Meditation Retreat at Leela Center, Sweden

LATE SUMMER RETREAT with Jacqueline Maria Longstaff at LEELA CENTER in VAXJO AREA in SWEDEN  4th – 8th September 2020

Jacqueline will hold a meditation retreat and also take up topics relevant to the group at this point in time. As usual there will be sitting, walking and dancing meditations and Satsang. All your questions are welcome. You are also welcome to suggest topics and send questions to her before the retreat starts. In Sweden we can be in groups of up to 50.

Start: Friday 4th Sept. 7pm Finish with lunch 1pm Tuesday 8th. If you need to leave early for work etc it’s OK. We hope most people can be present for the full retreat.

Price for room + food per 24 hours:  Tobe and Thongriela said to tell people that they are welcome as friends and the price per 24 hours is the same as last year: Swedish kr.500 (Danish kr.360, Euro 48). P.S. Sheets and towels can be borrowed for 150 Swedish kr. Many already look forward to Thongriela’s great cooking and Tobe and Thongriela’s wonderful hospitality.

Retreat price: Suggested donation for full retreat: Between Dk kroner 1200 – 1800  or the equivalent in Swedish or Norwegian kroner or Euro. As usual you will put your donation in an envelope without name. Donations support the ashram in India.  Bookings via Arjuna:

Jacqueline has an ashram near the sacred hill Arunachala, India and travels the world inspiring many through Satsangs, meditation retreats and other programs. Her in-depth psychological/spiritual astrological readings are known world-wide.   

Astrological sessions: 1 hour +15 minute reading Dk. kr. 600 if you bring a copy of horoscope ( 650 if Jacqueline makes it for you) Bring something to record on. Jacqueline doesn’t do readings that aren’t recorded. Making notes is a distraction. Horoscope bookings: