Of Sin and Guilt

Question: Yesterday I was sitting outside a shop and a dog was also sitting there. He was looking at me and me at him. I picked up a stone and then he ran. I have been feeling so guilty. What is the relation between me and the dog?

Jacqueline: A dog is also part of God’s creation but there can be times where we have to chase away a dog. If a dog was coming to bite a baby we would need to shout or throw a stone at the dog to protect the baby. But to harm or hurt someone or something for no reason, like when the dog was just looking at you, then I would say try not to do that again. However, it’s OK to feel that you shouldn’t have done what you did, but please don’t get stuck in guilt.

Question continues and the boy tells he has negative dreams and feels more guilty.

Jacqueline: Just the other day I was talking with a group of adults about sin. When you are guilty you can feel like you are a sinner. Now, what does it mean to be a sinner? Does anybody here know what “sin” really means?

Silence from the students.

Jacqueline: OK I will tell you. Do any of you know how to shoot with a bow and arrow? When you shoot with a bow and arrow you try to hit what is called the bull’s eye. This means the center point. If you don’t hit it we can say that you miss the mark The word “sin” really means missing the mark. Listen to me now because I really don’t want you to feel guilty because when you feel guilty you lose your power.

If you shoot the bow and arrow and miss the mark you just have to practise some more, don’t you? Then one day you won’t miss the mark as you did yesterday. Yesterday you missed the mark with the dog. Perhaps you hit the dog but, spiritually, you missed the mark. So don’t feel bad. Practice so that next time you hit the mark – not the dog! Perhaps next time you hit the bulls eye. That means you do what is right. Of course we sometimes miss the mark – especially when young and just growing up. You have to practise that’s all and this is why we have spiritual science – so you know what to practice. That was a good question.

Jitendraa reminds Jacqueline about the dreams and the boy is ask to come up again and repeat what he said about dreams. He explains again.

Jacqueline: Through dreams you get negative feelings?

Questioner says yes and asks if spiritual science studies can help. He tells that this puts fear in his heart.

Jacqueline: Yes. I understand. Negative dreams we call nightmares. You see, what happens when you have nightmares is this: It’s like there’s something that feels bad inside of you and it comes out in a dream. Imagine you have something bad in your stomach and you vomit. You will feel better afterwards. Now after a nightmare you might feel shaken but if you can look at it and see it’s just some negative thoughts coming out as a bad dream then you can let it go. If you have had a nightmare and you wake up, then you can say a small prayer or say for example the Gayatri mantra. Then you clearing the energy. Like if you vomit on the floor – you have to clean it up. It’s the same with a nightmare – clean the energy and get on with your day.

You are studying spiritual science and nothing in you can spoil that. Sometimes we have negative thoughts. If you get stuck in a negative thought you can just stop and say Gayatri or another prayer. You can send a blessing that the thought doesn’t harm you or anyone else, and then let it go. Everybody has nightmares sometimes. Please don’t make a problem of things. Use your spiritual science teachings and practice living the teachings. Sometimes you won’t hit the bulls eye but don’t fall into guilt. Just keep on practising what you are learning.