Vision of a society era, with 20 hour working week

by Klare Nirmala Rongen Jensen (klarenirmala[AT]hjertekontakt[DOT]com)

Seriously reduced working hours and a new social structure, will solve all current problems of life; Child welfare, attrition, stress, disease, exclusion, environmental pollution, misery and depression … Besides the four hours of work for the community, as is public school hours, there will be some natural and necessary activities, a new cultural content, which must be opportunity / obligation in the life of every citizen:

  • Being with children. Children’s time in institutions are reduced. Children and adults do things together without time pressure. Both father and mother have the right (not obligation) to three years of maternity leave in connection with childbirth.
  • Being with elderly people. Time- and activity sharing across generations.
  • Reflection. Being alone. Connect with yourself. Do nothing. Daydreaming. Enjoy of silence. This is an incredibly important ingredient in the culture, as it is a prerequisite for all learning and knowledge to settle. It is also a prerequisite for individuals to participate in the community on its own unique way, and take responsibility for her own life.
  • Stay in nature. Regular stay and vibrational harmony with nature. Communicating with animals and plants. Training in different climatic challenges.
  • Psycical fitness. Pulse stimulating activities.
  • Education. Contemplation and study in areas of interest.
  • In-ducation. The teachings about body, mind and conciousness. Meditation, energy work, the creative power of thought. Parents Preparation; needs of the child?.The teachings of the birth processes. It is of great importance for human wellbeing, in which way conception, pregnancy and birth takes place. The teachings of death processes. A population that is not afraid of death, have good chances of becoming a healthy population. Conflict resolutions. Peacemaking communication. The teachings of Tantric sexuality, the energetic exchanges during the sexual act. Health- and spirituality-improving sexuality. The current society has, for better or worse, allowed porn and pornography for some decades, after many centuries of oppression of the subject. It is time to lift up sexuality to the level where it belongs. Health-improving sex requires no timelimits, in good facilities. Children must be conceived during the most romantic circumstances.
  • Mind and body. The teachings of self-healing. Massage. Caring for skin, hair, muscles, etc. Trauma release. We are all part of a traumatized world population. Healing after violence, loss, neglect and various post-traumatic stress syndromes. Purification Work after work loads, poor housing indoor air pollution, water pollution, drug abuse, electro smog, television addiction, etc. We are all more or less traumatized / engineered powerless by watching television.
  • Musical expression. Teachings of sound, song, dance and exercise of rituals.
  • Creative creation. Artisanal expression. All citizens must have access to creative workshops and kitchens. One could imagine more cooking going on in the public space, including lessons about healthy food. Dissemination of public kitchens, dining clubs, share restaurants and more.
  • Participation in democracy. Development of new, healthy, popular, participatory processes that solve society’s old and new problems in a healthy and natural pace. Anyone who knows where the shoe pinches are heard and creates the solutions. Health and good citizenship are more valuable than economic interests.

The purpose of the lifestyle vision is to create a framework for a population who take responsibility for its own health and wellbeing. The whole population is both e-ducated and in-ducated.
Illness costs are minimized, allowing resources to the facilities and educational settings, as the above implies. There is already a large crowd of alternatively trained healers to take care of in-ducation and further education of our industrial trained doctors, nurses etc.

Industrialisation and the military must be evaluated. Stop of all output that contains harmful substances. Energy consumption will fall drastically, and conversion to natural, renewable energy sources will then be easy.
All the people and animals who have brought the body to industrialization and military experiments, either as workers or as consumers, must be cleansed and healed, also the wild. There will probably be much less lives lost, by consciously implement this transition, rather than wait for natural disasters to do it.

Labour-intensive areas are reinforced with two-or three shifts and seasonal activities prioritized by using some comprehensive planning. When e-and in-ducation continues throughout life, in addition to twenty hours community work, the whole of the working age population are available. It also offers a different perspective. No one should hurry to finish their education. The whole lifetime is a combination of work and education. Many of the people who today can not keep up the pace, could be included again. And I wonder if the actual performance will be increased when we only need four hours a day on it? It is clear that there will be developed a completely different relationship between “employers and workers.”

A simple way to de-stress the economy will be to close down the function of banks and credit companies, and write off all debts. Housing costs should only be savings on maintenance. It will release so much confidence and creativity that the future can only be exciting and healthier, and new initiatives will flourish on the basis of helpfulness and cooperation.

Inspired by the rays of the sun, which I let flow into my face and palms, sitting in a garden, a spring warm day in February 2008. Since then, the formulations have been continuously adjusted and supplemented.