Friends in the Heart

Jacqueline Mother recently visited Priyadarshani school in Alandi near Pune where she was welcomes with songs, dance and speeches. Afterwards she answered students’ questions.

Jacqueline: Hello everyone good morning and thank you so much for such a beautiful, warm welcome. Alandi is my favorite school in India – it has a special place in my heart. I was very happy to hear some of you singing, see some of the girls dancing and then listen to others give the speeches they had prepared, because when you are creative this keeps you in touch with the heart. What we need so much today is people who are in their hearts. As you know there are many difficulties in the world aren’t there? {Students reply yes}

However, if everyone was living from the heart we wouldn’t have such difficulties. So when I see schools like Alandi offering spiritual teachings and encouraging creativity and when I see students and teachers trying to live well and give their very best I feel so inspired. This is what we need in the world.

I think some of you know I have an ashram here in India near the sacred hill, Arunachala. Just before I left the ashram I was speaking with some of the young people from the nearby village. I know many of them face great difficulties. There are difficulties with parents and other family members and they sometimes experience conflicts with their friends. Suddenly something happens and the young ones quarrel and decide they will no longer speak to each other. Perhaps one person in the village is ignored by the others. I’m sure you also have had such experiences, but turning against each other is not the way to solve these issues. We have enough trouble and fighting in the world We don’t want this to happen between young people like you who could be friends do we? So I found myself speaking with them about the love in the heart.

I asked the young ones, ” How do you want to live your lives? Do you want to live with good friends in the heart or with enemies in the mind?” Then of course they answered, ”Mother we want good friends in the heart”.

You see, enemies are only in the mind. If you look from the heart you will see friends. If there is some problem and you start thinking negatively about someone then in the mind you will make an enemy. So just ask your selves sometimes, ”Do I want to carry friends in my heart or enemies in my mind?” I’m sure you would all chose the friends in the heart, wouldn’t you? The students reply, ”Yes yes yes!”