How Can I Know What My Spiritual Mission is About?

asked by Jagdish, 9th grade

Many today are trying to discover their spiritual mission – I prefer to use the word dharma.

Often dharma is described as doing what comes naturally. We know that a flame’s dharma or mission is to burn. However what comes naturally needs to be understood properly. If your natural reaction is to hit someone who says something you don’t like – this is not dharma! I would say that Dharma is what comes naturally when heart, mind and body are aligned – when they are working well together.

Dharma is not an easy way out! Often we have to give up tendencies we enjoy in order to follow dharma. For example: someone might have the tendency to switch on the TV the minute they enter the house, sit down and watch one program after another for hours at a time. Is this their spiritual mission? I don’t think so! Often discipline is needed in order to put aside lower tendencies and do what we are really here to do for the world.

Dharma is also often described as following the path of righteousness. Here are some simple yet powerful techniques to help you become centered in your true self. When this centering happens you will act righteously and your mission will become more and more clear to you.

1. Listen to that small, quiet voice within – often called the voice of conscience. It whispers to us if what we do is out of line, doesn’t it? It points us in the direction of righteousness.

2. Do your best to live what you understand to be the highest truth. E.g. If you feel you know that humanity is one, then do your best to live that understanding. Treat all as equals and treat others as you yourself would wish to be treated.

3. Stay in touch with your heart. I heard a song recently written by a friend. The title was, “What would love do?” If you do your best to respond to situations from this space – acting as love would – you become more heart centered. When a person becomes truly centered in the heart he or she will naturally act according to dharma. He or she will follow the path of righteousness.

4. Use your imagination to see how you would act in a certain situation if you were really in balance – if you were coming from a place of unconditional love.

5. What do you love doing? What are your natural talents? These can be an indication of what you are here to give to the world.

6. Remember you are still young – you are still maturing. It’s great you are asking these kinds of questions! However it’s also OK to make mistakes, learn from them and move on. So, be real. Don’t try to act “holy”. Holy is not natural – dare to be yourself and allow others to be themselves.