How Will Spirituality Help Students?

asked by a 9th grade student

This is a good question and I could write a whole book about it! However I will try to answer briefly.

First of all, what is spirituality? What is spirit? I would suggest that spirit in spirituality refers to the one energy, the one consciousness that some call God, that flows through each one of us. Having a form of spiritual practice is about lifting your consciousness to a higher level of vibration where much more is revealed to you. Real spirituality will reveal to you the Truth of your being. Today we talk about spiritual scientists – those who also research the unseen, inner world and work with its laws. They research a reality that is not experienced through our ordinary five senses. We experience the world of our spiritual selves through more finely developed senses: the third eye chakra for example opens us to be able to see the “unseen”. Some call this clairvoyance. A finely developed throat chakra can awaken us to clairaudience so we begin to hear on a finer level than we can with our physical ears. As people open up to deeper levels of the heart chakra great compassion and a love for all life forms develop.

It is often said we are spiritual beings having a human experience – a spiritual practice keeps us connected to the part of us that is pure spirit and that is not lost in the dramas we can get caught up in as we experience being human beings here in this world. We hear it said that the truth shall set you free. Truth is not religion. Truth is the good old ancient wisdom teachings that help us to remember who we really are. Anything that helps us understand who we truly are, anything that helps us realise that we are one will naturally help to bring about peace in the world. When this realisation happens we naturally develop compassion and then there is no wish to hurt others or have power over others. Many of the difficulties in the world today, including wars, poverty and the destruction of the environment, happen because we have forgotten that we are one.

Meditation helps you find an inner peace that enables you to do things in a much better way. You will be more focussed – not so easily distracted – and in this way be able to realise your full potential here in life.

Some of you may have heard of the Heart Math Institute – a place of research in the United States. They have done many scientific studies and learned much about the unseen aspect of human beings. One of their studies has shown that when we are in a state of love far more of our DNA is activated than when we are in a state of fear. If we go into a state of fear and close, we close down to our spiritual potential and become less bright. When we open up and access more of those parts of ourselves that ordinary science does not address, we are more alive and simply more “switched on”! We also become more creative and truly are an inspiration for others.

Some studies have shown that Indian people often perform better in the IT world as, generally speaking, many Indians still have a natural form of spirituality and are more philosophical. This results in a greater balance between the right and left brain, enabling them to tap into new ideas and possibilities and to “think outside of the box”.

Actually I feel this is enough from me right now. I would like to invite you who asked this question, and other students, to send in some of your observations to us. What benefits have you noticed? Perhaps you can discuss this subject with friends and let us know if you have something to share that can inspire others. We can print your ideas in future editions of “The Awakener”.