with Jacqueline Maria Longstaff

    Jacqueline Maria Longstaff

    October 2016

    28th evening from 18.45 - 22.00 and
    29th from 10.30 - 19.30 

    Darma Institutet Jakob Westinsgatan 8, 6tr. Kungsholmen (T-Banan Rådhuset)

    Interaction with other conscious beings helps to activate the blueprints you came onto this planet with.
    This program is intended to inspire you to open up to more of your blueprint
    as you go deeper into that silent place within where you can recognize your true nature.
    Some of the topics for the weekend:

    Tuning in to your horoscope on an esoteric level.
    The thought climate we create.
    Becoming more conscious = ending denial individually and collectively.
    The enlightened state recognizes we are all one being and that enlightened
    action is the complementary outflow of the enlightened state.
    Holding your highest vibration, activating inner joy, transcendence, the heart.
    There will also be some silent meditation.
    Friday Anne-Louise Karlsson will speak briefly about cell memory healing as
    Jacqueline recognizes the importance of this work on the planet right now. 

    Jacqueline (Denmark)
has an ashram near the sacred hill Arunachala in south India and also travels the world     inspiring many people.
    She holds Satsangs, meditation retreats and other programs such as this one.
    She has time for a few astrological readings before she leave for USA. Please book in good time.

   Astrological readings
cost sw. kr. 1000 if you already have a copy of your chart.
    Please bring something to record the session. E.g smartphone or dictaphone.

    Friday and Saturday event: Sw. kr. 1200 Donations for Jacqueline's work in India are also welcome.
    Apart from retreats and other programs she has projects for children and young adults from a poor village near     the ashram.

    Bookings Jerry Lindberg: