Just a Fella!

Responding to information about Bhagavan Kalki and the Oneness Movement

Jacqueline Maria Longstaff

I have received many emails sharing information about Bhagavan Kalki and the Oneness Movement. The latest came 13th June 2007 from someone sharing a ”brief biography” of Bhagavan plus questions about the history of the Oneness Movement answered by Freddy Nielsen. As I have had some connection with Golden City I would like to write a response to this.

The brief biography mentioned above, lets people know that Bhagavan is actually a regular person who earlier had a regular job in an insurance company, had arguments with his wife, visited spiritual teachers etc. If many people didn’t already know this, then I’m happy it now comes out. I know Bhagavan has been portrayed as God, an Avatar, Kalki coming to save the planet – and people have bought this. I have said for many years that  people on this planet are always looking for someone to worship – this is why they are so easy to manipulate.

I want to say clearly that what I write her is not for or against Bhagavan or the Oneness Movement. It is simply a reflection on the fact that people always seem to be looking for heroes, supermen, avatars and so on. I even heard some months ago that Bhagavan Kalki was born of a virgin! Oh, my God – not another one! Do we really need any more saviours or messiahs? As U G Krishnamurti once said,

A messiah is the one who leaves a mess behind him in this world

I have often said to people who come to me that just because you awaken it doesn’t mean you get another horoscope. Your birth horoscope shows your repetoire – the roles and dramas that play through you in this drama called life. Even an awakened consciousness still has to play itself out through the same character in the movie. And that is fine. People often talk about the approach of the Age of Aquarius. It was the Piscean Age that produced messiahs – the Aquarian Age is about revealing the divinity in man – warts and all!

As I write this I remember an old movie, ”Whistle down the Wind”, in which a group of children imagine a man, who is hiding in their barn, is Jesus. After several disappointments a small boy suddenly blurts out,

It’s not Jesus – it’s just a fella!”(Fella means guy)

Bhagavan is just a fella too! There are many of us on this planet at the moment who have special visions, creative ideas and techniques plus an awakened consciousness. It seems we can help humanity through the present crisis – help humanity ”unplug from the matrix of conditioning”as I often call it. No one needs (or should need) to be put on a pedestal in order to get the job done.

To be fair to Bhagavan, he did actually say to me during a private meeting that we were thousands of people who had incarnated at this point in time to bring the planet into the Golden Age. In 2004 I was invited to present my work at a festival at Oneness University in south India and some time later had a private talk with Bhagavan. When he heard of my vision for a ”Cosmic Airport” – seewww.cosmicairport.com – he invited me to experience the 21 day oneness programme and said they would later send people who had completed the programme to the ashram I also have in south India. So I did experience the oneness programme at the VIP campus in 2005 and can say that the teachings are fine. They are no different from those many of us have already been giving for many years. That doesn’t make them less valuable – Truth is Truth. Perhaps there is such a focus on the Oneness Movement right now because we are fast approaching 2012 and there is a huge potential for mass awakening.

I actually see the Oneness Movement as a huge experiment from a more enlightened part of creation. There are many other such experiments – including the Cosmic Airport. Some will succeed – especially after 2012. I see this as a time when the powers that be, the force now  resisting enlightened change, will no longer be able to stand in the way. Bhagavan who is leading one particular experiment will probably try his best to get the job done. Perhaps he didn’t do so well earlier – who knows? Throughout time there have been many unsuccessful attempts to lift consciousness on this planet.

It is important that enlightened impulses for change find pure vehicles to express through. As long as people play a part in physical incarnation there can be ”dust in the machinery” – greed, power struggles etc. So it is also important for those playing the parts of followers to be alert and protect the purity of any vision they feel to support. Everyone is playing a part somewhere in the drama.

I have read many criticisms of spiritual teachers and their projects. I have also received criticism – we all do. It can help us to sharpen our focus and to adjust to what is most useful at certain points in time. However, there is one final thing I would like to say to those playing the part of the followers. It is so important to get to the bottom of your own inner garbage so this is not projected onto the teacher or the teachings. (This also includes fear of negative energies in the oneness blessings or deekshas.) Often guidance is needed for this cleansing.

I have heard criticism and gossip that simply showed the mind’s resistance to transformation and have seen old moralistic conditionings masquerading as spiritual wisdom. Opinions about what is spiritual and what is not have to go for freedom to find its way. It is necessary to empty the garbage bin and fall deeper and deeper into the inner sky. It is the enlightened, unfettered consciousness of millions that create the Golden Age. As some native Americans say,

”We are the ones we have been waiting for

The Golden age is all of us.