Every Heart to Love Will Come

Jacqueline (Denmark) is, at the moment, in the ashram near the sacred hill Arunachala in South India. She travels the world inspiring many through Satsangs, meditation retreats and other programs. She has recently shared with people a blessing she herself has used for many years inspired by the text of one of Leonard Cohen’s songs The Anthem. The blessing is ”May every heart to love come” and this is also the title of this short event.

There will be teachings, silent and dance meditation. Jacqueline will finish the program with a powerful heart energy transmission to enable you to come into the deeper layers of the heart chakra.

Date: 9th February 2018
7.40 am Morning meditation
8.30 Breakfast
10 am Session
12.30 Lunch
2.30 pm Tea
3 pm Session finishing with Heart Transmission
6.15 pm Dinner
7.30 pm Satsang

Suggested donation for program: rupees 350 – 750 to support the ashram.
24 hour room with bathroom and meals rps. 650
Rupees 550 without bathroom.

Bookings: thecosmicairport@gmail.com