Jacqueline founded Singing Heart Ashram near Arunachala in South India and travels the world holding Satsang and other events. She recently saw a video of Gregg Braden and a particular point caught her attention. She will address this as an introduction and then focus on the power of the heart and how to stay ”tuned in” i.e. hold the highest vibration possible and stay on the Path whilst dealing wIth everyday life in these challenging times. There will also be question time, group meditation and a heart energy transmission from Jacqueline. 

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Bookings: or via Marilyn:

Date and time: Saturday 7th March 2pm – 7.00 pm. Please be seated by 2 pm.

Venue: River Sanctuary, 6807 San Lorenzo Way, Felton, California. 

Fee: Suggested anonymous donation for Jacqueline’’s work in India:  

Between $55 – $80 ($40 is OK for those on a limited budget) 

Cash or PayPal preferred. 

You might want to bring a vegetarian snack with you for a short break around 4.30. 

Tea, coffee, drinking water provided.

Astrological readings w/ Jacqueline are possible. See details below: 

Astrological consultation – about 1 hour and 20 minutes: 

Price: US $140 If you already have your horoscope drawn up.  

Price: US$ 160 If Jacqueline has to make the chart for you. Jacqueline will need your birth date, time and place of birth in advance. Much information will be shared – important you record the call – e.g. on smart phone. Jacqueline only does recorded readings. It’s a distraction + time consuming to make notes during a reading.