knowledge and the kindness and care of delivering the message in a succinct and practical way that I was able to align myself and create actionable steps for success.

Dr. Gabriel Russo & Icasiana Barrs (USA): Jacqueline’s reading of our 8 year old son’s chart revealed some areas that we needed to pay attention to and to assist our son. The information and timing has helped him through a difficult patch. We are so grateful for Jacqueline’s honest, practice and accurate approach which helped us tremendously.

M.B. (USA): Thank you so much for a most insightful reading last week. Your ability to link the changes in the planets to the developments in my life cycle is amazing! It’s clear that your knowledge has been well honed over many years of study and through many readings. Many thanks again for your insights and your wisdom..


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1st Dec. 10am in 5pm
Felton, Santa Cruz, California
Teachings to help you understand Heart and what blocks the deeper connection with Heart and an understanding of the prayer / affirmation Jacqueline is putting out into the world. There will be some silent meditation and Jacqueline will also offer a powerful heart energy transmission to enable you to come into the deeper layers of the heart chakra.
Cost: What you can afford from $70 – $95 Proceeds go to Jacqueline’s ashram in India. Bring: Vegetarian lunch. Tea / coffee provided. Meditation cushion if you wish to sit on the floor. There is limited space so book early via:
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1st Nov. – 3rd Dec. Bay Area, California 
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11th Nov. Santa Cruz, California 

1 day event with Jacqueline
“Life happens whether you like it or not but the divine within you is free to dance” Jacqueline  
Life feels very intense for many today. Why? Subjects to be addressed at this event: How we can live the teachings and use the tools we have in the midst of this chaos. Witnessing. Paradoxes and misunderstandings on the Path. There will be teachings, meditation and music. All questions are welcome. Date / time. Sun.11th Nov. 10 am – 5 pm Be seated at least 5 min before. Venue: Address given on booking. Cost: What you can afford from $65 – $90 Proceeds go to Jacqueline’s ashram in India. Bring: Vegetarian lunch. Tea / coffee provided. Meditation cushion if you wish to sit on the floor. There is limited space so book early via:
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31st December Jacqueline will of course hold the our usual New Year’s Eve Ceremony. More details later. ASHRAM, INDIA 2019 Arunachala Meditation Retreat with Jacqueline Retreat starts 3rd Jan.  11 am. From the night of the 5th we will be in silence. There will be teachings during the silence and Jacqueline will answer written questions. We expect to finish 11th January but you are welcome to stay until 14th  and continue in silence with a shorter program of silent sittings with Jacqueline. The 14th takes us up to the time of Pongal celebrations. More information and bookings through Arjuna:

Some of the other programs held by Jacqueline in 2018: Copenhagen 13 October 1 day event with Jacqueline in Danish  Title: Livet Sker (Life Happens) København (Værløse) Lørdag d. 13 Oktober 2018 Sproget: Dansk / Engelsk alt efter det I har bruge for. Måske bliver det her den sidste program Jacqueline holder inden hun begynder rejsen til Californien og ophold på ashrammen i Indien. Dagen indeholder følgende plus det der ellers opstår: Livet sker og det føles meget intens for mange i dag – hvorfor? Emner: Hvordan kan vi bedst leve det vi tror vi ved. Witnessing. Paradoxer og misforståelser på Vejen. Der bliver selvfølgelig meditation, musik, dans, kort hjerte transmission. Spørgsmål er altid velkommen. Addressen: Højeloftsvej 1, 3500 Værløse Det er hos Connie og Victor som ligger huset til. Tidspunkt: Kl. 10 – 17.30 cirka. Fint at være på plads 5 minutter inden kl. 10 OK du tager meditations bænke / pudder med. Der er nogle stole osv. Medbringe: Indesko, noget at skrive med / på, vegetariske madpakke. Pris: Det du har råd til mellem kr. 350 – 550 inklusiv kaffe, te. Donationer går til ashrammen i Indien. Tilmeldinger: Til Arjuna:
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During the retreat there will be teachings to help you understand Heart and what blocks the deeper connection with Heart and an understanding of the prayer / affirmation Jacqueline is putting out into the world. There will be some silent meditation and Jacqueline will also offer powerful heart energy transmissions to enable you to come into the deeper layers of the heart chakra. We will also have at least 2 days in total silence to help you to come in touch with the deepest within you.

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Bookings contact Arjuna 17th March New Delhi

A full day seminar: “Relationship – Rising in Love” will be held by Jacqueline at the International Spiritual Festival that is being held from 16th to 18th March 2018 at Zorba the Buddha, New Delhi. See website for registrations.  This Facebook event has  been created to increase awareness.

Bangalore Another event will probably be organised for early 2018. More information later. JAPAN May Every Heart to Love come       Tokyo 20th March 6 – 8.30 pm Teachings to help you understand Heart and what blocks the deeper connection. An understanding of this prayer / affirmation Jacqueline is putting out into the world. There will be some silent meditation and Jacqueline will also offer a powerful heart energy transmission to enable you to come into the deeper layers of the heart chakra. Bookings:  Entrance fee:  8,000 yen Venue: In Nihonbashi, Tokyo (Information given on application)   Below you can read about other earlier events with Jacqueline 3.”Expanding, Embracing + Awareness” 18th Nov. 2017. Teachings and Meditation. Jacqueline says: “A very appropriate theme for what we are moving through collectively right now. I invite you to send me questions by mail before we meet. Please keep them short and to the point – I will weave them into the program.” Donation for ashram: What you can afford from kr. 150 – 25 Venue: Gammel Kloster, 2100 Copenhagen. Book:  Address given when you book.


18-20th Feb. 2017: Activating Blueprints Interaction with other conscious beings helps to activate the blueprints you came onto this planet with.

This program is intended to inspire you to open up to more of your blueprint as you go deeper into that silent place within where you can recognize your true nature. Some of the topics are:

  • The thought climate we create.
  • Becoming more conscious = ending denial
  • The enlightened state recognizes that we are all one being and that enlightened action is the complementary outflow of the enlightened state.
  • How to stop absorbing low frequency energies from others.
  • Holding your highest vibration – also in the marketplace!

Jacqueline will offer a group heart transmission on Sunday to enable you to come into the deeper layers of the heart chakra. Contact Ashwita

HEART ACTIVATION AND SPIRITUAL AWAKENING                          Sorø – Denmark:  Saturday 29th July 2017 from 11 – 17.30    

Since she was contacted by higher dimensional beings in 1979, and prepared for the work she is here to do, Jacqueline has often said it is the energy that does the work in an the awakening process. She says it is important to be able to contact so high a vibrational energy as possible and she helps people understand how it is that they lose this contact.

On this 1 day event she will begin with “teachings for awakening” and take questions from participants. There will also be some silent meditation and dance. Later in the day Jacqueline will hold a special session where she channels a high vibrational energy through her eyes. This energy goes directly to your heart and will help you come to a much deeper contact with the energy and the reality of Heart. This event will be held in simple English as we have some overseas visitors. Bookings:

USA  Programs include Satsang, Heart energy transmissions and readings. Contact Jacqueline if you are interested. San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles.

Every Heart to Love Will Come

Jacqueline (Denmark) is, at the moment, in the ashram near the sacred hill Arunachala in South India. She travels the world inspiring many through Satsangs, meditation retreats and other programs. She has recently shared with people a blessing she herself has used for many years inspired by the text of one of Leonard Cohen’s songs The Anthem. The blessing is ”May every heart to love come” and this is also the title of this short event.

There will be teachings, silent and dance meditation. Jacqueline will finish the program with a powerful heart energy transmission to enable you to come into the deeper layers of the heart chakra.

Date: 9th February 2018
7.40 am Morning meditation
8.30 Breakfast
10 am Session
12.30 Lunch
2.30 pm Tea
3 pm Session finishing with Heart Transmission
6.15 pm Dinner
7.30 pm Satsang

Suggested donation for program: rupees 350 – 750 to support the ashram.
24 hour room with bathroom and meals rps. 650
Rupees 550 without bathroom.


Music At Singing Heart

We have received many requests for the tracks that Jacqueline plays during her retreats. So, here are some of the songs you might have fallen in love with, at the ashram.

Gayatri Mantra Chanting – Morning Meditation

Kirtana -The Train Song

Kirtana – Ramana Song

Snatam Kaur – Lakh Khushiaa

Snatam Kaur – Aakhan Jor

Snatam Kaur – Ek Ong Kar

Snatam Kaur – Kabir’s Song

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Medicine Buddha Mantra

Jaya Jaya Shiva Shambho

Gayatri Mantra, slow

Sarva Antah – Vajra Guru Mantra

The heart activation waveform (Waveform 1) can be bought from Tom Kenyon’s website. A poor quality version is available on YouTube:



Cosmic Airport

Jacqueline’s vision:

Some years ago, in Denmark, I awoke one morning with a vision of what I began to call a ” Cosmic Airport “. I saw an airport containing an arrival lounge, departure lounge and transit lounge.

The arrival lounge was a place where women could give birth to babies painlessly, in an enlightened energy field so babies arrived conscious and untraumatised. It is very important that we can help to bring babies into the world without their consciousness being closed down. My own birth took 3 days and 3 nights and it took me many years to be free from this trauma. Seeds sown during the birth experience really do influence the rest of the life. The departure lounge was for people who were dying – a place where they could be supported in dying a conscious death. The departure lounge will also train people to use the death process to move into enlightenment if they have not already reached this state whilst in the physical body.

The departure lounge would actually focus on the physical death process as seen from an esoteric perspective – as a possibility to be free from identification with the matrix of illusion. The transit lounge was for everyone else in “transit” through life – a place for conscious living. Here awakening could happen on many levels and the unfoldment of full potential was supported. The transit lounge taught people to meet the ups and downs of life in a conscious way, learning how to stay in touch with the open heart and celebrate birth, life and death, no matter what. This could also be a place where new methods for caring for the planet and living in harmony with the environment are taught. In the years following this vision I have felt, and many others agree, that a vision such as this is one of the ways forward for this planet. At the time I had the vision I knew that the Cosmic Airport would first become a reality many years later. I know that the time has now come.