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Jacqueline Answers Kids Questions

8. A question from a student to Jacqueline Mother about destiny.

QU. Some say our destiny is determined by God. Is this true? 

A. What a good question! Well itís true that it is, but we are all little sparks of God, arenít we? We are also God. We are also divine. Creator God created from God so we are all small pieces of God, arenít we. So it is up to us also to make the right choices - you understand? It is up to us to do our best to flower in Godís creation. This could be called fulfilling our destiny.

You know that God created the flowers and some flowers bloom and some donít. You have all been born, you are all here, you are all young flowers. Do your best to water these flowers. If we just leave a flower in the sun and donít water it, it will die. If we water it too much it will also die so you have to look after your flower.

Looking after your flower means being aware of how you nourish yourself. Flowers need the right kind of soil and you need right kind of food and the right kind of exercise. You also need the right kind of teachings and this is why I am so happy with a school like this. Here in Alandi at Priyadarshani school, through Jitendraa Sir and the other teachers, you are being provided with the right kind of nourishment so your flower can grow.

Your flower is Godís flower. We are all one. Your destiny is to flower and fulfil your highest potential.

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