Sangha in Denmark

We usually hold Sangha evenings MONDAYS – 19.00 hrs (7pm) in even numbered weeks. However for the next few months  we will hold Sangha evenings once every 4 weeks – on Mondays. The Monday inbetween where we do not meet physically we will tune in to each other from wherever we happen to be.

Jacqueline will of course hold Satsang for us whenever she is in Denmark. She speaks English if non Danish speaking guests are present. Here are the dates up to the end of December 2018:

29th October
This will be the final Satsang  with Jacqueline before she leaves for California and India.

2 Nov.  We tune in to each other and meditate 19.00 hours Danish time.

26 Nov. We meet as usual at Suchata’s.

10 Dec.  We tune in to each other and meditate 19.00 hours Danish time.

After this comes Christmas time and Suchata will be at the ashram in India. She returns to Denmark mid February so there will be more information about Sangha meetings just before she returns.

We expect Jacqueline to hold some Sangha evenings via Skype from India at the end of the year and early January. More information later.

If you want to join us please come 10 minutes before we start and settle in. However if you live far away, you can simply tune in to us in meditation at 19.00 hours these evenings please let us know by email or text message and we will “place” you in the circle. You are welcome to send us ideas or requests you may have for these evenings.

We also expect to hold some full day meetings once in a while. You are very welcome to offer your home for these meetings and to facilitate the events for the day. We are willing to offer our help with the event by facilitating a part of the program or the whole program if necessary.

All are welcome to come, whether you know Jacqueline or not. Please arrive 5-10 min before we start.

Location: At Deva Suchata Stenlillevej 17 in Husum (2700 Bronshoej)

Registration required at tel. 3881 2005 or send an SMS to 6080 7937

You can always check this page for dates and changes.

Denmark contact:

Greetings from Suchata and Maria.

A message from Jacqueline

I was very happy to read this initiative from Suchata and Maria and really appreciate their dedication. Of course I will facilitate the evenings and full day events whenever I am in Copenhagen. More details will be posted here when I know my plans for 2017.

For many years we have only requested a donation of 50 Danish crowns for the evenings. I feel it’s time to request at least 70 if possible. The full day events I suggest 200 crowns or more according to what you feel to give or can afford.
Blessings Jacqueline