Jacqueline’s Interview by Life Positive Magazine, India

Life Positive: How do you plan to create this arrival lounge? What are the specific details you intend to add to it?

Jacqueline: First by bringing more attention to ” spiritual midwifery “. In some parts of the world this has already been happening for many years. Conception, pregnancy and birth are very important for the soul coming into incarnation. We can help it into incarnation in the most loving, respectful and gentle way possible. Bringing a baby in with as much loving energy as possible is so important. Even a birth that becomes ” complicated ” can still be a good birth if filled with these energies.

When a woman gives birth much is happening energetically. From up above, down through the crown chakra, through the body and out of the soles of the feet comes a powerful force. It is important to help the woman accept this energy. There are complications if it is stopped. There is also a powerful energy coming up from the earth. Grounding is needed to be able to use it. It is important for the woman to be in contact with the physical body and with her feelings – especially the often ” forbidden ” deep feelings! It is as if heaven and earth meet in a woman when creation begins. These are strong energies and it is important for the woman to be able to embrace them. If she is used to experiencing a strong energy flow before the birth it makes the process much easier. Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi and other similar disciplines all help with this process.

People in different parts of the world have also been sharing their creative ideas with me. There are ideas connected with the use of dolphin energy to facilitate the birth process, and many people are interested in experimenting with sound and music both for birthing and dying.

There are also plans to provide groups of meditators who go out and sit during births. They will not involve themselves in any practical or social way during the birthing process, but will simply provide an enlightened energy field to support the soul coming on to the earth plane.

Life Positive: Will you have doctors attending to these women or what is the alternative?

Jacqueline: A doctor will be needed at each Cosmic Airport in case of emergency, but we will also promote the idea of the ” dulla “. Dulla is a Greek word for birth helper and describes someone who is present to support a woman giving birth. 5 years of research in the state of Cleveland, USA, has shown that for the 50% of pregnant woman who were offered a dulla, the number of caesarians needed fell by 50%. The use of epidurals fell by 60% and the use of other forms of pain relief medicines fell by 30%. These are important statistics because any form of medicinal pain relief is not without risk. It seems most midwives are glad for the help of dullas. A dulla was present at the births I attended when I had Singing Heart Center in Denmark.

Life Positive: About the departure lounge, what spiritual measures and techniques will you use to bring about conscious dying? Will it be based on the Tibetan death process?

Jacqueline: It will be based on the process taught in the Dying for Truth programmes. The terminology used will not be quite the same as that used in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, even though we could say the process is the same. This book was written for Buddhist monks and its way of personifying certain stages of the death process is not suitable for all. Real meditation – witnessing – will play a most important part.

Similar to the idea described for the arrival lounge, there are also plans to provide groups of meditators who go out and sit with the dying. They will provide an enlightened energy field to support the possibility of using the death process for enlightenment.

Life Positive: Have you practiced enabling people to die consciously? What is the experience like?

Jacqueline: I have taught many through the Dying for Truth programme and have also spent some time with people who knew they were dying. There were some who accepted the fact that death was close and some who had not yet reached the point of acceptance. There is such a beauty and grace in acceptance. In the case of those who cannot yet accept I find the denial painful both for the one who is dying and for friends and relatives. It seems like the final game the so-called ego plays with itself.

Not long ago I was at the bedside of someone dying in a hospital in California. She was conscious and able to communicate outwardly and I was also able to contact her on the inner planes. I felt her consciousness expanding and following me out into freedom. Each time this happened someone in the family sensed something was happening and begged her not to go. After this happened for the third time I had a clear feeling to wait. I said to the dying woman,

“You are so beautiful in this and you know exactly what to do, don’t you”.

She smiled and said she did. She was not a person who had consciously been on a spiritual pathway and yet she responded to my being there. She also began to speak such wisdom to the family members gathered around her. It was as if she contacted a much deeper and wiser layer of herself in this situation.

Not long ago, here in India, I was with Swami Nithyananda and his family and devotees for the celebration of his father’s passing. His father reached enlightenment just before leaving the body. When I arrived at the house Swami Nithyananda said to me, ” Go inside and look at him. He got enlightened and left the body ” .

I went inside and stood beside the body for quite some time. Such a powerful energy was coming from this man and I felt much joy as I looked at him. It was a great blessing for all to experience the culmination of his life – a wonderful celebration. The following day, chanting Arunachala Shiva, we all walked in procession through Tiruvannamalai with the body. Later the celebrations culminated with the burning of the body in view of Arunachala. The most touching part for me was when Swamiji lit the fire on the funeral pyre, hugged his mother and then prostrated on the ground before the burning body of his father. I was so grateful to be present at this very special occasion. I feel the western world has much to learn from the openness there is around death here in India.

Life Positive: Mention a little about your Dying for Truth programmme. What does it teach?

Jacqueline: Deep meditation and the ability to dis-identify with all the roles we play whilst in incarnation. This is a perfect training for dis-identification with the stages consciousness passes through during the death process. I also give an understanding of the layers or bodies the consciousness passes through as it enters the death process. The programme helps people to get in touch with any psychological issues they still may have around these layers.

I expect to take a group of people who have done the Dying for Truth programme to Varanasi next year. There are many who have expressed a wish to assist people who are dying. If there is any fear or resistance left in connection with death it will arise in Varanasi! I often tell people you cannot take others further than you are willing to go yourself. To really be able to take people to freedom in death one has to be free in the face of death oneself. So a deepening programme will happen in Varanasi.

Life Positive: When do you plan to convert your ashram into a cosmic airport?

Jacqueline: This vision is unfolding of its own accord. The Cosmic Airport is in a way already happening through the programmes being offered in different parts of the world. Later this year I shall offer a 2 day programme in Sweden and the Czech Republic entitled: New Arrivals – Insight into Birth. This programme will be in 2 parts:

1. Insight into and healing of the phases of the birth process. This will be supported by transmissions of cosmic energy which will support awareness and healing of deep patterns from the participants’ own birth process.

2. Suggestions for conscious birthing from the Cosmic Airport.

The original work of the ashram with meditation retreats, satsangs and energy celebrations is a big part of the transit lounge. The Dying for Truth programme comes of course from the departure lounge.