EVENTS with Jacqueline Maria Longstaff & Anne-Louise Karlsson

OAKLAND, California

Jacqueline (Denmark) has an ashram near the sacred hill Arunachala, India and travels the world inspiring many through Satsangs, meditation retreats and other programs. She also offers astrological readings. Her in-depth psychological/spiritual readings are known world-wide. On this visit to California she will be doing something she doesn’t normally do:

Jacqueline will introduce Anne-Louise Karlsson (Sweden) as she recognizes the importance of Anne-Louise’s unique cell memory cleansing work on the planet right now.

It’s what’s stored in your cell memories that controls your life completely, often, these ancestral cell memories have nothing at all to do with you, but they are there nonetheless and prevents you from following your heart and what’s right for YOU.” Anne-Louise

Two events Tuesday 29th November

Contact with higher dimensional intelligence and out evolution here on planet Earth
Prompt start 2pm – finish 3.45pm

Jacqueline often says, “It’s the frequency of the energy that does the work.” She will speak about her initial contact with higher dimensional intelligence and how she and others were prepared for the work they are here to do as we all move towards a great lift in consciousness on our planet Earth. Towards the end of her talk Jacqueline will also ask Anne-Louise to speak about her cell memory work.

Suggested donation $40 All donations go to support Jacqueline’s work in India.

Astrological sessions with Jacqueline in Bay Area

1 hour + 20 minute reading $110 if you bring a printout of horoscope
($120 if Jacqueline draws it for you)
Bring something to record the session. Jacqueline doesn’t do readings that are not recorded and it is a distraction and time-consuming to make notes during the reading. Bookings:

Group healing session with Anne-Louise
Prompt start 4.15pm

This session with Anne-Louise will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. She says: “I step out of my physical condition and the universe take over completely. I download the energy. The energy I give you is like an injection into each cell, it restore your cells to their original condition and heals the wrong condition found in your cells. Your cells begin to work properly and incorrect states are dissolved. In case of physical disease the energy goes at the same time directly to these disorders and start working, you can often feel this directly during the session.

Price per person: $140