Dying for Truth

Preparation for Awakening to Your True Nature

The physical death process as a path to Awakening

Exploration of the death process –  safe journey through the 7 bodies at time of death – moving beyond attachment – liberation.

This is a very special programme. It actually focusses on the physical death process as seen from an esoteric perspective – as a possibility to be free from identification with the matrix of illusion. The retreat will be an opportunity to receive, in a very simple way, a deeper understanding of and preparation for your own death process. It will also enable you to share useful information with others who are facing death.

If you have any fears around death this retreat may help you to shift your perspective from the fear of death to seeing death as a process – a natural progression of life. Creation moves in a series of cycles and the death process is simply one of these cycles.

Silent meditation (Vipassana) will also be used to focus on the Truth of who we are beyond the illusion of who we may think we are. To explore meditation and spiritual awakening is to prepare for an enlightened death. Preparation for an enlightened death gives a deeper understanding of the path to awakening.

Jacqueline offers the Dying for Truth programme in the following countries: India, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, UK, Holland, Czech Rep., USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. You are welcome to invite her to your area.

There are 2 CDs available with guided meditations on the death process. One CD is in English guided by Jacqueline and the other is in Danish guided by Arjuna. They are available at events in Sweden and Denmark.

Jacqueline recommends a beautiful Japanese movie entitled “Departures”. It tells the story of a man who begins working in a funeral home. She says:

“I recommended it because of its beauty not really because of my teachings on the death process. The teachings I give are really about the possibility of Awakening during the death process (as one is physically dying and the time just after death) if one hasn’t already Awakened in life. I can say that in the movie it felt like the man had really found his Dharma. He was so fully engaged and did his work with such presence and grace.”

There are 2 clips on You Tube where Jacqueline answers a question on death. You can see them via the link here on the website.