From Kali to Sat Yuga

by Jacqueline Maria Longstaff

I was talking with someone recently who said he did not believe in a Golden Age when everything would be fine, because the world is simply a reflection of the collective state of humanity. I agree with the latter part of his statement, but that does not rule out a golden age or Sat Yuga! Right now we are still in the Kali Yuga – the darkest of the ages because of the low vibrational energy connected with it. Yuga is a Sanskrit term and means an era or age that lasts thousands of years. The Sat Yuga or golden age follows Kali Yuga. However it is important to remember that we are the Sat Yuga. I often quote a Native American Indian saying: ”We are the ones we have been waiting for”!

What I mean by this is that this new era is arising as more and more people search for a deeper meaning in life and respond creatively to the energies of oneness streaming onto the planet. I see many people today holding pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that will bring the the golden age into being. The pieces seem to be falling into place. For many years I have seen the year 2012 as significant for a huge shift in consciousness and have written about this subject on many ocassions. Here are some passages adapted from my first book, ”The Last Waltz – The collective shadow”:

”The Rishis or wise men of ancient India said that what people accept as reality is simply the world of form. It is said they claimed to have discovered that this world is not real but rather a sinister virtual reality game! They said we are all players in this complex and cunning illusion, this mass hallucination of enormous depth and power that is designed to distract us from awakening. They gave techniques to help us move beyond this illusion and maintained that the purpose of life was to reach enlightenment. The purpose was for us to realise our true eternal nature whilst in human form. It seems that a collective opportunity for this realisation may be just around the corner.

Many people today are aware of the fact that the ancient Mayan calendar ends in 2012. Let’s take a look at this calendar. The ancient Mayan civilization was very advanced and used a calendar which ends with us entering a 260 day period of “enlightenment” when there will be absolutely no filters blocking an enlightened energy from streaming into this planet. This 260 – day period takes us into 2012.

Just as we have weeks, months and years in the Gregorian calendar, the Mayan calendar is divided into thirteen heavens and nine underworlds, which are also divided into days and nights. In the time up to 2011, we are coming to the end of the thirteenth heaven. There are apparently two nights that are very destructive – nights two and five. The next time we pass through one of them will be November 2007 – November 2008. It is possible that around this time the forces of destruction will make a final attempt to hold onto power. It seems we may see the final attempt of the western world under the control of the UK and USA to stay in control. So this may be a very challenging time. I would say that whatever we can do collectively to create more harmony and stability during this time is of great importance.

I have often heard that this great awakening or Golden Age we are moving towards, should have happened 2000 years ago with Jesus. I found this interesting, but did not really feel it was true. Talking with a Mayan calendar expert, Carl-Johan Calleman from Sweden, I could suddenly see from the calendar he works with that this could not have happened 2000 years ago, because the cosmic energies transmitted to planet Earth at that time were the energies of duality. You don’t create enlightenment out of duality. As Carl-Johan points out, from such energies you create religions, which keep people stuck in duality. What happens on this planet seems to be people’s response to the cosmic energies that flow in from the cosmos. It is actually a reflection: ”As above so below”.

The frequencies coming to the earth affect frequencies of the brain, and then human beings, in their own seemingly creative way, create realities that reflect what’s coming from the cosmos. The energies of duality can give rise to some very creative times – times when we create interesting realities on this planet. However, we are also able to create some very destructive realities, as can be seen in the world today.

As long as we are caught up in the conditioned mind we are caught up in time. The ending of the Mayan Calendar around the year 2012 could signify the end of the world as we know it – the end of a world imprisoned in third dimensional space and time. I do not feel it signifies the end of life. The world we have created no longer leaves much space for life, so a real shake up is needed.

Some readers have probably heard of something called Schumann resonance.It is often described as the pulse or heartbeat of the Earth, and can be measured scientifically. I am told Schumann resonance is currently around 7.5 Hz. and that this corresponds to the brainwave frequency of the meditative state. So we could say that the energies coming in from the cosmos and consequently the heartbeat of the planet are together pulling people who are receptive to these energies, into a more reflective state and towards greater experiences of oneness. When enough people really become  centred and awaken to their spiritual energies, they will walk away from the materialism that controls the planet. Those who are in control will no longer be able to play this game, because people will not resonate with it. If people are in contact with their hearts and with the earth, they will be resonating with this awakening that is happening, and this will be their focus. They won’t be resonating with how much they can make on the stock markets if there is a chance they may be investing in harmful and destructive projects. The won’t see the shop next door as a rival they need to compete with for bigger profits. It won’t make any sense. People will simply enjoy living out their greatest potential and seeing others do the same – side by side.

Many people today are stressed and, having lost contact with their center, they feel disconnected. But things are changing. When we come to 2011–12 it seems an enormous window may open, lasting for about 260 days, and there will be absolutely no filters preventing a very high vibrational energy from coming onto the Earth plane. An enlightened energy will pour in and we may see a new humanity emerge, in tune with a completely different vibration. If this happens, this new humanity will then create realities that are in resonance with this energy. I see the focus will shift from an over emphasis on the personal to greater group awareness. People will understand the ancient wisdom and apply it in their lives. In this way life on this planet will be seen as an opportunity for a certain kind of experience and we will support each other in fulfilling our true potential for the good of the whole.

I have often said jokingly that in a more enlightened society each baby would emerge from its mother’s womb waving a copy of its horoscope! The family group would study it and find out the best way to support the newcomer in realizing his or her full potential, and thus complete whatever had been set as a goal for that particular incarnation. All beings would develop in an atmosphere of mutual love, support and respect. There are many communities on Earth today who attempt to practice such ideas and they are living the blueprints for a more enlightened society in the future. I feel that such attempts together with widespread openings to high vibational energies point the way to the birth of the next Golden Age.”

(Adapted from the second edition of Jacqueline’s first book, ”The Last Waltz – the collective shadow”, distributed by Prism Books, Bangalore. )

In response to a question about love and relationship in a Satsang not so long ago, I said to someone that love has not so much to do with your partner. Love is a vibration – a vibration that puts you in touch with something very nourishing no matter what is happening to you and no matter who you are with. I remember years ago reading an esoteric astrology book. There was a section on the 5th house of the zodiac – a house traditionally connected with love affairs or affairs of the heart. In this book it said that on an esoteric level the 5th house is connected with ”affairs of the heart chakra”. This is true. Ultimately we move from the level of affairs of the heart (which are usually of the solar plexus anyway!) to affairs of the heart chakra. This means meeting oneself and others and all of life from the vibration of unconditional love and acceptance that is the reality from the heart chakra level. When you begin to become centered in this reality you will always be in touch with love – even during times of pain, anger, disappointment , aloneness and even rejection. Real love as a state doesn’t come and go – it is the very fabric of life. We have to let go of old ideas of romantic love and and of mistaking conditional love, (”I love you if you love and please me”) for real love.

If you move deeply into the layers of the heart chakra, you will never again talk about trying to love or being afraid of closing down. The nature of the heart chakra is to be open – its energy naturally flows outwards. I often say that the love in the heart never goes away anywhere, it is always there open and waiting but often people simply forget to visit it. To stay in touch with the heart no matter what arises within you and no matter what life presents you with is the fastest way ”home”. This teaching is very simple but not always easy during Kali Yuga. During this era people often seem to have to work deeply to clear the fear and negativity they have collected during lifetimes of suffering before they can rest in the heart.

A final reflection on the movement from Kali to Sat Yuga: We could of course ask what is the point of all of this? Even though we move into the SatYuga another Kali Yuga will inevitably follow sooner or later! True – if we continue to be stuck in what I often call the matrix of conditioning that is also known as life on planet Earth. I have often used the term, “unplugging from the matrix” as another term for spiritual unfoldment. As I see it we don’t need to keep going around on the carousel of thought forms that are this reality. Even the Sat Yuga I write about is part of the drama! If we dare to go beyond the duality of the game we can wake up and see through all of it – the good, bad, beautiful and ugly – see it all just as a part of the drama or the wheel of life. We often talk about the “wheel of karma”. Karma is just this – going around on the wheel because we identify with the parts playing through us.

As I wrote in “The Last Waltz”, the Rishis of ancient India gave techniques to help humanity move beyond the wheel and reach enlightenment. There are many enlightened teachings available today and many walking an enlightened pathway. If this happens on a huge scale, this could be the last Kali Yuga on this planet. The game will be over – collectively we will not sow the seeds for another Kali Yuga.