How to Master the Mind?

asked by a student

This is a good question to ask because usually it is in the mind that problems arise. You need to start by becoming aware of what happens in your mind. Thoughts come and go all the time and I often say to my students that thoughts come and go but you don’t have to think all of these thoughts do you? Some thoughts will come and it’s better just to let them go again. Also be aware how it makes you feel when you think certain thoughts. How do certain thoughts make you feel emotionally and in your physical body? If you start thinking certain thoughts you can end up with a stomach ache can’t you? You cannot stop the thoughts from coming but you can choose which thoughts to think.

If something upsets you be very careful not to start making a negative story about it in your mind. You know what I mean; something difficult can happen, something doesn’t feel good – life is like this sometimes – but when the difficulty is over let it be over. Don’t keep going back over it in your mind – don’t keep on creating negative stories.

In this way your mind will become more sattvic – do you understand what I mean by this? Sattvic is a Sanskrit word. A sattvic mind is calm, balanced, harmonious and therefore more ready for meditation. A sattvic mind is more ready for spiritual understanding and the study of subjects that will help you grow in spiritual understanding.

Not long ago I wrote an article for The Awakener about “The Train Song”. This article contains many good teachings about how to deal with the mind.
Please read the article and I also suggest it could be used as a topic for your spiritual science class.

NB: You can read the article on “The Train Song” here on the website.