Conscious Birthing

” Conception, pregnancy and birth are very important for the soul coming into incarnation. We can help the soul into incarnation in the most loving, respectful and gentle way possible. Bringing a baby in with as much loving energy as possible is so important. A birth that becomes ” complicated” can still be filled with these energies. ”

Jasminika Dolfi (From a Radio Unicorn programme in Copenhagen, Denmark.)


This lounge is a place where women can birth their babies in a most sacred space. At the moment we are able to offer the following:

Insight into Birth ” This 2-day programme with Jacqueline is now available in several countries. The programme is in 2 parts:

  1. Cosmic Airport Inspiration – sharing of ideas and experiences with regards to conscious birthing.
  2. Healing your own birth process – confronting the phases of birth and healing of trauma. A psychological understanding of these phases and of their influence in our lives can be very useful. Sometimes a painful birth can be a reflection of one’s own birth as psychological memories may be restimulated and create pain. Those present at a birth may also come into contact with their own birth process. Anything we do to heal our own birth traumas will be of benefit when giving birth or assisting others.

Cosmic Airport Training

Part 1 of the training, Birth and Being, focuses on conscious birthing. After a resume of the Insight into Birth programme we look at how the birth process effects our ability just to be. Participants also experience the power of being in relation to healing. Jacqueline shares information from the devic kingdom regarding pregnancy and birth, and gives a valuable esoteric understanding of conception. From her earlier work on sex, love and higher consciousness she also offers guidance for those hoping to become pregnant.

Meditation groups available for births. Groups of meditators who go out and sit during births. They will not involve themselves in any practical or social way during the birthing process, but will simply provide an enlightened energy field to support the soul coming on to the earth plane.

See inspiring work for healing birth trauma with babies in Prague: