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Jacqueline Answers Kids Questions

10. A second question about how to deal with anger.

I remember speaking with some of you last year on the subject of anger, but would like to say a little more in response to this question today.

If you feel very angry stop a minute and try to breathe deeply. Look at why you are angry. Perhaps you need to say something to somebody about how you feel.

You can be angry and still be in your heart - do you understand? You can breathe deeply, feel your heart and say to the person who has made you angry, "I don't like that you said this to me." You can explain why and be honest about how you feel. Please remember you can be angry and still speak form your heart and that's very different from screaming at someone or hitting them.

You can take a deep breath, feel you heart and say, "Please don't speak to me like that " or "Please don't treat this child in this way" or say whatever you need to say. You have to express things, but try to find the best way of doing so. This is also the teaching of spiritual science.

You can read in an earlier edition of the Awakener what we also spoke about last time. People often have to ask these questions about anger because everybody gets angry sometimes. Please don't feel guilty about it. You understand?

You can read the earlier question here on the website: "How to Control Anger".

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